My Identity!

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  • Thirdson

    Western suburb of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota. (Home of the Vikings and Jesse Ventura)

    Used to be in Worcestershire (like the sauce) #1 circuit, have a brother in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, another in London and other family in the Engish Midlands. Also attended the Elizabeth Vale cong, South Australia between 1970 and 72.

    That's enough of a giveaway for old acquaintances.


    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • Flowerpetal

    Hi! I'm from FL/USA. Hi OrangeBlossom, nice to meet you from the same neck of the woods!

  • VeniceIT

    Hey Orange and Flower I'm in FL too YAY for us!!! What a wonderful weekend isn't it, oh the wether is FABULAS as always ahhahahah!!!!

    See I can mock you all because I lived in OR for 20 years, and Alaska before that so I've kind earned it!!!


  • claudia

    I am from the usa, east coast.

  • claudia

    Gianluca, my parents are from italy so I have jw relatives there, question is this: If you are familiar with american jws, do you notice a big difference between Italian and american jws?

  • larc

    Larc, Zazzu, and JAVA are all from Dayton, Ohio. "It's great in Dayton, TV 2 loves you."

    Larc and Zazzu were both born in Akron, Ohio and lived in Flint Michigan for awhile.

    I believe that JAVA told me that he was born on a mountain top in Tennessee, or perhaps it was in a manger in Bethleham Penslyvannia. I forget which it was.

  • think41self

    I am on the West Coast of Florida, USA. Little town called Port Charlotte. Orangeblossom, Flower, Fl gals rock, don't we?

    Orangeblossom, no one should be critical of your decisions! We all make our own choices because WE are the ones who have to live with the consequences, right? And I was thinking when I woke up this morning that I felt sorry for all those poor people who had to go knock on doors this beautiful day instead of going to the beach or something with their family. And yes, the fact that you did it guilt free is an excellent sign!


  • unanswered

    i'm from oregon, usa, but this has already come out on another thread. just wanted to chime in.:)

    orange blossom-people stay in the borg for many reasons, it doesn't make you a coward at all. IMO, it can sometimes be harder to stay in the borg, depending on your situation.


  • Carmel

    Live on the north side of Mt. Carmel in sunny, dusty grimey, Haifa Israel. Hanging out in Oregon in an effort to find work where the only time you can see the air is when it's in liquid form!

    carmel aka mntzion, aka eligah

  • rem

    I thought I'd give a shout out for the Bay Area, California.



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