Crooked Teeth

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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Well 55 yo this summer times flies.. Was in my late thirties when I started thinking about getting braces or some other treatment for my crowded teeth. Decided to put it off a few years later as 'The New System' ™ was right around the corner. Then went through a huge burn out depression and my teeth became a lesser priority. Although I brush often, take good care of my health and do lots of sporting activities I think it's high time I address this issue if I don't want to be a Eunuch the rest of my life. Anybody else go through this and what would you do ? Attempt repair - braces etc. or just go with a nice set of dentures ? I hear they change the shape of your face and that you have no where near the biting pressure of natural teeth. Oh, by the way thanks for this WT. What a great help you've been..

  • ScottyRex

    Surely youre not blaming the Watchtower for your teeth!!! Too funny.

    Dont go for dentures...see if the dentist can cosmetically fit some implants. I had 2 fitted last year and altho expensive i now look like barry gibb.

    Give it a try!!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Dentures will also effect your tastes. If your issues can be fixed by braces, do that.

    I am in my late 40s and I have braces. I can't wait to smile without embarrassment!

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    OK right on good stuff will do !! The 'New System'™ argument was used as a cop out to avoid reality in certain areas of my life I guess.. WT did mention in print to put off materialistic things such as having nice teeth and I did come across it somewhere I kid you not !

    Ultimately I should of been smart enough to see past the BS, but at that point in my life it seems like I needed to believe the hype..

  • ScottyRex

    A few years back i was moaning about how expensive dental treatment was. Someone said to me would you rather have money in your wallet or teeth in your head.....that sold it. Get them sorted, it feels great to have a decent smile 😁

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Totally I will ! I feel self conscious about it around people and see the reaction from interested females as soon as I open my mouth, instant turn off. They're not that bad like 6/10 at best no cavities but enough to look a little retarded. Very fixable just frustrated at a the decade or so lost in the twoof going around in circles.

    Thanks Scott !

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Take care of your teeth.

    Where ever you live, shop around first, go in, talk to the front office, ask questions, ask about prices for a first visit which will consider what needs to be done to give you the best smile, within your budget.

    Is the front office friendly? Do they have well cared for teeth? A bright smile? How do the other patients in the waiting room look?

    Look around at his front entry and office patient area. Is everything clean, neat and orderly?

    Do you feel comfortable, confident, secure that that particular office, doctor will give you a high level of care and a high quality of work?

    Does this dental office have the latest equipment?

    Is everything computerized?

    Shop around. Go to several dental offices and book the one that you feel will give you the highest level of care. An excellent dentist takes pride in his work. Do not settle for second best.

    You only have one set of natural teeth. Having crooked teeth is not a problem for anyone of any age. I actually think it is charming to see an older person wearing invisible braces. ( I am sorry but only backward people think they should get their teeth pulled. There are so many alternatives available but you have to avail yourself of a qualified dentist first).

    There are so many modern advantaces available to you.

    PM me if you have any questions.

  • dubstepped

    My wife has had an awful time with her teeth. I wish I could afford to give her the smile she's always wanted. Not only does she have crooked teeth, they also formed without proper enamel so as to protect them, so she's just had so many problems with cavities and such. She takes good care of them, but they are just problems and growing up she was super self-conscious. She wouldn't smile much in order to hide them.

    Her cheap ass parents took her to the dentist and the recommendation was braces. My wife wanted them but her mom took the dentist in the other room and talked to him. He came in and literally told her to push on her teeth with popsicle sticks to even them out. WTF?

    So she never got them taken care of. Just a couple years ago we dropped a sizable sum on fixing cavities and a few other things. She might need a crown or two. Oh, and she just had the surgery to remove all four wisdom teeth at 37 years of age. It's hard enough to keep up with the expenses without the cost of braces or whatever. Maybe someday. I don't care myself, but I know that she does on some level, though we've talked about it numerous times and she seems pretty cool with it at this point and smiles beautifully instead of hiding.

  • JaniceA

    I would consult with a couple of dentists who can do both kinds of things, go in with no expectations and consult with them about options, expectations, pros and cons for you.

    Generally, if teeth and gums have enough health, preserving teeth is prioritized as a overall health concern. Your dentist could tell you better than us yahoos.

  • JaniceA

    My son had too much teeth for his jaw and ortho removed two for braces. Gorgeous! My bro in law actually needed his jaw realigned with some surgery. Again, very good results. He had a badly shaped jaw and he went from looking kind of awkward to quite handsome. Too be sure, he always was cuter than he thought. Don't shortchange yourself.

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