I'm astounded by the UNDER-PATRIOTISM Displayed

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  • Trauma_Hound
    And to add to that , yes our country may be arrogant, and proud, but we are living in a country that would never do to it's people what Saddam has done to his.

    Oh really now, what about all the nuclear tests we've done in the past, what about the civilan and military clean up crews that cleaned up tanks caught up in friendly fire, from spent uranium, that are now dead?

  • TR


    PPS: TR, you are a goodhearted dreamer...the US is unfortunately not the liberator you want it to be.

    It's obvious to me that you haven't learned from history.

    TR- more realistic that Realist

  • Texas Apostate
    Texas Apostate

    :Me think Bush and his government want more than just get rid of Saddam... I don't trust Bush,

    Let me guess... He wants the oil.

  • Gamaliel


    My wife e-mailed a little joke about Bush to her sister last week. When her sister went to open it, a window came up a informed her that a message "derogatory to our government" was intercepted and that she will not be able to receive it.

    That actually sounds important enough to get more information. However, it would hardly occur to me that the gov't was the source of this window. I'd guess it was the ISP handling the page that contained the original joke, or it got routed through a proxy server that filters references to certain URLs. If the URL was referenced in the message or it was a picture that was sent with the reference (or even "invisible" HTML or script containing the URL) then it could make sense. I run up against such messages here at work several times a day. Currently we even filter out most news sources along with the usual entertainment, shopping, adult, gambling, hate groups, etc. It is possible for me to open up hotmail and depending on how the link to the joke is embedded I could get a message in place of the email that says. "Forbidden. You are not allowed to view Entertainment"

    As the first Webmaster at our company who spent more hours than I care to admit fighting the spread of email hoaxes and viruses, I also must say that you can't blame anyone for seeing this as an urban legend. It has many of the trappings of the typical partial truth that could have easily started from a story or even a misunderstanding, only to be retold thousands of times.

    Until I hear more information about exactly what was sent, how it was attached or embedded, or from where, and through what ISPs and mail services, I will reserve judgment. I would have been greatly impressed if the creator of the joke actually embedded the message, unknown to your wife, the original sender, only to have it pop up triggered by a new "context" or "environment". Very clever if it was intended to be a part of the joke, and only a recipient would see that part.


  • D8TA
    Let me guess... He wants the oil.

    Let me guess...you put words in people mouths.

  • Realist

    real TR :)

    what history?

  • ah hahaha
    ah hahaha

    It's on thing to be patriotic to ones country and the people but yet another to not be a bit cynical toward the obvious lies from the supposed democratically elected leaders.

    Bush, "they" let 911 happen to create the terror needed to gain support to commence invading other countries.

    US govt, and the media ARE the corporations, war creates economy, and CASH for corp. Follow the money trail

    Stalin, Hitler BOTH believed who ever controls Eurasia, controls the world, US is the worlds first truly GLOBAL super power and they intend to keep it that way, that is by contolling Eurasia's resources.

    Although completely suppressed in the U.S. media, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking - it an an oil CURRENCY war. The Real Reason for this upcoming war is this administration's goal of preventing further OPEC momentum towards the euro as an oil transaction currency standard. However, in order to pre-empt OPEC, they need to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its 2nd largest proven oil reserves. This lengthy essay will discuss the macroeconomics of the "petro-dollar" and the unpublicized but real threat to U.S. economic hegemony from the euro as an alternative oil transaction currency.

    Check LINK....Lenthy but worth the read!


    thats my 2 cents

  • Aztec

    Feeling, expressing, or inspired by love for one's country

    That is the definintion of patriotism as expressed by dictionary.com. Hmmmm...no I am not particularly patriotic. Do I want to live in another country? YES! I want to live in my utopian community in my mind. It's not gonna happen, obviously, so I will do what I can in my country to make it the best place possible to live for my son! Yeru, wake up and smell the coffee! Realist, you are a most balanced poster, D8TA, I think I love you!


  • peacefulpete

    But I thought I was the most balanced poster. It is an interesting bit of research if anyone wishes to learn about the PNAC a radical right wing group whose founding members and supporters happen to be in the White House as we speak. They have actually publically said that the best thing for the world is U.S. supremecy through "total war", none of this one country at a time business! I am not a conspiracy theorist this is for real the views of our Vice president Cheney, Rumsfeld,and 10 others who head up U.S. policy making. It is an easy web search to learn more: anything like "PNAC Cheney" will produce results. It is the responsibility of those who disagree with this type of politics to voice that opposition. This unites people who otherwise have little in comon. Too often peace initiatives are charactorized by the extreme views of a minority of those supporting the cause. Even in my local peace group there are people whose views on drugs I adamantly disagree with. The communist groups get publicity. The hippies the gays the neoNazis the Republicans etc. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I am not associating myself with any views these people endorse accept 1, that being civilized means exhausting all options before resorting to war!

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  • berten

    >So many here seem CERTAIN the Bush Administration is lying,

    He is...

    >but trust Hussein to tell the truth.

    He is not.

    Why must it always be "black or white","with us or against us" with you people?

    *Both* leaders are not to be trusted,but Bush is *still* the most dangerous since he is leading the

    most powerful (Or so they'd like to think of themselves) country in world...

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