Are the J.W's reaching a "Tipping point"?

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  • karter

    I haven't been to a meeting in 15 years but my Mother and sister are hard as J.W's

    The Brothers they are appointing Elders are at best suspect like one guy from my old hall made Elder,Big time drug used before becoming a J.W his talks are all over the place and would have struggled to make M,S years ago but with at least 60 to 70 % of young ones leaving the pool to pick from is at best reduced.

    2 other recent Elders both young and zero life experience both on benefits one not well at all falls asleep all the time.

    The decent,kind Elders mostly older and are decent people with alot of life experience are burning out fast as there are so few of them left like 3 per congro of 100 publishers.

    Then you have the rich Elders who wouldn't ever think of inviting some poor older or mis-fit person out to the expensive placers they go to as they couldn't afford to go so they are above the R&F and the R&F get pissed off with them

    Then we have the ones who have "Put the kingdom 1st" who are now old worn out and barely getting by from welfare cheque to welfare cheque that are saying "the system should have been over many years ago" it's still here and they are struggling everyday.

    Then there are the Pioneers who have a low payed reduced hour job that seem to think anyone who has anything is totally materialistic and looks down on anyone getting a new car buying a house ect.

    Along with the child abuse issues,the generation change,access to information the the G.B don't want anyone to know ,Not to mention the issues around blood.

    Is there a tipping point coming????

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Religion is a drug, cocaine is not very good for you but it's very popular.

    A tipping point coming? Let's hope so.

  • username

    I think you have pretty much hit the nail on the head. The good elders no longer want to be elders due to the politics of the watchtower, leaving this wide open for the many narcissistic sociopaths becoming elders.

    Pioneers can also be a funny lot too, some think they are a cut above the rest and make it known by mistreating others but get away with it. Again, as above, the narcissist has a field day.

    You pretty much described the KH I was in. There are people in KH that would actually drive you out due to their vindictive behavior! Because the number of people who have privileges within a KH is dropping at an alarming rate, the org is desperate to plug the hole. It's got to the point where they don't care who is appointed, just as long as they follow the watchtower line, anything else is secondary. That includes the mistreatment of so many good people still trapped in this cult!

  • punkofnice

    I know of a couple of dyed in the wool JWs that really can't stand the direction the org has taken. With the advent of the paedophile loving governing body parading themslelves around like the proud gluttonous pigs they are, a few JWs I know about are beginning to say things like, 'it isn't the religion we knew,' or 'it was better when we didn't know who the governing body were.'

    I've heard negative remarks about the pixar rip off cartoons too.

    I'm sure the paedophile paradise religion will survive but I believe it will attract a certain type of zombie.

  • freddo
    What punkofnice says mirrors my experience too.
  • prologos
    you all sound like the congregations are beyond the tipping point already, and all the abusers, misfits, anti-christians, hyenas have slid into the hole that is now the kh populations upper crust already..
  • joe134cd
    I don't believe it's sustainable for the Wt to continue in its present form. If they don't change then something will give.
  • wozza
    Aw come on guys is it really that bad ? If they fall in a hole we'll have no-one to have fun at !
  • blondie

    About 10 years ago a laid off Bethelite came through as a new CO and removed 10 elders in the circuit, and later 5 more before he left. All over 60 and not quite company men any more, seen too much. Seven had wives with severe illness and requiring a lot of support. At the same time each congregation in the circuit had elders that had voluntarily stepped down at their personal request and refused any attempts to get them back on the team. All well-qualified, some even "talented" kind men but no longer willing to beat the sheep but still believed enough in God to where else to go I suppose.

    Perhaps because of this, many young male jws see how they can stay out of the grind, sons of many of these elders, grandsons. Actually many of them actually support and help people in the congregation without the titles.

    Will the WTS be forced to use sisters behind the scenes to do administrative things, keep records on publication usage, time slip posting and reports, territories, sound, stage. When we left they had to get a sister to do accounts, no qualified non-elders to do it.

  • ToesUp
    Yes, they are at a tipping point. When there are more jerks in charge than there are good men, it will take a toll. Look at all of the new posters on here. By their actions and lack of love (GB included) they are running more people out than are coming in. I hope it is at a tipping point. They have done it to themselves!

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