The Evil Masterminds Behind COVID-19: Charmin and Cottonelle

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  • rebel8

    I haven't seen anyone IRL stockpiling or hoarding, just stocking up as you normally would if a blizzard or something like that was coming. They were all patient, polite and orderly. Seems reasonable and appropriate.

    I have heard tons of people on social media and on the news accusing others of hoarding and panic here locally, even though it doesn't appear to be actually happening (here).

  • ToesUp

    Remember the Seinfeld you have a square to spare? lol

  • atomant

    here in Australia it started off as toilet paper selling out then people realized paper towels could substitute (people r slow) then it was flour then rice then pasta then sugar then meat and today the freezers have been emptied of all frozen vegetables.Now canned foods are quickly disappearing. All this within 1 week and only 5 reported deaths due to corona.This is getting real serious .lf this keeps up people will be throwing money in the streets or using it as toilet paper.

  • Smiles

    We have not seen any this insanity around our area, yet. Market shelves are still well stocked with paper products but sounds like that could change.

    Lol @ 3rdgen

  • 3rdgen

    Hi, Smiles, We are in uppermost California, USA. Not a hotbed for sure. Yet.... People are people. Aren't they?

  • smiddy3

    I went down to the store today @ 7:10 am as it was for seniors / disability people only for the first hour.

    No toilet paper,no tissues,1 pkt. of paper towels left which I got ,pasta,rice ,flour all gone .

    Oh ,and their were two policemen at the end of the aisle apparently to secure order with no fights breaking out over toilet paper ,and their was none to be had anyway.

    This is a seaside fishing town of about 5-6000 people , normally.

    I can`t get my head around why people are so pre-occupiable with toilet paper.?

    It`s not as though its a shitty disease ?

  • eyeuse2badub

    The toilet paper wars:

    Costco toilet paper=

    30 rolls=

    425 sheets per roll=

    12,750 sheets pr case=

    let's say 20 sheets per shit=

    637.5 shits per DAY! So a person that grabbed up 4 cases of TP from Costco when it was available, and has a family of 4 that are quarantined for the suggested 14 days would need to shit 182 times a day each to use the purchased amount of TP from Costco (ass-uming 20 sheets per shit).

    Everyone needs to calm down!

    just saying!

  • RubaDub

    Do we have any old Watchtowers or Awakes laying around somewhere?

    3rdgen ...

    I have two complete sets dating back to the 1950's from deceased relatives. I guess I could just read and shit and use whatever paragraphs I don't agree with as I choose.

    Rub a Dub

  • RubaDub

    637.5 shits per DAY! So a person that grabbed up 4 cases of TP from Costco when it was available

    eyeuse ...

    I guess that gives the term "you're full of shit" more credibility.

    Rub a Dub

  • FedUpJW

    they were going to be holed up for a year

    HAHAHAHA...I see what you did there. Gotta keep a sense of humor amid all the panic.

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