My Identity!

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  • qwerty

    That got you to read this! sorry!

    What country are you from?
    I find it encouraging to see where different posters are from in the world, especially for me, if you are from the UK or Europe.

    Many in the states are open to post with their user name where they are, perhaps because the U.S.A is so large. I know for some of us, it might be a big step and this might not be the time even to identify what country.

    Some might even be open to say what county/State.

    Please think about it.

    Yorkshire Pudding anyone?

    qwerty...... NO! The food not me!

  • anglise

    Hi Q,
    I'm from UK like yourself. I dont post very often but log on everyday to see whats going on.
    I Dont think there's many UK'ers here are there?

  • trevor

    Yeah there are a few of us Anglise and Querty.
    I live near Brighton in Worthing, on the south coast.
    My 'e' mail is as open as my head and it's my real name.
    Boring but true.

    Trevor Willis

  • anglise

    Hi Trevor,
    You're up and about early. Is the sun shining for you down there.
    Good/bad weather for FS depending on your view point.
    Good to hear from someone in the SE

  • vsecret939

    houston, texas, usa

    victoria's secret

  • logical

    Im in the Midlands, and it sucks.

  • Englishman

    It's no big secret, my email is Surprise, surprise my name is Mike Hooper and I live in Weston super Mare, Somerset in England.

    It occurs to me that I kept my identity secret so as my JW mum wasn't hurt, but what the hell, her being a dub is much worse than me not being one, so why should I enable the WT's pattern of shaming by hiding?

    Mike Hooper / Englishman.

  • JWD

    I`m in Japan. Have been for quite a few years.Seen alot of crazy stuff
    over here.Living in Japan and watching WT robots acting,talking and
    dressing like their American counterparts really makes them look odd.
    Some people call it `modeling`.The unconscious wholesale imitation of
    the person (or persons) which you percieve to be spiritually on a higher level than yourself. So, we have Japanese people walking around
    looking like something from off the pages of a WT magazine.Very unnatural to say the least. Aside from being unnatural, the org. has
    succeeded in breaking up lots of families. Earned a pretty bad name for themselves among the Japanese population at large. JWD

  • Gianluca


    I'm Italian


  • OrangeBlossom

    Hi, I'm from Fl/USA. That's as much as I choose to reveal. I am still considered a member of the BORG and for personal reasons I have to stay that way for now. I know some of you think I'm a coward for not leaving, but I do not feel that this is the right time.

    Anyway, it's nice to find out where everyone else is from.

    BTW, it's Saturday morning, I'm not in field service and I'm guilt-free. That's a step, isn't it?


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