Does the Watchtower break up famelies?

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  • OlderTom

    My word it does.

    When I started studying with the witlesses all of my family and inlaws deserted me for following a stupit cult. My wife divorced me and my children won't talk to me.

    That's ok because according to JDubs that proves it's the truth.

    As I progressed in "the truth(TM)" all my friends started to abandon me because I was always going to those booring meetings.

    When I found someone I liked in "the truth" and started associating with her, some of my witness friends tried to break up the friendship.

    ie break up another family before it even starts.

    After I married her without getting the elder permission, some of my JDub friends tried to DF me, to show how much they loved me.

    When they failed to DF me some of my Witless friends decided to shun me anyway even though the elders pronounced us NO GUILTY.

    I should have sued the bastards for slander. Today I'd just give him (the instigator) a good hiding. Instant justice.

    But that's ok too because Jesus said by the love they have for one another you will know my disciples. And by their fruits you will know them. A rotten tree cannot bear good fruit. But then what would Jesus know. Anyway the 144000 are the way to salvation now Jesus is obsolete.

    After I stopped going to their meetings my witless friends were so concerned about my wellbeing NONE of them called to find out if I'm Ok.

    The loving shepheards of the flock read Jesus parable about the shepheard who had 100 sheep and one of them got lost. the good shepheard immediately left the 99 to look for the lost one. The elder translated it this way. A bird in the Hall is worth 2 in the lost, and did what they do best 'nothing'.

    I am still waiting for my first shephearding visit after nearly 5 Years. I might have gone back but now it's too late.

    By the love they have for on another you will know them Jesus said.

    Nuff said?

  • TheApostleAK

    I found out that its a big no-no if you hit it off with a JW girl and you do it behind the elders back. As if it's their business.

    Another unwritten JW law.

  • BugEye

    Older Tom

    Yes, but if you analyse the scripture that points to Jesus disciples
    as having love amongst themselves in the original Koine Greek, you
    will find that the word translated as amongst is in the past
    plu-perfect tense and it is prefaced by the intrasegent verb in the
    post perfect tense and so in reality, the scripture can be read

    "you will know my disciples by how much they love themselves."

    And so you can clearly see that this does indeed apply well to the
    Jehovah's Witnesses organisation and their members.


  • Prisca

    {{{OlderTom & Mrs OT}}}} - is that classed as a group hug?

    Sorry the bad feelings are still there. They are definitely wrong in their treatment of you.

    And know what? Having met you and Mrs OT, I would have to say they are missing two very nice and caring people. Their loss is our gain.

  • shalom

    Older Tom,

    My sister and I stopped attending meetings when our mother was disfellowshipped (even though she was repentant). She spoke to the elders at this time and asked them to give us a sheperding visit to encourage us... seven years later and still nothing. I almost certainly would have continued on as a JW with a bit of encouragement. Now I am grateful that I was left alone.


  • HesterPryne

    Old Tom,
    A bit about my family situation.....
    I was baptized,age 9. Sent to a Lutheran Children's home at age 14. Parents couldn't tolerate a rebellious teen in their home. Father was an elder, thus he had to have his 'household' in order. I didn't attend any meetings from age 14 on and in all of my adult years (30 of 'em) JW's only came to my home once in field service and when the elders came to talk to me about coming back or being df'd(1981). I told them I wasn't interested. I wrote a letter of disasociation in 1981.Everything in my family relationships remained the same until June 2000. Then I was offically shunned by my parents. Besides the grief this has caused me. It has also affected my children and my grandchildren.Not to mention aunts. uncles. grandparents... Curently the situation is that my granmother is extremely ill and there is no communication from my mother to me or my siblings. (one is df'd other is so p.o.ed at my mother and father that he won't associate with them) I know that in the case of family emergencies JW's can talk to shunned ones....that is if we shunned ones allow JW's to make the rules....for me....if I am DEAD....I am DEAD....all the time. My brother feels the same as I....I love my parents and I miss them. But I have MISSED them all my life. They never had time for their kids....too much JW stuff to do. To this day my parents don't KNOW any of us.We are all in our 40's.
    I could go on and on....but since I am a newbie (1st post) I'll try and spare you my it for the depression forum ...

  • Esmeralda
    But I have MISSED them all my life. They never have time for their kids....too much JW stuff to do. To this day my parents don't KNOW any of us.

    Hi Hester and welcome to the board. Your words struck home with me. My mother said to me
    recently "My daughter died years ago, whoever you are in front of me, I don't know you."

    And I said "I've tried to let you get to know me for the past three years, Mom. You don't want
    to see who I am."

    Just wanted to let you know that there's plenty of us here who know how you feel...


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  • Yerusalyim


    Have I seen you before on H2O? The story sounds REAL familiar, either that or it's a common story. Esse, sorry for the pain, You too Hester. My wife's brother has nothing to do with her because of her "unscriptural" divorce from her husband, or maybe it has to do with him abusing her when she was a 8 yr old, who knows.
    Yeru (who still has his parents thanks be to God)


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  • HesterPryne

    Thank you for the welcome. I must confess that I have been a lurker for sometime.It's nice to finally meet you.

    Finding other ex's on the internet has helped me through a lot of hard times in the last year. I never imagined there were so many of us.

  • battman

    hi hes,
    thanks for sharing your story. I am very new
    here and have spent most of my time on the
    main forum. Today i visited the depression
    forum for the first time. A little difficult at
    first and a lot to digest. However, everyone
    there is very concerned and their posts are very
    helpful, empathic and enlighting. Sweet, sweet
    genuine caring friends.

    i wish you a safe and successful trip.

    of the "bad association class" no wonder no one
    calls me, even after 25 years of being "OK". lol

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