Anybody have any "REAL" experiences of spirit/demon activity? I'll explain.

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  • Simon

    I was reading an article the other day (maybe on the BBC site) about out-of-body experiences and they can now trigger them.

    As always, superstition and spirit explanations give way to scientific explanation as our knowledge of the human mind and nervous system expand and discover more nuances about how we work.

    If anyone is claiming spirit activity then I'll show you a nut.

  • ShirleyW

    Outlaw did that really happen?

    I mean I know the Dubs are always ready to blame the demons for everything, but these folks never heard of a furnace before?

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam

    I still wonder if events can get magnetically recorded in the environment. Let me explain. My dad was a mariachi and not deceased when on certain occasions we would hear a faint playing of the violin in our house. Now, we all heard it in the family but dad was still alive, and often played his violin. Mom would tell us that it was recorded in the walls and that in Mexico they call them echoes. We heard this several times and I've found that if there is underground water activity that this can also cause certain magnetic reactions in buildings. Now I would love to think that our energy goes somewhere, but there is no proof.

    On a different occasion, my brother in law (that is now a heavy duty elder) , his little brother, and I were house sitting the house for our fiancees. Yes, my buddy and I were dating sisters. So we had the bright idea of renting a VHS of the exorcist. We started to watch it and at the point where they were unearthing the artifacts, we all heard what sounded like a plastic cup fall in the kitchen, and it bounced several times till it came to a rest. We looked at each other, paused the movie and went to look for the fallen cup. We found nothing, that freaked us out and we took the movie out and through it in our car. LOL, so we still talk about that night, but now that I know better, since we all heard it, I chalk it up to it perhaps being recorded in the environment. In the past, I have found some scientific magnetism hypothesis on this. I guess I will take that explanation as my closest reality to the subject. I do know that our amygadala plays a huge role in hallucination while stressed, anxious, afraid, etc....

    The amygadala plays a lead role in our flight or fight experiences. This is supposedly where David Banner from the Hulk show was dificient in before medicating himself. Also in Robocop, when his amygadala was out of wac, he would cry and emotions were uncontrollable, so they killed his amgadala. Kids with Autism have amygadalas that do not function in the understanding of others emotions or external environment. Therefore there are varying robotic conditions to their personality, or there lack of.

  • mynameislame
    This seemed to be big in the late 70's early 80s as a lot of hippies started turning their lives around. The one person I knew that claimed a demon experience was one of these ex-hippies. So I suspect that often it has a lot to do with previous drug usage.
  • wallsofjericho

    Every one I've ever known to claim seeing/hearing demons was a drug user, and not just casual but major drug user

    every other instance was sleep paralysis to the T

  • Tenacious

    I noticed many people are denying the actual existence of higher dimension demonic spiritual forces.

    The volume of supernatural movies that Hollywood is releasing is a testament to the reality of these forces. Ask yourself, why would a Hollywood Director spend millions advertising a film plot that could never be true? Could never be reality?

    If demons did not exist, I don't believe people would be scared out of their minds when viewing these films. Much less spend millions going to watch them.

    It's kinda like a young 5 year old toddler watching a movie about Barney and NOT believing he is real. What would be the point?

    And for those people that don't see, hear, or feel anything. For some obscure reason, these spirit beings do not wish to make their presence known. Perhaps you no longer believe in God which is a perfect reason as Scripture says.

    Now on to my personal story. One thing is to imagine seeing something, speaking to it, hearing it. Another matter altogether is to actually feel it. When we dream even during the REM stage, our bodies can still sense touch. Many times I've been poked and pinched only to jerk awake. I've been touched, patted, and spoken to. But unlike many people, I simply shrug it off and sometimes being really tired I actually ask "them" to leave me alone and go right back to sleep.

    Still don't believe demons are real but imagined? Cool project:

    Curse Satan and his buddies out loud while playing the Ouija board (available at your local Toys r' Us) or while playing "Charlie". Better yet, light many candles and go into a deep meditative state and then in a loud voice summon Satan or his buddies. Then you will see for yourself how real these entities really are.

    As a side note; yes, I've personally also played the Ouija board when I was younger. That was the last time I did something so stupid.

  • jblues
    I had some experiences when I was younger that were "weird". Also they are nothing extremely obviously "paranormal" but still something that made me wonder what caused them.

    Warning: these stories are somewhat stupid, silly, or just dumb. All depending on your take on them.

