Are we losing our way a bit at JWN?

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  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I wonder that if you've debunked everything JW from every angle, as this site has in its over a decade of existence, it is easy to get bored with JW stuff and just start analyzing the world scene in general. ExJW stuff is certainly less interesting for me now than it was 6 years ago.

    This site has always been a huge resource for exiting JWs, HUGE. It's always good to re-group and see what impact our work is having and current goals we have.

    Simon, you are a big-hearted person and also very passionate about your beliefs. If the ship needs righting in any way, I'm not worried about you seeing to it. I thank you for your continued endeavors in keeping this cult victim support website afloat and running well.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ^^^ this ^^^

  • Sliced

    I just sift through the topics I am interested in and ignore the ones I am not... its pretty simple.

  • Xanthippe

    What's wrong with just ignoring a thread or individual you don't like? Sometimes people start expressing ideas and I think he or she is a total turd. Sometimes it's depressing so I go live in the real world for a while.

    If they're a turd it's their problem, I'm glad I don't have to live with them. This is how I deal with people in my real life so why worry about people online I can't even see. They're probably some ten ton git with BO who has a sad life.

  • sparrowdown

    I 'm not sure we ever had "a way" to lose.

    Just a motley crew of deplorable apostates making it up as we go along our individual journeys.

  • hybridous

    I think this board has been, and will continue to be a treasure.

    I recall the politics getting heated after Obama was elected. Didn't mean too much then - good discussions were had, and I doubt that the heat over Trump will be different.

    I think the connections we 'enjoy' via the JW experience, can serve to overwhelm any other frictions. Hope so, anyways. Love you all. And good job, Simon, et. al.

  • stuckinarut2

    I appreciate the opening post.

    It does indeed seem that there is a distinct change in the type of topics posted.

    So, maybe we can do something about it. I used to post a lot of thoughts and topics as they came to mind. But I have backed off over the last few months, as I grew as a person I suppose.

    Why dont we all start to post some more biblical, or JW based doctrinal observations again? If a thought comes to mind, please share it. You never know if it sparks anothers person's interest and ideas.

    I guess it is up to us to change the atmosphere here if we want to.

    Perhaps revive older threads we liked in order to get the ball rolling?

  • scratchme1010
    Some people just want to shout their anti-Trump message...

    I think that this kind f thing is precisely what you are complaining about. Please bear in mind that some people are still in cult mode.

    I also believe that people can feel free to post whatever they want for as long as they comply with the rules.

    In addition, people keep posting political things, which is not bad.

    And actually don't think that posts have changed at all. My complain is the exact opposite of yours. Many people here want to connect the JWs to everything and anything they can think of, related to them or not.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Thanks Nic for starting this topic. I have felt some of this for awhile.

    I don’t feel angst about people expressing their political opinions, it’s just that I visit this forum for a different purpose. Though I haven’t been very vocal, I have always enjoyed the variety of perspectives on JW related topics. I have mostly lurked from the sidelines, so I probably don’t have the right to complain.

    Maybe I will take Stuck’s advice and start JW topics...🤔

  • steve2

    I tend to click on this forum because it remains an excellent written source of all things JW so if I see a post on something political, I generally don't read it. That's not because I have no interest in politics - but it's not the reason I visit this forum. I go for forums that explicitly feature political discussions.

    Equally, however, I realize that, as former JWs or fading, etc, we are all different so to me it's not a matter of comment on the number or range of political topics (I'm commenting now because the OP asked our views).

    So, has this forum lost its way? No. It simply recognizes that different topics appeal to different people.

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