Are the J.W's reaching a "Tipping point"?

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  • moreconfusedthanever

    I recently mentioned to a family member the hypocrisy of being able accept blood fractions but not give some blood, so the poor person who gave the blood for the use of fractions by the JWs is marked for destruction. They had no idea you could get a blood fraction much less know that the JWs are allowed to accept them.

    They seem to just be going through the motions without a clue as to what it is they are supporting or meant to believe.

  • zeb


    buying a house ...

    I remember when we had little ones and set out to build our house and got the 'look' and things said about being materialistic. What crap!

    • The house was dead basic
    • the brother doing the building did the dirty on us so it was years before we finished it.
    • elders meetings were held over the matter, later were found not have any meeting minutes.. hmm
    • Other families were building homes that were quite ornate.. no mention of materialistic there.
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    While I would very much like to think that they had reached this "tipping point" , I have my doubts. Many have been predicting for over ten years that the "tipping point" (or similar) had been reached, but it hasn't yet.

    It seems that this lot is are a bit like the cockroaches and rats that survive a nuclear explosion - whatever else happens, they still remain. (e.g. Britain's nuclear tests on Christmas Island in the 1950s).

    Something I do notice, though: those that remain long term with the JWs tend to pay lip service to whatever the GB /WTS says, but quietly ignore the more extreme demands of their religion.

    So perhaps a decline in extremism, rather than sudden death, is how it will progress from here?

  • Phizzy

    A tipping point is where a significant change is about to come, or perhaps has just arrived, and there is no going back.

    So we could say the JW Org reached that when they decided to re-brand, there is no going back, but that tipping point did not bring about the demise of JW Org.

    I think they are in a very difficult, but manageable, situation at present. Cash Flow is a problem for one thing. How well they manage things will decide their future, but even with total mismanagement I do not see the end of the Org as being quick.

    They have income, resources, and no debt. They do not have to pay back debt, or pay shareholders.

    They are struggling, and may shrink in size perhaps , over the next few decades, but they will still be around.

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