Anybody have any "REAL" experiences of spirit/demon activity? I'll explain.

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  • Dunedain

    One time, many years ago, i was watching the Shining with my sister. It was the first time either of us had seen it. There is a part in the movie when the story starts focusing on one of the rooms in the giant Hotel, i beleive it was "haunted", or something. Anyway, the camera starts eerily panning down the hallway of the Hotel, passing each door to each room, until finally stopping on the door of the room in question. Now in the movie, the camera starts panning up the door, and stopping to show the veiwer, the room number on the door. Exactly when the room number came into veiw, my sister and i looked at the digital cable box, and the time on the clock, was the same exact number of the room. Right now, i dont remember the exact room number, but for arguments sake, say the room number was 246, well the time on the digital clock was 2:46. My sister and i, were both like, HOLY SHIT, wtf.

    Now in NO way, am i saying this was demons, or even anything remotely like that. I just wanted to share this story. Think about the huge coincidence, that my sister and i just happened to put the movie in the VCR, and press play, at the time, that when that exact seen showing the room number wound up coinciding with the exact time on the clock. Crazy, and wierd coincidence.

  • Finkelstein

    Unsuspecting coincidence is a known fact, demons are not, they were devised by human imagination

    like all spiritualism.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "Unsuspecting coincidence is a known fact"

    Yes, the word coincidence exists because coincidences occur. Coincidences are relatively rare and can be very remarkable, but they're not impossible or miraculous.

    In fact, if we lived in a world where coincidences never occurred, that would be something far more remarkable and incredible as it would represent a seemingly selective suspension of the mathematical laws of probability.

    It's important to note too that coincidences and seemingly rare occurrences often seem rare because of our own ability as humans to attach meaning and see patterns in events. To illustrate what I mean by that consider the following:

    What are the odds that I will achieve the following sequence of numbers if I rolled a 6-sided die 11 times: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ? the odds are 1/6 to the power of 11; or 1 in 362,797,056. That seems like a very rare event doesn't it? One might even argue that it is unlikely that you'd get that specific sequence of numbers if you kept rolling the die constantly in sequences of 11 for 10 years!

    Now here is the kicker: take the same die and roll it 11 times and record the sequence you get. Do you know what is the odds of getting that particular sequence - in fact any sequence of 11 numbers? It's 1/6 to the power of 11; or 1 in 362,797,056 - the exact same probability as the "special" symmetrical sequence mentioned above! Yes. Every time you roll a die 11 times the particular number that comes up is always a very rare event having a probability of 1 in 362,797,056!

    But because our brain is wired to look for patterns and because we have ascribed the significance of order and symmetry to the first pattern, and because we are looking to get a preconfigured pattern, getting the first pattern would seem incredible. And yet, every other pattern that we get is just as unlikely, just as fortuitous, but we disregard them because they have no special significance to us . . . unless we get 362,797,056 volunteers to engage in a lottery-like game where each one writes down a different one of the unique 11-digit patterns corresponding to each of the 362,797,056 numeric combinations that can result from rolling the die 11 times in succession. Someone is bound to win!

  • mike_123

    I never had any direct experiences of the type asked by OP, but my relatives had some.

    My dad's parents and relatives had some "ghost" stories which supposedly may have been because one of their ancestors had been involved in the paranormal sufficiently much to be considered a "wizard" of some kind (I grew up in a JW family somewhere in Scandinavia). That's at least what I was told by my dad. Some of the stories had happened around the farm house that still belonged to the family, somewhere in the Scandinavian half-empty countryside. Some other stories had happened to the family after they moved out of that house to the city.

    After they had moved out of that farm house, my dad's brothers and sisters still visited it on summer break, often staying there for some weeks. The farmhouse was built like early 1900's or earlier. It had a large main room with a large brick oven, a kitchen area, a separate bedroom, and an attic.

    I was told that the relatives had experienced spooky things at night while staying in that house. A thing that had happened to one relative was that "something" had pulled the cover of them when they were sleeping. At another time a person sleeping on the couch in the main room had felt someone siting down at the end of the couch. At another time they had heard something walking down the steps from the attic, although they did not see anyone.

    I remember when I stayed there as a kid that they had placed the Bible and Watchtower magazines on the table in that main room (none of my dad's relatives were JWs, except my aunt became one much later). I was told that they had not had problems with the demons those nights when they had the magazines and the Bible on the table.

    My aunt who became a JW later is involved in another "ghost" story, from the 80's. It's about something that happened to one of her children who was about 7 or 8 at the time.

    My aunt had been married to some guy for a very long time and had like 4 kids with him. This guy was a rather delinquent type, however, and spent large amounts of his time gambling, drinking, hanging with other women, stuff like that.

    So one time my aunt decided, with help from my parents, to leave the man and start a new life somewhere close to where my parents lived. After that moving she also started to study with JWs.

    Because she was a single parent mom during this time, her kids were sometimes home by themselves. I was called over to her house one day because my dad wanted to know if some phenomenon could have been a "black hole" passing through the earth. I know it sounds ridiculous in retrospect but at least he was looking for a non-demon answer lol.

    What had happened is that my aunts youngest kid was home by himself and he started seeing holes that were like windows to other parts of earth. When I asked him how it had looked like, he said that in those holes he could see people walk about and do things.

    At the time it did not look like the kid was inventing the story. Some elder had remarked that perhaps demons had wanted to scare my aunt because she was studying at the time. Who knows. Although she was more protective of this kid than her other ones, maybe because he was the youngest.

    Another thing was something that happened to my dad, also back in the 80's. He used to do janitorial work late in the evenings and had some accounts as a subcontractor. He also had a habit of sometimes making long distance phone calls to relatives from the offices that he cleaned. Not a very christian behavior because it was in effect like stealing.

    So one time he was talking with his family from some office room along a hallway. This was late some evening and he did not expect anyone to come to the office at that time. However while talking to his family he heard that the door at the end of the hallway was opened and closed, so he quickly finished the phone call, continued cleaning that room, and then went out to his cleaning cart in the hallway.

    He did not see anyone in the hallway and went back to the same office room to continue his phone call. The chair that he had sat in earlier was rotating, like as if someone had sat on it and just gotten up, and there was an "A4" size piece of paper with some powder on top of it, on the chair.

    This experience by the way spooked him badly enough to not want to be at that office any more. He managed to get the account to be given to my aunt who had moved to live close to them. A couple of years ago I asked him what had he actually seen, if anything, because I wanted to get an idea of what it could have been (meaning perhaps something else than demons).

    He told me that he had made sure that the room was clean before he went back to his cart in the hallway. So there should not have been any pieces of paper on the chair, especially none with some powder on it.

    Perhaps an even crazier thing was that he later made some statements that the "ghost" in his experience was related to some person who had worked in that office and had died a week or so earlier. The crazy part in this is that JWs do not believe in any kind of afterlife. So if there are demons, their activity is their own choices (they may try to claim that their activity is because of some death but that's just to mislead).

  • Crazyguy

    I have a child with RPS. The child experiences pain because the nerves are going crazy and mess up. He/she goes to a massage therapist that does a special technique that helps with the pain. Our body's a full of energy and each time the energy is released and some goes into the therapist, she even experiences bruising from this, the therapist. One time the negative energy was so bad my wife said she put her arm into the room and felt like static electricity, as well as starting to feel a headache as she entered the room.

    Could it be that we give of energy both positive and negative and these spiritual or demonic experience are associated with this energy almost like telepathy. This could explain why so many think they have had an experience while playing a game or watching a scarry movie?

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