Crooked Teeth

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Question regarding some of the above good advice. Trying to piece it all together.

    I have two lower teeth, side by side, that are loose due to gum loss. Would they have to be pulled and refitted somehow or could they remain in but be stabilized? I sure have to think before biting into something hard.

    Not asking for a sight-unseen diagnosis; however, you who have offered suggestions do seem to know what you're talking about.


  • Magnum

    I think you're justified in blaming JWdom. I know I certainly am. I was one who believed it and lived it. I didn't work out for 35 years. I put off dental treatment. I didn't go for medical checkups. Etc. The end of the world was imminent.

    Then I realized there was going to be no new world, so I started working out, going to get physicals, and taking care of my teeth.

    The problem I have is that the way my upper and lower teeth meet is causing them to wear very thin in the front. My dentist sent me to an orthodontist because he thought the orthodontist could move my front teeth out some. The orthodontist examined me and didn't seem to be very positive about my situation. He said that I would need to have oral surgery first to move my jaw, and then he could work with my teeth. He hinted that at my age (58), I might not want to go through with it.

    Had it not been for living my life thinking and being told that the end of the world was imminent, I would be in a lot better shape today - physically, financially, etc.

    I, too, say keep your teeth as long as you can and fix them. I think you will feel better about yourself and that will affect other parts of your life in a positive way. I feel better about myself just since I started going to the gym a little bit this past January.

    Fix your teeth.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Thanks for this Magnum PI I missed these latest replies.

    You guys are great. Am going in for some dental work in September.

    Good to hear you're going to the gym. I got back into mountain biking after close to a 10 year layoff myself, gradually at first is key.

  • atomant

    lm missing teeth left right and centre but can still chew a nice chunk of steak'.Was going to have implants but can affect your health same as root canals. So l just live with it.lf people cant accept you the way you look there not worth having as friends anyway.ld love to give a sunday talk and open up and smile at the audience.l guarantee the GB all have nice teeth.funny about that.

  • LV101

    Coco - maybe a periodontist could advise you. Many periodontists do dental implants since they know much about the gums and the deep laser treatments on them. Might call a high-rated one in your area to see about a consultation re/options. Sometimes you need a referral from a dentist. They can do grafting today to build up the areas for implants. Lots of controversy out there. An oral surgeon recently told me there's some angry implant patients walking around. He said he deals with cases all the time re/aggressive dentist issues -- the majority should leave implants to the oral surgeons and periodontists -- most high rated dentists refer their patients out for extractions, bone build up, deep tissue/gum laser, etc. Maybe rt. canal posts could stabilize the loose teeth. You might need a partial plate if they can't save the teeth or do implants but as long as there's stable bone they try to do implants.

    I think you can go online and google sites to ask dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, etc., questions.

    Reputable dentists will try everything to save your teeth.

    Good luck!

  • LV101

    ScottyRex - sorry, trying to figure out what "barry gibb" teeth look like? I'll google and try to catch a pose.

    Have your implants been problem free? For people over 60 -- have recently read the strong antibiotics prescribed before/during or after the surgical process causes many to become seriously dehydrated (huge problem) and 20-25 or more percent end up in the hospital on even stronger antibiotics. I might be low on that figure -- recall 20-25 percent will have more than one bad reaction/reoccurrence from the antibiotics and have to return to the hospital -- not good odds. Canada specialists are using a mouth rinse to replace the antibiotic medication treatment or just administer a few, strong, antibiotics at time of procedure along with the effective mouth rinse. Plus if one doesn't initially have an infection from the implant(s) a problem/infection can occur any time thereafter. Antibiotics treat the issue unless your body reacts adversely. Some implants fall out -- ruin the bone/gum then one has to have grafting from their hip (or one other body area) to build/brace the failed area when it's supposed to maintain the bone due to tooth loss and there are many cases of allergic reaction to the titanium posts. Apparently, some of the posts are nickel alloy or a portion of the titanium is comprised of nickel alloy when being processed/manufactured even though doctors say it's hypoallergenic (which is a broad term meaning nothing) and 100% titanium.

    I was doing a little research -- I backed out of an implant few yrs. ago and had a bridge -- not good because they file down teeth adjacent to the missing tooth but an easier way to go. They're making a new type of implant-material (screw to implant into bone) made out of platinum because of the allergic reactions to the titanium.

    Couple articles indicated implant information has been bias controlled. Many negative results out there. I know people who've had really great luck with them. Everyone's body chemistry is different and it's critical one go to the best oral surgeons/periodontists they can find -- there's still issues.

  • LV101

    Correction -- it's not that some of the implant posts are processed with nickel alloy but all 'titanium' posts are made this way -- the medical profession is probably told they're 100% titanium and all is well and whether truthfully 100% titanium or not there's still serious issues. It's a small percentage of nickel alloy used but still causes adverse reactions (or it could be they're allergic to titanium) in some people -- after all it's being drilled into your bone -- the same materials used in hip transplants. I couldn't believe reading the negatives/problems. Many lawsuits ongoing with the hip transplant materials. I don't know about dental implant lawsuits but was shocked reading the information online. Trial and error.

    People are suffering severe migraines, jaw pain they never had, severe tooth pain where implant has been placed long after the surgery, muscle aches, cramps, hair loss, bone loss in other tooth areas of the mouth, blood issues - a plethora of medical problems that they didn't have until receiving dental implants. Many have had every medical test available not realizing it could be the titanium dental implants and now are worried about having them removed. Some people have had them removed.

  • zeb

    Keep your teeth at all costs.

    My doctor revealed to me that many patients have poor health due to poor teeth. Look after them.

    Re vamp your diet. Drop adding sugar like the plague.

    Get a general supplement as there are minor minerals we dont get in diet that are essential.

    try this as a health rule; floss, and note any sharp edges (may need dental check) brush and then get into the shower and flush your mouth with the shower.

    Braces? consider if you are a mouth breather you may have a semi blocked airway you may have nasal polyps.

    Did you grow up around smokers? chances are you have obstructed airways.

    Live long and prosper!

  • LV101

    Excellent advice -- they even have water picks you can attach right in the shower for busy schedules. I do exactly what you say in the shower after flossing. Also good idea to rinse mouth out at night with the Crest rinse for cavities or any brand -- hygienist said it really helps tooth health.

    Flossing is critical but I've read once one enters the senior aging years the cavities/decay and dental problems run rampant like when one is a young child - unreal!

    Growing up around smokers -- yep - dead in the water there but just one parent smoking his lungs out!

    Sugar -- why does my adult child/nephew have perfect, cavity-free teeth - adult child has never had one cavity. Very OCD about flossing, using one of those dental pick things but devours candy -- always has. My best childhood friend same thing. Never goes to the dentist and lives on candy -- is a marathon runner! I did some research and it might not be the devil culprit.

    Another issue that is a problem -- cosmetic dental caps of the natural teeth. Years ago the glues weren't so great and biting into apples - beef ribs/whatever that isn't mushy could snap the cap off with the part of the tooth that was capped right off with it. These cosmetic enhancements were/are very popular -- that's why everyone has perfect, straight, teeth on TV and the movies -- everywhere! Today the glues are much more pliable and stronger but it still happens. Plus if moisture gets behind those caps it causes decay on your natural tooth underneath. I broke off a caped tooth (root canal tooth) and lost the tooth - I would have lost the tooth regardless if not for the successful rt. canal but not because the rt. canal went south but because I chomped down on an almond and lost my tooth! Crazy.

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