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  • Buster

    Oh yeah, the likelyhood of develop a substantive discussion on this thread is pretty high.

  • rocketman

    Hey Dubla, I agree - women are just plain great to see. It's like that Seinfeld episode, when Jerry's gf was naked in the apartment all the time, and then Jerry did it and it was just not "good naked".

    Of all areas you'd think would be liberal about sexual attitudes in the area of Bi-men and Bi-women, you'd think it would be the porn industry. But, the porn producers know that most folks don't really want to see guys interract sexually. Thus we have "Hetero" Porn, which also features generous amounts of girl on girl, but to see guy-guy you either have to check out the "gay" section or at the very least the "bi-sexual" section.


    Theres no such thing as bisexual. Its called being GREEDY!!!!

    Just kidding. What was the question again



  • ApagaLaLuz

    I consider myself Bisexual. I had a girlfriend for a year. Though for the past 2 years I've only been with men. Of course Lisa Kudro said it best in the movie The Opposite of Sex when she says "Bisexual? Okay, I went to a Bahmizvah (sp?) once, that doesn't make me Jewish."

  • RubaDub

    my gf is bisexual......and i am very, er, supportive of it, to say the least.


    How do you get the grin off your face when she says one of her friends is coming to visit ?

    *****Rub a Dub

  • LucidSky

    So if you only have these choices in porn, which would you rather see:

    a) girl giving BJ to a guy?

    b) guy tonguing a girl?

    c) don't care either way

  • LB

    I think a smile out of Meg Ryan is sexy enough by itself. Don't need to see a bj or a licking to get turned on.

  • D8TA

    Bi-planes are one of my favorites. I like watching old WWI movies, so I can wonder at their amazing acrobatics and air stunts. Nothing like the story about the Red Baron and his

    ...sorry, my bad.

  • happysunshine

    Interesting topic, one of those things that rattles around but never gets nailed down. At university there are several pro-alternative lifestyle groups. I think the thing that concerns me is how people (mabey just the loud ones) tend to gravitate toward special interest groups. Many people feel pressured to 'declare' a 'camp' of strong thought or belief. It reminds me of religious belief too much. Its funny, I remember in Thailand all the different sexuality I saw. Despite there being no Pro-groups, people seemed to do what they wanted and flourish. I guess theres no Anti-groups to martial against.

  • ISP

    Biseculs are good especially if we run out of petrol...............


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