Anybody have any "REAL" experiences of spirit/demon activity? I'll explain.

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  • runForever

    I know there is a lot of people on here that will say it is pure make believe but I am interested if anybody has had any real concrete things happen such as something moving or something appearing in the mirror etc.. Anything just post it up here even if it wasn't much. Please give a little context as to the situation.

  • pronomono
    I used to be a believer because I personally knew people who claimed to have had such experiences. But after growing up and dealing with these people a bit more, I now realize that they are mentally unstable. I remember as a kid calling out to Jehovah for anything, and then getting pissed and calling out the Satan and his demons. I've even done it in a graveyard. But nothing. Looking back on that, and the addition of knowledge about TTATT, I stopped believing.
  • runForever
    Thank you pronomono. Well I will put one out there for me. I was having a strange dream where I did feel like something evil was in it. It hunted me down after I had discovered it(in the dream). I had my hands at my sides because of freezing of fear(in real life). Then I felt what felt exactly like a finger press down on the high point of my cheek bone and then nothing more happened.
  • Autumnation4414
    Thank you pronomono. Well I will put one out there for me. I was having a strange dream where I did feel like something evil was in it. It hunted me down after I had discovered it(in the dream). I had my hands at my sides because of freezing of fear(in real life). Then I felt what felt exactly like a finger press down on the high point of my cheek bone and then nothing more happened.

    Being in a sleep state such as you were I wouldn't read too much into it myself.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Before giving too much weight to anecdotes you need to educate yourself on how the human brain operates, specifically its ability to generate hallucinatory experiences and its ability to distort memories.

    You need to be aware of how the brain of persons with fantasy-prone personalities can often interpret ambiguous, unidentified natural stimuli as supernatural events. You need to be aware of a natural neurological phenomenon known as a waking dream where a person can sometimes have a very life-like dream/hallucination without realizing it.

    Give careful consideration to these:

  • jws
    Just thinking..., a couple of weeks ago, I was laying a trail for a running club. Part of it was through a graveyard which, due to timing, wound up being laid after dark. We also visited the following night on the run while it was turning dark. I thought about it. 10 years ago, I would have probably been scared of ghosts. And even though it's been over 25 years since being a JW, 10 years ago, I may have even said a prayer to Jehovah or called on his protection. Now I thought nothing of it. Hadn't the slightest fear whatsoever. Didn't expect to see them and what do you know? I didn't. Expecting them, I might have been scared enough to think I saw something.
  • unknown ex-jw
    unknown ex-jw

    years ago a witness friend relayed to me his experience during his teens; he was raised a witness but apparently didn't take it very seriously because he was involved in martial arts. he had begun practicing meditation when his encounter began. one night while sleeping he experienced a presence and a pressure on his chest, then a voice threatening to kill him. it scared him pretty bad and so he stopped meditating and practicing martial arts. in his mind he was harassed by a demon for meditating; that scared me.

    since learning of sleep paralysis I now know that was what he experienced. take guilt for doing something you're not supposed to do, add jw perception of demonic forces lurking about and an environment where fantasy can easily be reality ( sleep); and you have a recipe for demonic attack.

  • mana11

    I am still out on it, I live in africa. witchcraft abounds. So many people use witchcraft.

    I have NEVER seen anything i cannot explain logically or scientifically.

    Thats said, i have a puzzle that i find strange. it is said that Dogs can see spirits. i have witnessed here in africa only, some interesting events.

    The saying here is that witches can fly about at night and that dogs see them as spirits or whatever.

    My first experience with this, was in a village talking to friends outside about 1am after a party. Not a breath of wind, cool and clear with sound traveling easily in the night air. i noticed the dogs about 1-2 kilometers away start to wimpier and howl. now i have worked with dogs in security intensively, I am an expert in the bush as a tracker and hunter, I consider myself tuned to nature if you know what that means, and if you know dogs you will know their different barks have different meanings, intruder, pain, etc. Now this type of howl i mention, is not a bark, it is like a crying fear, the dog is afraid.

    This was the first time i had ever heard this intense fear / crying from a dog, a fearful crying howl that puts the shivers up your spine. NO not a howl like at the moon, this is a crying screaming howling fear like when an animals is so afraid he cannot escape and has nowhere to hide.

    So, We heard the dogs about 2km away start crying, and then another dog, and another and another and the dogs were barking and then crying with fear. and the noise was moving along a street going down a long hill and then it turned into the street i was in and the dogs one by one started barking and then crying in sequence as they moved up to where we were standing and stopped, the area around us was feeling a little cold but other than that i couldn't notice anything else. We actually counted the dogs that started and stopped, it was a sequence of about 46 animals. my friends and i were just standing and i mentioned it as to such a terrible cry from a dog, we started counting, when it turned into our street, it was like WTF,

    as it moved forward the dogs that were crying stopped and the next lot started.

    It is the freakiest thing i have heard and witnessed. It gave the impression that a spirit was passing that I could not see but that the dogs could see it. That was about 10 years ago.

    Now, Where i live there are many dogs, every second house has them for protection, i have snakes for protection!,, lol they are quieter. Locals are afraid of snakes and i have a sign on the gate so i don't need a watchman. I have snake and shotgun as my friends.

    anyway, after midnight when I sleep, I get awoken by dogs several times a night. anyone walking or hanging about and the barks are very specific in sound. but about 1-2 times a week they will start to scream as though something is passing overhead, once gone they settle down, interestingly on the night vision security cameras i have at the very same time picked up what i would call a white haze like a fog in a roundish shape that moves down the street, but no form is visible, and really it just looks like a bit of smoke or mist. but it coincides exactly with the dogs screaming with fear. Night vision picks up dust and thermo air anomaly, so i cannot say it is significant.

    I don't personally get excited with mist / smoke i need more tangible things to excite me. but i am still looking into it and always when i hear the dogs i look to check out the windows, check the cameras, and pump the shotgun ready to take it out if my snake misses.

    Have a good one people, hope you liked my story. welcome your thoughts as it has me puzzled.

    Anyone else witnessed this?

  • notsurewheretogo

    No, no-one has because demons and spirits do not exist.

    There are more mobile devices that can take HD pictures and video on this planet than there are people and yet not one video or picture has been produced as conclusive evidence that they do exist in the entire span of human history.

    People who think they do are experiencing something else.

    Those are the facts that we can conclude based on what evidence we have, anything else id opinion and speculation.

    What started me off was researching why lots of people thing there are monsters in the basement, when you research how sound reverberates around a room lower than you and what it does to the frequency of sound and what it does when it hits your ears and brain it is fascinating.

  • Diogenesister
    Islandman Thank you for your video posts really enjoyed them,very informative.

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