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  • steve2

    Molybdenum and baldeagle, I nominate you two the most powerfully perceptive posters on this thread:

    Your pictures are stunning in their simplicity, accurately encapsulating the sheer absurdity of it all.

    All we need now is the actual quoted excerpt that used to grace the inside first page of the Awake! magazine - remember the quote that said something like this magazine holds out the promise that those who saw 1914 would also see the end of this system of things - that excerpt was discontinued as long ago as the 1990s. Ray Franz anticipated its removal in Crisis of Conscience (1982) because even in his time on the GB, there had been much speculation about the date.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Making it up as they go along!

    Too many escaping the Org based on this crap alone.


  • avaddohn94

    I find this chart interesting when talking about "generations".

    Even though Russell is not being considered part of the faithful and discreet slave, I think this chart clearly shows how we pass from one generation to another and the fact that the "overlapping" explanation could be applied to thousands of generations (you could stretch it as far as you may want to or need to).

    The chart specifies the year when the person was born and baptized. How old they were when they were baptized, the year when they were appointed to the GB or Board of Directors or whatever you may want to call it, how old they were when they were "appointed", those who resigned, the year when they died and how many years they were part of the governing body and at what age they died.

    I have copied the data in a separate chart and boy, you can really play around these statistics. For instance, you can identify those who baptized before reaching 15 years old and even make projections for the current members. You can see that Mark Sanderson was born 113 years after Russell and that he was only 10 when he baptized etc.

    Anyway, the point is that if we consider the term generation according to its actual definition; i.e., the average length of time between the birth of parents and the birth of their children (Merriam Webster's) which in most countries ranges from 20 to 30 years; since 1852 the world has seen nearly 8 generations. Currently, we're saying goodbye to those who were born in the 1930s (4 generations after Russell's) and there's no way in which any "scaremonger" can change that...

  • wifibandit
    Nice Chart! Can I have a copy of the file?
  • antes8080
    So God only choose white people to be part of the 144,000? I taught he was impartial.
  • FayeDunaway

    A generation is a group of people in a 20 to 30 year time period. They age generally together and die generally in a similar period of time.

    When Jesus spoke of it, it applied to those who would see the destruction of Jerusalem.

    The governing body applying it to themselves is delusional, desperate nonsense.

    Lurkers: There are other places to go. You don't have to entertain these false prophets anymore. You WILL be happier elsewhere, despite what they say. Of course they are going to say that there is nowhere else to go. They want control of your life. They have taken advantage of you long enough. Listen to your brain.

  • avaddohn94

    Of course Wifibandit! I'll send it in a PM! I've been going through it and only two dates of baptism are given as an approximate. I'll provide more details in the PM!

  • avaddohn94

    Here's the link to the chart.

    I believe only the baptism dates for Chitty and Greenlees are approximate. The rest of the data seems pretty accurate to me, but then again, if anyone finds data that might be reviewed, feel free to do so.

    Best regards,



  • SecretSlaveClass

    antes80802 hours ago
    So God only choose white people to be part of the 144,000? I taught he was impartial.

    • No need to feel left out. The desert god kills all colors and races and other beliefs. He trully is impartial.
  • baldeagle

    steve2: Here you go as you requested. You just can't make this stuff up.

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