TV.JW.ORG (September 2015) - Generation explained again

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  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate
    no it dosn't......
  • prologos

    an hour ago
    .. just wanted to point out that the GB is not including the great tribulation in "all these things" GB does definitely not include Armageddon in "all these things" because according to them, not one of them there anointed will survive Armageddon.
  • smiddy


    Yes thank`s ,that was what I was after ,not that it has impressed anyone on this thread though .LOL


  • molybdenum

    How do we know what Jesus meant by "this" generation?


  • FayeDunaway
    OMG I can't stop laughing!!!!
  • Finkelstein

    Shuusshh ..... your not suppose to Tell the Truth when your a JWS.

    Jehovah only approves of lies to support his earthly publishing house.

  • Listener
    Love it Moly, all it is missing is the wand.
  • wannaexit

    I thought they were done with type and antitype!!!!! So why is Splane going back to it again by saying that the generation of Joseph and his brothers is linked with the overlapping generation??????

  • Listener

    I love the way he asks the JW viewer to think about what scripture they would use to explain the meaning of a generation, pauses and then comes up with a scripture that he thinks applies.

    What he was really saying was - 'now that we, the GB, have come up with a new, complicated idea to explain that this generation doesn't mean anything close the common language meaning of the term, we need to twist other scriptures to support the idea. Help us out brothers and think of other scriptures that you think we might be able to use. We gave you the idea now you support it biblically.'

  • bradford


    Someone should hang that in a Kingdom Hall. In the lobby.

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