Anybody have any "REAL" experiences of spirit/demon activity? I'll explain.

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    I once called out Satan's name, and an evil presence descended on both myself and my friend to the degree we both instantaneously ducked for cover.

    We looked at each other to say What The Hell?????

    It was a flesh crawling, terror inducing moment of fear that had us both drop to the floor instinctively.

    Neither of us were expecting it or could explain it.

  • _Morpheus

    I will share my one encounter....

    my wife and I fooled around a little before we were married. Not sex but crossed lines that jw's would certainly frown on. Shortly after we were married i experienced something i had never before known nor have felt in the 20+ years since....

    we were living in our new apartment and i fell asleep, a bit anxiety ridden over our new marriage, bills i was unaccustomed to etc etc. i "awoke" in a sweat, an intense heat blazing through the apartment. I walked out of the bedroom and past the kitchen and heard the sound of a hot oven, that sort of 'whoosh' when the heat escapes. I looked over and the oven was growing a distorted metalic face. It looked at me and proclaimed in a voice that was (in my opinion) pure evil and menance:

    "im going to tell everyone what you did"

    i was terrified... Cold sweat instantly broke out all over my body.. And suddenly i realized: i didnt care.

    I looked strait at the oven and said as much.

    The face screamed and receded.

    It was then that i genuinely woke. Sheets damp from my sweat but a true and deep calm pervading.

    For years i really believed that was demon attack, that somehow i was open to it because of my wife and I's little dalliances. Eventually i realized the truth. I was young and stressed out over my new and difficult marriage. I was also deeply indoctrinated and feeling guilty over dating conduct that wasnt the least bit unusual even amongst witness couples.

    A garden variety "night terror".

    im not a believer in demons or the supernatural.

  • freemindfade
    The mind is powerful. Just ask anyone who's ever played with lsd or dmt. The power of your mind to dictate your reality is incredible. Ie the dress is blue.
  • _Morpheus
    Lol not the dress!!!
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  • rebel8

    I had a few experiences when I was a j-dub that are easily explained. The boring truth.

    Despite the vast improvements in audiovisual technology, no new evidence.

    All existing evidence can be explained and replicated. Night terrors, sleep apnea, hallucinations, shared delusions, etc. are documented human experiences.

  • Illuminated

    Spirits, yes. Most people who lived in a previous building including myself did. Also, a friend of mine who's dealt with/seen them since childhood. This is common and no it's not "schizophrenia". The average human mind only perceives so much, and we jump to labeling things out of our inability to grasp it.

    Demons? I believe in negative energy, however demons in the standard sense, not as much.

  • nonjwspouse

    Demons, I believe they can be in your mind. Negativity and harmful thinking.

    Spirits, actually I do feel they can be real. I sense them from time to time in my life. Nothing I am totally sure of, but yes, a real possibility.

  • little_Socrates

    I took a lady friend to a Pentecostal Church one time. While being prayed over she manifested demons. Everyone was escorted out of the Church but the elders. After a while they called for me because I was the only one who knew her.

    First of all she was a really big lady. When I came back into the Church she slid all the way down the pew and all the way back. I have never seen her move so freely. Then I saw her face.... it changed in a way the disturbed me greatly. You know how you feel if you smell vomit? How just the smell can make you sick? Looking at her face was the same thing. It made my spirit sick. As a matter of fact this feeling stayed with me for awhile afterwords. I don't even want to talk about her voice changed and all the crazy things that came out of her mouth.We prayed with her for probably and hour or more and she found some relief.

    I don't know what I saw. It wasn't staged, and this lady had no expectations prior to going to Church as a matter of fact she seldom went. Maybe all I saw was a physiological disturbance... but what ever it was disturbed me greatly.

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