Just had a former elder friend tell me, “This Overlapping generation is crap.

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  • Oubliette

    ToesUp: I agree but they just can't give it up. They don't know where else to go. It scares them to leave their comfort zone. It is also there only source of "friends."

    I mostly agree with you, except they CAN "give it up," they're just afraid.

    I have become convinced that deep down, most--maybe even all--JWs are cowards. They are afraid to face so many things: the real truth and the fact that they've been fooled/duped/swindled.

    But maybe their biggest fear is to become self-reliant.

    "Fear is the mind killer." - Frank Herbert, Dune

  • truthseeker

    Here is the third edition of the JW Generations Chart I started five years ago.

    Click the link below to see the chart. For some reason, uploading the image, inserting it or copying it to the reply makes it smaller.



    I will be updating this again shortly, I think having WT and Awake covers on the chart for various years helps.


  • clarity

    They wrote to Brooklyn Bethel about it.................


  • poopie
    Ok heres my take overlap generation there will now be more partakers because now they will be emblodened to partake and the elders wont try to beat the crap out of the new partakers like they beat the crap out of the younger annointed for the past 30🏡🐯yrs so its the gbs way of protecting the new wine drinkers from getting there butts whipped by those who would like to think that the new partakers are fake annointed which in there minds means more time for those who want to be in psradise
  • never a jw
    never a jw


    I have become convinced that deep down, most--maybe even all--JWs are cowards.

    You and me.

    And yet, many will refuse a blood transfusion and die. Others will be imprisoned, even killed just for adhering to their doctrines and beliefs in absolutists regimes.

    Let's review...

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    More on my brother... he is determined to continue his loyalty to the WT until the end... of his life, but it's obvious that his zeal to preach is gone. He is just continuing an old habit, Sunday preaching for an hour or two, attending most meetings and all the assemblies. And his more recent goals, as he indicated to me, are to stay healthy by eating well and religiously going to the gym every morning, enjoy life by spending lots of his free time with his wife, and help his two adult sons with their new enterprise in which he is investing a big chunk of money and plenty of time... but he "will never abandon Jehovah".

    This is a new breed of JW's, even more strange than the previous one. It is more die-hard loyal to the borg, but more willing to attend to "Satan's temptations", and quite uninterested in doctrine.

  • Vidiot

    Phizzy - "They are slowly moving away from the old 19th Century stuff, but they remain an Apocalyptic High Control Cult."

    Ironic, considering that being an "Apocalyptic High Control Cult" arguably qualifies as "old 19th Century stuff".


    The "slowly moving away" part is the real problem... they could do it back in the WTS's heydey, but survival in the new environment of the Information Age requires much more rapid adaptation.

    Conservative religious groups, however, are - almost by definition - virtually unable to change rapidly.

  • airborne
    I told the elders in my DA meeting with them a year ago " ...not to mention this overlapping generation doctrine which nobody understands." All I got back were blank looks and no response to my statement.
  • NewYork44M
    Its crap and everyone know it - but the hard core JWs don't walk away. The hold that religion has over people is amazing. I have no answer for that.
  • Crazyguy
    The rank and file have heard this crap for so long and had to deal with so many changes they just deep down don't believe anymore. The old really want it and the younger ones just don't know . My wife in her 40's doesn't talk to me much but she has related to me several times of her thought of death of old age. She has never said she believes she'll live in to a new system . Deep down it's a pipe dream, just like the Muslim martyr who is told if he blows himself up he will go to heaven and get 72 virgins. If he's a little young teenager 14-17 he believes but by the time he's 22 he's maybe believing he going to heaven but no longer believes he will get 72 virgins.

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