Let's Play Jesus Dress Up!

by Valis 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • Simon

    Oops ... that was me

  • Francois

    OK Vanilla, we're not playing by your rules, so you just take your ball and your bat and go home. Your being offended offends me, so be gone. Go find some other board that will on the one hand put up with your shit and on the other be willing to live up to your expectations.


  • VeniceIT


    This reminds me of Eddie Izzard's kind of humor. In his 'Dressed to kill' special he really talks about religions and exposes so much about the Catholics, and Church of England. In one skit he's acting like he's in heaven

    God says 'ohh Jesus' to the men on earth, well Jesus walks up to him and says 'don't take my name in vain dad' so god looks at him and says 'ok jeseey creesy' and jesus says 'dad don't call me jeseey creesy' then there's wwwooooooohoooooo ohh look it's the holy ghost, what on earth is he wearing that sheet for, I don't know ?',God says, 'we're not doing an episode of 'scooby doo' holy ghost"

    ok I guess you just have to see it hahahahha


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  • vanilia


    oooohh, im scared! dick

  • ignored_one


    Nice one Valis.

    Ignored One.

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Simon and Angharad,

    May I remind you that quadruple accounts are not allowed!


  • Shutterbug

    Don't worry Simon, we will run out of our daily quota of posts soon and then we will be forced to sleep on all of this and tomorrow we will have moved on to the next squabble. Bug

  • SpiceItUp

    LOL...thank you Valis for that. I had fun making him a ballerina

    side note---to those that are getting all high and mighty I have 2 things to say to you:

    1. If you don't like it you don't have to click on the thread. The title was self explanatory.

    2. If you have ever watched any kind of movie, tv show or sporting event that depicts violence of any kind for entertainment purposes then you are a hypocrite and your point is moot. If you say you haven't then I would suggest that you are most likely not being honest with yourself.

    Cheerio all and have a great day.

  • shera

    Hehe,its funnie,but I just couldn't dress Jesus up.LOL I tried to put the bunnie slippers on him,but couldn't.

    OOOO Simon!

  • detective

    I think it's pretty funny, myself. Then again, one of my favorite sites is www.landoverbaptist.com

    At times,over the top, but still funny, even while cringing!

    I understand that some people may find dressmeupjesus offensive. They do, I don't. No problems.

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