Does the Watchtower break up famelies?

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  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    I don't have all the answers yet...I'm just new at getting out from under the borg's controlling beliefs, yet I'm still affected by them through my 'still active' family. This thread has surely proved that the WT does break up families.

    All I know is I don't believe the fairy tales any more and am still searching for my 'happy place' of what to believe in. At least I'm not fooling myself anymore looking for a paradise coming "any minute" now.

    I would like to believe in the paradise I grew up believing in, but I don't know anymore. My foundation has been knocked out from under me. It's going to take time to figure things out.

    I wish you success in finding healing and peace in dealing with your daughter's death. I only know that coming here can only help, especially talking to, and reading the posts of others who are dealing with pain too. There is such a wealth of wisdom, empathy and knowledge here that soothes the pain many have endured under the thumb of the borg. Here is where you'll find the understanding you seek, to heal your pain.

    Had Enough

    (gotta sign off now...starting to see double)

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