Crooked Teeth

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Keep your own natural teeth at all cost.

    Run from any dentist who recommends that you remove healthy teeth.

    Dentistry is a business and there are dentist's who'll recommend a treatment that's best for their own pocketbook.

    Putting crowns on your teeth is sometimes an option but they can have problems in time.

    My Son had braces, his teeth turned out great and the time passed by quickly.

    I'd definitely go with braces. If you're concerned about the look of regular braces, you might want to check out the clear Invisalign option.

  • charonsdog

    Thanks for posting this, Introvert. I also have crooked teeth. Almost 50 years old (Happy Birthday to me!), no cavities, but I have always been self-conscious about my smile. My parents couldn't afford braces for me when I was a kid, because 1) they were working part-time to pioneer and such, and 2) the "New System" was just around the corner and it was going to be fixed. Later, I couldn't afford braces because I was broke, working two or more jobs while trying to raise a family without a decent education.

    I'm now living in southeast Asia, where medicine and dental care is much more affordable. I'm thinking of finally getting myself a sexy smile.

  • Diogenesister

    It does change your face, honestly, I would get down on my knees to you if I could, to beg....please don't ever get a denture if there is any chance of repair. It will age you 5 - 10 years!!!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    There are dentists and there are denturists. You only want to deal with a qualified specialist who does quality work. If you need dentures, ask to see the denturist's work. Before and after shots. Some are artists, some definately are not. A person who is a qualified denturist will make you look spectatular, if that is the degree of their work. If they don't care, well the worst set I ever saw, a sister smiled... and she looked like she had asked for white paino keys... and that is exactly what she got. They had no depth, just flat piano keys. Do NOT ask for white piano keys!

    Just this past week, I went into an art shop and the lady behind the till must have asked her dentist for the biggest, fattest fake teeth because that is what she got. Big rounded robust. They did not fit her face at all. They looked man size and even on a large man, they would not have been pretty or handsome.

    A good denturist will take the time to look at your facial colouring and then you together will decide on which white color to go with. There are so many different colors and depths of white. Don't just say, white.

    Do NOT say: Just make them like my old teeth... especially if your natural teeth are uneven, chipped, bad color or WORN. Yes, some adults teeth are soft and through the years, get worn down, so that when you smile... all you see is a dark hole... with no teeth showing. No teeth showing... looks like you are toothless. Not the look you want.

    Also, some people as they age, get gum recession. So if you say, Make my dentures like my old teeth, if the denturist takes you at your word (after all you are the one paying him) he will make you dentures that when you smile... all you see are white teeth with no gums. That is not natural and looks odd.

    I have witnessed a young adult man with rotten teeth, go from too embarressed to smile, and after picking the correct denturist, come out blossoming with the most beautiful smile. Afterward, he looked like a regular, handsome young man and you would never guess his teeth were false. If your dentist or denturist does not give spectacular results, before you start, go to a number of dentists and or denturists and look at their work.

  • nonjwspouse

    I agree with above posters, do NOT lose your teeth. The braces are definitely the way to go. As you get older the teeth move more easily, so when they are straight they will likely do as they do for the young ones, and glue a small, wire like, strip behind the teeth to keep them in place instead of wearing a retainer the rest of your life.

    They have special financing plans now that have a reasonable monthly payment . My daughter will be out of her braces before we are done paying for them!

    I am 57 and though I did have braces when I was young, massively crowded teeth, I do now have some movement. Enough that i have a gap now in my front teeth and two eye teeth are pushing forward. I have been thinking of getting braces again just on the top, and getting the strip glued behind my teeth. ( Once our other debts are paid)

  • Sanchy

    I started using the invisalign transparent braces at 30 years of age. I wish I would have done it sooner. Treatment took a few years and a few thousand dollars, but it was totally worth it. I'm very pleased with the results.

    The transparent braces are great for adults.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    OK great advice above shooting for repair and braces !! Thanks all !

  • ShirleyW

    One thing I've heard as an adult from Dentists after wearing braces as a child is they wear down your bone density in the mouth which is my problem, so if you're already an adult an still have great bone density in your mouth then I guess it's no problem, but for those who wore them as a child, of course that was never pointed out t our parents

  • mentalclarity

    I was going to suggest Invisalign but Sanchy beat me to it! I haven't had them myself but that's a nice alternative!

    Do some comparison shopping. I found when trying to find braces for my kids there were huge price differences ($500-$1000).

    I wore braces as a teen - paid for them myself with my job. I'm so happy I did! Never underestimate how much it effects your self-confidence to be able to smile freely without being self conscious. I made sure all my kiddos got braces early on.

    It's never too late to do things that improve your self confidence.

  • Vidiot

    I don't think anyone who's ever had orthodontic work has regretted it.

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