I'm astounded by the UNDER-PATRIOTISM Displayed

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  • peacefulpete

    berten...It's good for Americans to hear from time to time that the world (including allies) do not always think like Americans. It is good for you Europeans to know that 50-60% of Americans don't think like "Americans" either. The people's wishes here are not always reflected in the government any more than in any other country. Please let others there know this.

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    thank you! i am trying my best :))))

    what else do i have to do that you love me also??? ;))))

  • reubenfine

    Shutterbug wrote:

    However, I am still haunted by the collapse of the two trade tower buildings. I am even more haunted by the photographs of the dead Kurd mother holding her dead daughter. This was a result of the gas attack by the Iraqi army. Saddam, who hates the US and the UK will, I am convinced, launch a similar attack on the US if given a chance. If anyone thinks this despot will not attack the US in a similar fashion, please give my your reasons for thinking in that manner. This is a madman and he is more dangerous left alone than if someone takes him out.

    I'm haunted by horrible injustices, too. I just never believe the government does ANYTHING because it's right or just. Here is my theory........are you on the city council? Who is? Patriotic, fair Americans? No, they are business people or their agents who get laws passed to benefit their own businesses. I believe it is the same on the state and federal level. Virtually all laws passed make my life harder and more restricted. Who got Congresspeople elected? Big business's money because it takes money, lots of it, to get elected. So they owe a debt to the people who got them elected. The military is nothing more than the strong arm to accomplish the will of big business, and the deal will be sold as the "moral and just" thing to do but has nothing to do with moral and just. Idi Amin and Pol Pot were at least as bad if not worse that Hussein and we didn't lift a finger. Stalin killed millions upon millions of his own people, maybe 50 million, and we sat on our hands. Why? Well, it didn't benefit big business to do so, period. Patriotism is just a scam by the government so you will let them get away with anything, EXACTLY like the loyalty the GB demands. I used to think they operated with good intent, too.

    I don't think Hussein would attack the US because he can't get over here, plus he would be signing his immediate death warrant. The more important question to me is...........why would someone give their life to destroy the World Trade Center? Why are Muslims so pissed off? I have an opinion on that, of couse, but if you don't go around pissing everyone off then maybe they won't see a need to retaliate. I'm not in any way justifying the horrible event, but it is a question that needs to be asked that has been mostly ignored. They are not all crazy savages.

    P.S. I though I was the most balanced poster!

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    Haha okay peacefulpete and reubenfine, you are also very balanced posters. Unlike myself, I tend to go off halfcocked at times. But I can blame it on hormones right?

    Oh okay Realist, I love you too.


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    YES...but she said she LOVED me FIRST...and that's what counts!

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