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  • Autumnation4414

    First time commenter here. After reading your story I had to chime in as this really touched close to home for me. My parents were both baptized but innactive when me and my siblings started studying, and shortly thereafter, started to be active and prominent in the congregation. There was a regular pioneer sister that decided to take us kids under her wing at the time but her primary focus was on my older sister. I know first hand the terrible things that were said about my parents, primarily my mother since she was "spiritually weak". Needless to say, this caused unbelievable tension in my family and caused so much pain to my mother. There was very much this tangible divide in the house and it was expressed that if I were to side with my mother I was not a good Christian. Basically, we were told that our mom was demon possessed and that she was evil and that this ego-centric, self-absorbed woman was our "spiritual mother". I am embarassed that I did not stand up for her and allowed this to happen but being only 13, I trusted my older sister. I remember how it all culminated late one night when my mom and sister got into a screaming match so heated that I thought that I was going to have to pull them off of one another. To this day my sister will not come to my parent's house and has little to no contact with them.

    What I can tell you from experience is that the entire time my loyalties lied with my mother. I truly loved her and not this psycho woman. It felt wrong to be divided ans to harbor such ill-will towards her. I wish my mom would have pulled me aside and talked to me about it or did anything other than just let it happen. What I would encourage you to do is spend as much time with your children, looking for moments to discuss world topics or Biblical topics and do your best to show another side. I am sure that there are principles and doctrinal topics that they are confused over. Ask them questions on what they think. Bottom line is to get them to think for themselves and to question authority, namely that of the organization. You are their father first and foremost and you will have more of an impact on them then anyone in the kingdom hall. If you can, limit their association with them. This is your family and no one has the right to interfere with that. Fight for them and never give up on them no matter what happens. Above all, do everything with love. Love your kids and show them what real unconditional love is because they don't have it with the JW's.

    Peace be with you and I really hope for the best for you and your family.

  • LisaRose

    I don't know why you think you cannot talk about the truth not being the truth, but It's usually more effective to ask questions designed to get them to think rather than telling them things. For example, point out the dew claws on a dog or cat and ask them why they think God put them there, since they are functionalluly useless.That way you are not criticising the religion, just pointing out things that creationism doesn't explain. There are lots of things like that. Redundant DNA, the fact that we share so much DNA with chimpanzees, etc. Get a subscription to National Geograpic if they are older, it will expose them to science.

    It might be good to also expose them to the beliefs of other religions. Most JWs know nothing if the beliefs of others, it adds to the illusion that they are special. Go to a United Church of Christ (UCC) service, it's way more interesting and fun than the dry boring meetings. The idea is not to get them interested in another religion, but to expose them to the idea that there is more than one way to be spiritual, the JWs are not the only way, or even the best way.

  • Sabin

    Crazy Guy. You need to calm down & work out what is really bothering you. Is it that your kids go to the meetings, are responding well to the JW teachings, your own guilty conscience in that you feel your not playing such a big part in your kids life or that your son called this man dad. Then you can go forward from there. On the matter of your son calling some one else dad, Millie is right. That is over stepping the line & as I said before on your other post do something about it even if it pisses them off, speak up. You don't have to do it in anger but you do need to get jealous for your family for your kid`s. If any of them question this I would have bells ringing in my ears, why do you want my kids calling you dad, you stop encouraging it or I`ll call the branch office. Don't get angry with your kid`s though. & no if you want a straight answer I wouldn't be going all apostate on them, remember once you say something it cant be unsaid. If they are happy then let them be. My hubby told me that if the kid`s were happy to study than it`s fine if however they say they don't want to at any time they weren't to be forced. It`s called being reasonable. If you try to pull them away they will go more in it`s what kid`s do, that`s why people tell you to just love them. If you have to find the right words when expressing what you personally believe do so in a way that doesn't run your wives beliefs down, that's equal to putting your kids down. tread carefully, you don't want them to grow up with memories of their farther being an arsehole. Collecting info on the borg & gently plant the seeds always the best option instead of saying out right you don't believe in shunning you can say I don't like the way in which they shun people. He will ask you to explain, this is your moment, use him as an example how you couldn't turn your back on him when he needed you most, Jesus didn't treat others this way etc. Instead of fighting the borg use the tactics they taught you with your family. Find the common ground. You know your children better than anyone else that's why its so hard for people to give personal advice there are some things as a parent that only you can work out, its you that ultimately will pay the price or get the benefits. On your remarks about not giving support on the forum. What do you want us to do, lick your arse . I think from what ive read that many here are doing their best to support you if that isn't enough then tell us where we can help further, we all have our problems to bare. Many on here are struggling also, I think we need to stick together as best we can. I`m sorry if any of what ive written has caused offense that wasn't my intent. SABIN

  • millie210
    Hi Autumnnation and what a great first post!
  • baltar447
    Why are you allowing some f*ckers to "study" with your kids??? That shit has got to stop.
  • Oubliette
    Baltar nailed it. He just did.
  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress
    Go to a United Church of Christ (UCC) service,

    Yes...UCC is great. Very open minded. In fact the Disciples of Christ (DOC), aka ______ Christain Church, is closely associated with the them. They work together, and share very similar beliefs...or might I say NON beliefs, since the main point is accepting JC as savior. They disregard man-made creeds & tests of faith. They also do great 'works' that help the less fortunate (can u say 'imitate Jesus?).

    Just don't confuse the UNITED Church of Christ with the regular Church of Christ.

    Why are you allowing some f*ckers to "study" with your kids??? That shit has got to stop.

    Agreed. The book "No More Mr. Nice Guy," or "Hold on to your N.U.T.S. (Non-negotiable Unalterable Terms) books I highly recommend.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Crazy-There have been comments in the literature that it is the PARENTS responsibility to study with their own children. Also, there are comments that wives be in subjection. Use these points and put a stop to the MS studying with your kids. Tell your wife that your kids are no longer to go to meetings with her, as the head of the household, that is your biblical right. Use their own words to fight back at them.

    Also, get onto and type in 'critical thinking' or 'Logic' and buy your kids the workbooks or DVDs and sit down with them to discuss these things as a family. They have all kinds of books for all different ages that are really fun to use. I used them with my kids and they can spot crazy thinking from a mile away. Take the comment that "the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" my 8 year old gets the sweeping generalization of 'the whole world'. Try them, they work. Get your wife in on the fun, she may start to pick up on all the coded crap at the KH. Just don't tell her what you are doing.

  • Daniel1555
    I love the experience and advice "dissonance_resolved" gave.
  • GodZoo

    If I was in your situation this is what I would do.

    I would stop the witnesses from having any kind of study with or even access to my kids.. If that is not possible due to their mother having custody and control, I would then insist on being present at every study.. and then instead of letting them conduct any kind of Bible study.. I would request that we actually study the whole formation and true history of the witness organisation and its published teachings over the last 130 years; and that right there will be your opportunity to take them completely to pieces and save your children from being swallowed into the cult.

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