Anti-War? Maybe there IS something you can do....

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  • dubla

    as many of us have said, the anti-war posters have their views, and the pro-war posters have theirs, and regardless of anyones opinion, a war with iraq is inevitable. but, it looks like the war protesters may be able to make an actual difference now, if they so choose.....check it out:

    just something to consider,


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  • LB

    Yeah they'll be lots of takers for this one

  • Xander

    Strangely, it's not so much the loss of Iraqi lives I care about.

    My concerns are, of course, entirely selfish.

    If we attack and occupy Iraq and start REALLY meddling in a region of the world we should have no business with, more Muslim fundies are going to attack US.

    That significantly increases the odds of me or someone I care about (or, hell, even US citizens in general) being the victim of an attack as a result of actions I don't support, as terrorists don't generally distinguish between citizens of an occupying nation and soldiers of an occupying nation. (See Palestine for an example)

  • Fe2O3Girl

    A British man has already gone -

  • CoonDawg

    Hmmm...Maybe they can get Jane Fonda to head the delegation?

    Instead of "Hannoi Jane" she'll be "Baghdad Bitch"


  • foreword

    CoonDawg...that was not a nice thing to say about Jane.....

    Imagine if she was a board member.....

    How would she feel?.....

    I'm sure she'd welcome the much needed publicity......

  • foreword

    Can't wait to see how the US responds to that especially when they accuse Saddam of killing his own people.....

  • Xander

    Maybe they can get Jane Fonda to head the delegation

    Careful.....the ed-ju-bu-ca-shun level of some of you people is starting to show.

  • dubla

    personally, im all for this idea. weve got all these people bitching and moaning about war, and bush, and on and on, etc, etc........well, now you can do something about it! become a human shield and stand up for what you really believe in! maybe the bush administration will see just how wrong this really is, and that saddam isnt so bad after all.......maybe they just need a wakeup call from the people that really know how to run a country better than they do......all you can do is try...........


  • Rihannsu

    Pure and simple those people are Traitors and SHOULD NOT be allowed back in United States of America, You want to stand up for the Iraqi people? go live there then!

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