    For a little bit of background, I grew up in a JW family and was baptized before my teens.

    At some point in growing up however I started doing masturbation. This started sort of accidentally, and the first times I did not know that what I was doing was even THAT. I was rather clueless of "what was what" in my early years.

    Around this time I was in my early teens and still went to meetings with my parents.

    So this one time we drove to KH and as I was about to enter the building I heard this voice in my head asking me "what are you doing here?". It did not feel like my own thought but more sort-of like as if something just spoke into my brain.

    The other issue with this experience was that it made me a bit uneasy being in the hall, but not like completely uneasy. However later when I figured out that what I was doing was masturbation and that it was "bad" (as folks here may know, JWs sometimes had talks about how bad it was to be doing that stuff), I started feeling worse about the meetings.

    Years later I learned a more balanced point of view about that habit however.

    Anyway my reason for bringing this up was because it was not the only such kind of thing. The other time it happened was equally silly.

    When I was in teens, I used to go home from school at lunch time. This one time after coming home I noticed a new WT (Watchtower) in the mail (back when they still mailed 'em). I grabbed it with me to read on my way back to school.

    My family lived in an apartment building so I went to take the elevator back to the street level. For some reason, once I was in the elevator I decided to pray and for some silly reason I thought about telling God a joke in my prayer. This is when I heard a voice again in my head, this time telling me "Jake that's inappropriate".

    It was a similar experience as earlier when I had entered KH.

    The crazy thing is that I then decided to open the WT and went to the "questions from readers" page. It had a question on what kind of thing is inappropriate to talk about during prayer, and the answer mentioned jokes as one of the inappropriate things.

    Now I want to point out couple of things:

    1. In both of these cases the thoughts did not feel like my own thought when it happened.

    2. Both of these cases had certain attributes (like a "flavor") that could have caused a person to think that the voice was "definitely NOT" by demons. They appeared in situations when, one COULD argue, there was a "reason" for that sort of voice to appear.

    3. If I would have been a "certain kind of religious" I probably would have taken these as example on that Jehovah is communicating with me directly. In the worst case I might have believed (in a mislead manner) that I am somehow "extra-special".

    This is the sort of half-nonsensical experiences I have had.

    I do not deny that it maybe might have been some medically explainable thing. I have however not had any other similar problems during the decades afterwards. Anyway I do not believe these voices had anything to do with God.
  • cofty
    If demons did not exist, I don't believe people would ... spend millions going to watch them.

    Does this argument also prove the reality of Middle Earth?

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Growing up with Zulus, my surrogate father, Dlamini was an Inyanga (a male Zulu witch doctor). He used to perform all kinds of umbhilo (magic). One particular ritual which really astonished me as a child was when he would put small pieces of meat at the end of a skewer and put them into the flames of a fire, claiming to feed his ancestral spirits. He would give a few twitches of the arm and retrieve an empty skewer, much to the gasping amazement of everyone and required ululating of the women attenending.

    It wasn't until I was sixteen that another Zulu showed me the trick employed in this practice and although I already doubted the existence of spirits, it served to concrete my thoughts on the whole fake spirit thing.

  • Virran

    When I was a kid we started to play with something we called "the spirit in the glass", very much like Ouija board here in the states. This was around the time my mom was new to the "truth" (lie) and when unexplainable things started to happen in our home she forced me to stop playing with this when she found out I did.

    One morning I woke up and my bedcover was gone. It was weird because the sheet under was still there, tucked into the bed (was tucked into bed together with cover) and the top cover was also still there, nothing torn up or out of bed. I was confused and went up to go look for the cover and I found it on top of the freezer in the kitchen. I have never been sleep walking and if I did that night I must had tucked in the sheet back in the bed when asleep and placed the top cover over me. It just didn't make sense. My mom screamed at me that this is the works of demons and no, I never played this game again. That was creepy.

    Anyhow, during one of these "games" we got contact with a girl who said her name was Anna something, she said that she got murdered in a shed with an axe and she wanted us to catch her murderer who she said the name of. It's just that it happened in the 1900 century so there wasn't much we could do, lol. Another time we were sitting in one of my friends room and the spirit said he didn't like Bob Marley and then suddenly her Bob Marley poster fell off her wall.

    Back then I believed in all of this and was certain we did get contact with the other side. Today I have a harder time thinking outside the box and I just can't believe it was real.

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