Are the J.W's reaching a "Tipping point"?

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    To SBF's list, I would add the continued devaluing of women. The WT is behind just about any other organization (with the exception of the Muslim countries) in acknowledging the equality of the sexes.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    They crashed in membership by 75% during the rising Rutherfordian administration. That though, was a series of splinters that did not destroy the hard core membership. Plus, they had a strongman leader that took the miniscule Bible Students Association and transformed them into the militant Jehovah's Witness organization.

    Nowadays, JWs don't have any real leadership and I suspect that if something drastic happens most of the governing body will fly off, with a million bucks in their pockets, to some Caribbean mansion.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Ok. Just to give you my own experience. I view myself as a Christian. I need my faith believe you me. I faded in 2002 for several years, but then returned. I made every effort to do my best, and for several more years did so within the organisation.


    After time I found myself back in the same rut. Boring dogmatic meetings. How to sell the Watchtower system of beliefs. No freedom to speak about how you view scripture. Fellowship reduced to ' oh hi how are you? How is work etc? No liberal views on scripture allowed in case coming across as questioning the GB.

    Knowing the truth about shunning, child abuse scandal, blood issue, the fact we are considered a high control religion (or a captive religion by the ARC for eg) just simply turns my stomach. So much so that I cannot attend meetings.

    How many more people feel this way? One can only guess. All of us are affected in various ways. But my breaking point has reached its peak. The Watchtower society is in trouble unless it make some huge and drastic changes.

    Watchtower.....YOU MUST CHANGE NOW!

  • steve2

    So many thoughtful and soundly reasoned comments, I just want to shout: "Hey guys, I'm genuinely moved by the sense of intelligent focus and analysis."

    Zyron wrote: "What I do feel will happen is that a significant number will evolve into nominal JWs like you have nominal Catholics, Protestants etc. who remain for the social aspects."

    Yes, this is the more likely direction. I sensed it even in the 1980s here in New Zealand when I reflected upon the calibre of Witnesses in my local and regional congregations. It felt like membership in some social club and you were considered "Heavy" if you wanted to discuss Scripture or "new light" outside the Kingdom Hall.

    I'd agree the socializing into nominalism of membership is and will continue happening. The zeal for door-knocking has evaporated and the deeper things of God's Word consist of paint-by-numbers catch phrases and actually lack depth. One can almost pine for old publications like, "Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God's Kingdom Rules" from 1963. That was one walloping door-stopper of a book that this then much younger mind energetically lapped up and re-lapped up for a good few years. I'm almost sentimental in my recollection of reading stuff that was not an insult to intelligence.

    SBF - your comments on reasons why decline is inevitable are among the most perceptive you have ever written. I've saved them. Excellent points.

    THanks everyone. A compelling thread from a year ago that deserved to be resurrected and refreshed with up-to-date observations about the "state" of JW organization!

  • karter

    At the moment their is a stedy trickle of people leaving ,questioning going on line looking things up ect.

    Gone are the days were the WTS could hide things everything now is only a few clicks of a mouse away.

    So that stedy trickle will keep going and may well turn into a larger one and alot of the J.W's now are what i call "Lola"witness's" they talk like one but not realy one,Put on a show now and again but behind the sean they carry on like the rest of us.

    I was on a job and there was an Elder from my old congro he was talking to another Elder on his cell phone and it was on "Specker phone" so i could hear it all they were talking about how some Elders like to stamp their mark on the congro and alot of infighting ect that is all helping bring down it down brick by brick.


  • slimboyfat
    SBF - your comments on reasons why decline is inevitable are among the most perceptive you have ever written.

    Steady on there Steve. You know I've written a tremendous amount of inciteful stuff over the years. Let's not declare this post the winner so hasty.

  • Zyron

    It's now 2018, any further insights on the future of JWs from those of us still gracing the kingdom halls with our presence?

    My wife while still PIMI doesn't bat an eyelid if we miss the mid week meeting, doesn't even mention why aren't we going to meeting. On occasion she might listen on the link and that's when I really know how truly boring the entire meeting is.

    To rush in from work after a long commute, get ready for the midweek meeting and subject yourself to mindless nonsense needs either faith or...???? (finish the sentence please).

  • slimboyfat

    Ha! I'm so "incited" by reading my old posts.

    I think decline is carrying on apace.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Zyron wrote: "What I do feel will happen is that a significant number will evolve into nominal JWs like you have nominal Catholics, Protestants etc. who remain for the social aspects."

    I happen to think that AT LEAST 50% of all JWs are "nominal JWs" and probably more than 75%. I refer to nominal as all those that are there because "its the thing to do" on Wednesday night and Sunday morning. These are the JWs who have no idea what the religion teaches and those who could not pick up the Bible and support any of their unique doctrines.

    Some might be able to find a scripture against "blood", but ask them to explain "blood fractions".

    Ask them to explain the scriptures that "support" the Trinity. They don't think there are any that do so, thus you'd have to open the NWT and show them (and they'd be lost without their Reasoning book of answers).

    Ask them if Deut 20:18-20 applies to the recent End of the World Kook, and when they say YES, ask why it doesn't apply to JWs?

    Ask them if they really believe The End(™) is very, very, near? Ask if JWs have the commission to warn others? And, if doing that is what will gain them salvation? Ask them what effort they are putting into doing so? Do they really think they will be saved for their 4-8 hours per months (1/2 at Starbucks)?

    Ask them what are the best restaurants/pubs for Sunday Brunch? (Bet they have a good answer for this one!)

  • ToesUp

    We asked a close friend to explain the overlapping generations. Crickets!!! My spouse pointed out, "you should know this, it is part of you beliefs." Crickets again!

    What we are observing from some family members is what DOC said, "it's the thing to do." Kind of like meeting your buddies for a beer every Friday night. It's a place to go and gives lonely people a place to go. I believe what they hear is like the Charlie Brown cartoon....wha wha wha. Nothing is sinking in (if they are listening at all). Crazy waste of time!!! SAD!!!!

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