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  • Crazyguy

    Yesterday some JW's came over to my house and were even being nice to me, most of the time if they do come by an elder or MS may say something but the others will not, its even hard for them to say just hello (how pathetic). One of them is the MS that studies with my two oldest boys. ( they also do this behind my back as if I don't know). I now realize by not being their I've handed my kids right over to them!

    They the JW's I think are being a little nicer to me maybe because they see me now as one that is just inactive. Or maybe its because I recently went to a JW funeral and a comment was made to my wife by a elder that "I took one baby little step at coming back because of this". Any way I don't really know what's going on but while here I thought I heard my youngest 5 year old boy refer to the MS as DAD. I know the MS has referred to my boys as his and this has been discussed on another thread that I started.

    But holy hell people, these whack jobs are not only trying to steal the minds and lives of our kids away but their trying to take the kids mentally away from their own blood relative's! This crap has got to stop and I'm a bit pissed that here on this forum, their is what seems to be very little support when it comes to helping ones wake up and educate their children. I have on more then one occasion started threads on how to help free kids from this evil cult with little response. Most of the posts have been about just showing your kids love and a good time away from the cult. Well this is WAR people, these bastards are trying to steal our kids away literally. We as ex witnesses that have experienced this evil, need to be more aggressive about helping one another getting out and stay out of this Evil. We need to be a little less bitchy expressing our opinions when were responding to someone's posts and keep in mind that we should be here for personal therapeutic help as well as offering help to others.

    This Cult has become blatantly and obviously just that in resent years they don't even seem to mind people knowing its one now. Anyway we need to offer up more help and ideas to ones here on ways to help get people out and share experiences on ones that have been successful and what they did and said that worked. Its not about being nice to our loved ones in hopes that they see that all is not bad in the world and we are not bad people, its way more then that.

    I'm not sure what to do anymore, do I go back and play nice with these idiots all the while trying to plant seeds with my kids? This would seem to be self defeating and give the impression that I now agree with the cult and I'm sure my kids maybe reinforced in a negative way. Do I share TTaTT with my kids showing them that yes by doing this I truly am an apostate? Or do I go for the jugular like I have been doing a bit with my oldest boy and sharing with him that the bible is crap? I'm not sure what to do anymore and have made so many mistakes in the past.

    My youngest son asked me after the funeral about if I believed I would see the dead person again or weather he was going to be resurrected. He has also asked me questions before about things and I can't just blow him off or give him some little canned answer this kid is to intelligent for that and by not saying much like people have suggested here, I'm just creating a bigger divide between the minds of my kids and myself.

    I can also tell you that the mind bending is really effective with the young ones. I have shared things with my 14 year old son things like proof of evolution, example the tooth that was gown by the chicken when scientist's turned on the DNA and yet a few weeks later some thing was mentioned about Darwin by me and he went back to the JW response that this Darwin and his theory was just to peel away Christian's from God.

    Anyway I'm about to go postal and aggressively start teaching my kids that the bible is crap and showing them all the mistakes miss-teachings and all the evil that's in the book but I'm not sure if this is the right move. Attacking the fundamental basics of god and all that they have been taught about the idea of a god and his son etc. maybe to much and It may back fire and I may loose them altogether. But not doing anything which is what I have mostly done except with one child is just giving the cult more unabated access to my children's brains and I have to do something but I'm not sure anymore?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Sorry Crazy but I don't remember your situation. Married? Separated? Custody issues? Fader? not DF'd obviously. When they are with you and you are able to, steer them to the real world.

    I am at a disadvantage not having kids, but for what its worth I would start taking them on field trips to museums and art galleries in order to show them there is a world of knowledge and beauty out there. Natural history museums would have examples of fossils and would make for a natural topic for discussion. A museum beats the boredom of a stuffy Kingdom hell any day.

    Find habitat for humanity and have them help you work on a project for an "evil" worldly person so they can see that they actually do care about each other.

    Just wanted to share what I would do in that situation. If you can make them miss meetings at all that is GOLD!

  • DarioKehl
    Buy each boy a copy of Richard Dawkins' "The Magic of Reality." Have "family study" with them out of that book. It is wonderful--and beautifully illustrated. Five or 14--they'll love it.
  • Oubliette

    CG: [There] seems to be very little support when it comes to helping ones wake up and educate their children.

    I'm sorry you're going through this, but I gotta tell you, you're wrong about what you wrote above. There's plenty, but this cult is very good at what it does: indoctrinating members to put the group above normal family relationships.

