Let's Play Jesus Dress Up!

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  • pseudoxristos

    Picture Deleted.

    I'm so ashamed!

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  • Simon

    I think the 'dress up' is funny but can see why some people could take offence, that last pic (since removed, click on the link to see it) especially will be offensive to many and I think we should be a bit more respectful of some people's beliefs.

    I'm probably going to order the fridge magnets though

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  • Solace


    Im not judging anyone, but actually seeing the tu-tu wearing, dead Jesus image made me feel quite sad. If he had been alive and running through a field of daisies, I may have smiled, but dead, no.

    I find the deleted, unrinating, bloody image completely sad and totally disgusting, but thats my opinion.

  • LyinEyes

    I agree with Heaven on everything she has said about this. I wouldnt want to play dress up with Jesus or think it is funny because it is sad ,,,,, being dead on the cross. I still have a tender place in my heart for Jesus, even more so than I do Jehovah,,,,,,, hard to explain, just my upbringing I guess.

    But I know Valis did not post that to offend anyone, that is just his sense of humor, I have my own sense of humor that others might not understand also. So I just didnt say anything about it.

    But I did think the Jesus playing scoccer with the kids was cute, but then again, some may say I have double standards. I am not judging anyone on how they feel about this, I am just stating how I feel about it, so dont jump me please!!!!!!!

  • scootergirl

    I find it offensive. I don't see the humor in it. Whether it was Jesus Christ or any other religious figure, I don't understand the humor in making a mockery of it. JMHO.......

  • seven006

    Sorry guys, I'm just learning how to cut and paste photos. I hope this shows up.


  • VeniceIT

    BWHAAHHAHAHHA ohhh god that is too funny OMG BWAHAHHAA

  • Valis

    No I did not post this to hurt people's feelings or insult their intelligence/religious preference..for all those of you who find it blasphemy...well don't ever watch The Life of Brian by Monty Python or The Holy Grail, or even The Temptation of Christ for that matter (Which is a fabulous movie BTW), ever again. After all we wouldn't want to be offensive...oh and we musn't forget this movie..

    eh...sevenidiot...what a coward you are! Running away from our fight and taking it to another thread...I see how you want to play! I urge you all to pay no attention to this man who is clearly trying to avoid me now and has scurried off like the cross dressing weasel that it is! Click Here To See EXACTLY What kind of person this sheman is...*LOL*


    District Overbeer of the "Chuckified" class

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  • Solace

    Good God!

    Seven looks better in an evening gown than I do, damnit!


    You make a handsome Chuckie.

  • pseudoxristos

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