Raised in the "truth" from the time I was 3 when my parents were baptized in 1972. Was true believer and people-pleaser. Started pioneering at 16, went to Bethel at 20. Stayed one year at WTF, then left to get married. Added two children to the cult while serving as an MS, then eventually and elder. Began having unanswered questions that became serious doubts. Stepped down from serving, and was later DF'd (for cause, I'll admit). Clawed my way back into being reinstated 2 1/2 years later for family reasons, but remained PIMO. Five years went by, and eventually couldn't take the lies any longer. Separated from the wife after a seemingly interminable 24-year marriage. Attended a neighborhood congregation in Chicago while attempting a fade, but ultimately just got tired of living a lie. Divorced the wife, told her she had grounds for remarriage, lost contact with my parents and now-grown kids. I guess I was DF'd in absentia. Started my new life in 2014, made all new friends, and eventually moved abroad. Miss my family, but no regrets. Trying not to be bitter, no time for that. The one thing that I remain pissed about is the lack of a college degree. Hard to get a good job without one. If you were at WTF in the late 80's, or attended the following congregations, drop me a PM if you want: Petoskey, MI Ludington, MI East Jordan, MI Marianna, FL Sterling, VA Anderson, IN Clarendon Hills, IL Poughkeepsie (West), NY