    The first thing you have to do is to reassert appropriate boundaries concerning your family.

    CG: One of them is the MS that studies with my two oldest boys. ( they also do this behind my back as if I don't know).

    The fact that you know this and yet you tacitly allow it is very disturbing. This must end and it must end immediately.

    You might want to read this pertinent thread by 00DAD:


    CG: I'm not sure what to do anymore, do I go back and play nice with these idiots all the while trying to plant seeds with my kids?

    No! Not just no, but Hell no!

    That would be one of the worst things you could do.

    Be the dad. Even if it means getting disfellowshipped from their little fucking club. You must fight for your children.

    Tell all of the JW elders and MSs that if they come around your children you will have them arrested. You might even threaten them with a hint of bodily harm. They are your children.

    I told an elder once that if he got between me and my children I would hurt him. He backed off.

  • paradisebeauty

    I believe you need to take a different approach.

    Try to show the kids Bible verses that the jw's interpret wrong. The jw's have a few doctrines according to the Bible and some doctrines that are totally against the Bible.

    A person who studies the Bible will never believe you if you say "God does not exist" but will think twice if you say "look what the Bible says here".

    Even if you do not believe in God anymore, do some research on this to help your kids.

    here are some resourses:

    the site above even has a section dedicated to jw's - and where they are wrong

    Another resourse:

    Contact me if you need help.

  • millie210


    I feel so bad for you! The pressure you are feeling is obvious in every word you wrote.

    In addition to understanding where you are coming from entirely, I think you need to be talked down a bit - just for today.

    Someone - ANYONE encouraging your child to call them Dad is crossing the line. Aunt or Uncle? Maybe/maybe not - other factors could be involved...we have an old lady never married no children who teaches piano and has for 40 years. All the kids call her Aunt Sue" and now the grown folks take their kids to "Aunt Sue" for lessons. That is a situation where it seems appropriate for all involved.

    I guess you have to look at the intent behind it huh?

    In your case, I cant think of one single good intention in telling children who have a father in their lives to call someone else Dad.

    That needs to stop IMO. Having said that, I think there is a way to go about it that leaves you in charge and with your dignity intact.

    1) Act dont re-act

    2) Begin with the end in mind.

    Just because you are right doesnt negate the need to be calm and courteous. Wait till you feel in control of your emotions and calm. Use short simple sentences and dont go off in other directions about other issues. Something simple such as " I am their Dad, but they can call you "Br Bob" instead of Br. Jones if you prefer" (assuming the mans name is Bob Jones)

    As far as the other issues you raised about this being war and such, those are long term discussion issues that many people will have thoughts on so I will stay away from that except to say that war means different things to different people. I feel I am fighting a war for my family who is "in" but I am on the surface, calm and agreeable. I will stick with this tactic as long as it works. When it doesnt work anymore I will re- look at what to do next.

    In my personal life experience, head on aggression rarely works so I dont use it. I usually view life as a series of compromises and try to get some of what I want while allowing others the same courtesy.

    When you mention your oldest son is smart and might ask a question such as if you believed you would see the dead person again or weather he was going to be resurrected...

    that looks like a GREAT teaching moment between father and son!

    Why cant you address the second part first and say "son the truth is no one knows if people will be resurrected or not. It is something that many cultures have stories about and many holy books talk about. In our culture the Bible speaks of this and many people feel better and more comforted by the hope of that. That hope - when no one really knows for sure - is called faith."

    As for the first part where he asked what YOU believe, just tell him but keep it as simple and brief as you can and let HIM ask for more detail later.

    I know you dont know me and I am not trying to tell you how to handle your situation but I just feel your pain shows in your words and I can see why you are so frustrated.

    Sometimes just knowing we are NOT crazy for seeing what we are seeing and feeling what it makes us feel, is a comfort in itself.

    Hang in there!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Crazyguy, are there mitigating reasons why you don't prevent your kids being indoctrinated by non-family members - especially after the Australian Royal Commission?

    You just have to say that you're stopping it for private & personal reasons and state that it is your responsibility to teach your kids.

    Apart from that, I'd spend as much time bonding with my kids, and not beating up their mother's beliefs, but giving them your thoughts on different things. They'll decide for themselves when the time comes.

    Don't compete to control their thinking - just get them to reason for themselves.

    Best wishes.



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  • millie210

    I have never heard that St Augustine quote and I absolutely love it.

    Once again, a big thank you Outlaw!!!

  • paradisebeauty

    an idea you could point to the kids, just read it on the forum:

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