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  • happysunshine

    More uninformed museings-

    I remember a gay guy telling me that faithfulness was more of a concern to him than a hetero relationship, beacause guys like sex so much they are more likely to cheat. I also remember a bi guy telling me that same-sex attraction was of 2 types: kind of like looking in a mirror, seeing yourself- or what you'd like to be- in the other person; or, confirming your atractiveness by an admirer. To me, the hetero relationships seem different, like how can you aspire to physical characteristics of a different sex person? It seems like more of a challenge to understand and meld with a different sex person.

    Ideas about the porn thing: 1) female-female stuff may be seen as generaly more acceptable/desirable/whatever because of historical norms about carnal desires and sin being intrinsic in the nature of women, right back to Eden-fruit-gate. Kind of like interracial taboos about sex. 2) Also, because men are generaly more overtly sexual, physical sex between women may be seen as less common therefore more desirable. 3) More astheticaly pleasing because its less 'messy'/dangerous (no ejaculate, etc. - I got this one from a bi woman). 4) Hetero guys are afraid that bi/gay guys are going to treat them like some hetero guys treat women (bad- I got that froma Kids in the Hall actor).

    Any ideas?

  • ISP

    Excuse me.........I've seen sex in the City...and women can rethink your theory dude.....ha.


  • Preston

    I'm all for people identifying as bisexual if that sexual identity works for them. The problem with the bisexual identity, is that it doesn't work very well for very many people.

    I'll take this slow: Sexual orientation may not be a choice, but sexual identity is. The more closely a person's professed sexual identity reflects his behavior, and the more closely his behavior reflects his desires, the less deleted-up and conflicted he's likely to be. So if a guy is attracted to men and women equally, and he sleeps with both men and women, and he falls in love with men and women, he should identify as bisexual, since the bisexual label most accurately describes who he is and what his partners can expect from him.

    If a guy's sexual and emotional desires are overwhelmingly hetero, on the other hand, but he likes to suck cock once in a great while, then identifying as bisexual is rather misleading. A guy who's exclusively into women emotionally and 95 percent into women sexually probably shouldn't tell anyone he's bi. Better he should round himself up to 100 percent hetero in casual conversations and tell people he's straight--not because it's convenient or safer in the closet, or I doesn't think bisexuals exist. (Believe me, they do) but, he should tell people he's straight because "straight" most accurately describes who he is. See how that works?

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  • happysunshine

    More Comments, come on!

    I get the feeling like the majority of people are just reading these posts, and not posting or sticking a decent comment in. Is everyone staying outside of the topic, staying on the 'safe' side of the nice neat wooden stakes and flourescent string?

  • copsec

    I see nothing wrong with bisexuality AND.......women CAN ejaculate!!!!!

  • Trauma_Hound

    I've had many bi-sexual girlfriends, and my ex-wife was bi-sexual, that doesn't mean I had lot's of threesomes, even though I have had a few, but that was only when I was single, and with like-wise single bi females. Never in a relationship.

  • Robdar

    AND.......women CAN ejaculate!!!!!


  • JeffT

    "I get the feeling like the majority of people are just reading these posts, and not posting or sticking a decent comment in. Is everyone staying outside of the topic, staying on the 'safe' side of the nice neat wooden stakes and flourescent string?"

    OK I'm going to get outside my comfort zone just for the fun of it. I have known some people that worked both sides of the street, although I've never been in a relationship with one. What I find most interesting on this subject is the reaction from many gays/lesbians. While all in favor of diversity, many gays/lesbians are very negative about bisexuals.

    One last question. I keep hearing about female ejaculation. Maybe I'm just the dumb middle aged white guy but I have no idea what you are talking about. If the answer to that is too graphic for a public board e-mail me.

  • SixofNine

    *knock knock on JeffT's head*... Hello.... this is the internet Jeff.

  • dubla


    heres an article on female ejaculation for you >>>

    i just typed it into a search engine....was that what you were getting at six? lol.


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