Will Ukraine win?

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  • Disillusioned JW
    Disillusioned JW

    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Crimean_status_referendum which says the following. "The referendum was illegal under the Constitution of Ukraine.[13] It is not recognized by most countries,[14] mainly due to the presence of Russian forces.[15] Thirteen members of the United Nations Security Council voted in favor of a resolution declaring the referendum invalid, but Russia vetoed it and China abstained.[16][17] A United Nations General Assembly resolution was later adopted, by a vote of 100 in favor vs. 11 against with 58 abstentions, which declared the referendum invalid and affirmed Ukraine's territorial integrity.[15]"

  • smiddy3

    Time will tell .

  • punkofnice

    Who knows how the 'current thing' will work out?

    We probably won't know because a different 'current thing' will continue to divert our attention elsewhere and away from the criminal escapades of our corrupt politicians.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    Russia to give Europe a cold winter?


    The west wants WAR! Russia will comply.

    'This will not end well; the West made it clear that peace would not be an option.'

    Putin is at War with the West – Not Ukraine

    Posted Sep 22, 2022 by Martin Armstrong
    'Vladimir Putin’s recent speech is making headlines as people falsely claim Russia is about to launch an all-out nuclear attack. Putin is sticking to his same plan and says it in his opening statement: “The subject of this address is the situation in Donbas and the course of the special military operation to liberate it from the neo-Nazi regime, which seized power in Ukraine in 2014 as the result of an armed state coup.” Russia must now play defense as they are no longer simply battling Ukraine.

    Putin stated that in 1991 the West prided itself on dividing the USSR, and believes “now is the time to do the same to Russia, which must be divided into numerous regions that would be at deadly feud with each other. They decided these plans years ago.”

    Putin knows that he is fighting a NATO offensive and not simply Ukraine and directly calls out Washington, London, and Brussels. He correctly stated that the West first set out to demonize Russia and spread “Russophobia,” as they did during the Cold War. NATO and the West are now the opponents of Russia in this proxy war, while the Ukrainian people are merely cannon fodder used to usher in this new world.

    Putin has been trying to reclaim land since 2014. He had no plan to seize Ukraine, but did want to reclaim the Donbas. This is much bigger than Russia v Ukraine as he fears he must act on the offensive against most of the world’s superpowers who want to seize Russia. They are shoving endless funds into Ukraine because they expect a prize in the end. Putin stated that he attempted peace talks, but the West shot them down because they craved war.

    “After the start of the special military operation, in particular after the Istanbul talks, Kiev representatives voiced quite a positive response to our proposals. These proposals concerned above all ensuring Russia’s security and interests. But a peaceful settlement obviously did not suit the West, which is why, after certain compromises were coordinated, Kiev was actually ordered to wreck all these agreements.

    More weapons were pumped into Ukraine. The Kiev regime brought into play new groups of foreign mercenaries and nationalists, military units trained according to NATO standards and receiving orders from Western advisers.”

    This will not end well; the West made it clear that peace would not be an option. Zelensky is simply the face of a much larger plan at play that involves an ongoing plot to seize Russia, which has been happening behind the scenes for decades.'


  • Rivergang

    “Dividing the USSR”.

    The Soviet Union itself was just the old empire of the Tsars, under a different flag. During its dissolution in 1991, you don’t think the Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs and the many other subject peoples had something to say about that?

  • waton

    re the pipeline bubbles. someone sabotage Russian property in inter- national waters.

    Attacking Russia entails a maximum response. minimum is to secure the adjacent islands to this russian asset: Gotland, Bornholm and Ruegen, (part of Putin's former domain). in a special military operation.

    How dare these islanders let saboteurs destroy Russian properties?

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    This is what I see - "No point making peace in order to get the gas back on now that the pipe is broken, might as well press on with the war". Always ask yourself who stands to benefit.


  • waton

    Any news about the jws in prison forced by Wagner into the goetterdaemmerung?or On the selective rollcall targeting the JWs, or other disssidents?

    Imagine voting too, in full view, with urns transparent, and slots that prevent you from folding the ballot? knowing that the authorities get really angry at opposers? A public triage of the population. . does the count count?

    wish them a pain free peace.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The mainstream media: 'Putin is wrong when he says that the Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussian are the same people'.

    Also the MSM: 'Putin is sooo evil attacking Ukraine - some Russians even have Ukrainian relatives'.

    Think for yourselves, people!

  • TonusOH

    The media narrative is heavily influenced by the geopolitics of the 20th century, when Russia and the USA emerged as world powers in opposition to one another. I think this is one of the things that drives Putin, who can remember when the USSR was a very strong and very influential presence. I think the attitude has changed a bit in the USA, since the narrative here was that we won the cold war and humbled mighty Russia. I don't think there is the stomach for a fight, which is why the world has tried to put an economic stranglehold on Russia.

    Which might work in the long run. And that might create a concern all its own. What happens when the world can 'cancel' an individual nation?

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