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  • umbertoecho

    ANYONE encouraging your child to call them Dad is crossing the line.

    To me that is the most important point at the moment. Don't rescind your' parental rights. This can be so dangerous. You ARE their father. Don't accept this and completely establish that fact to your children lovingly. Then be firm about how much time you will ever allow for people to be with your children.

    Stop the meetings for now. Get advice in some well grounded form. Establish your' right as a father. Children are not to be tampered with by anyone, mentally, emotionally or otherwise. Try to be calm......very calm indeed.

  • dissonance_resolved
    TOTC-Take off YOUR crown. If my children can appreciate satire at such a young age and it helps them see the ridiculousness of what they have been taught, then I'd say I've done a few things right.
  • sparrowdown

    You need to politely but firmly clearly state that you are their father and kick this MS daddy wannabe to the curb, how did you even think that was ok in the first place.

    Stand in front of the mirror and practice saying out loud NO THANKYOU!

  • TakeOffTheCrown

    You're right, it is sick. But it is also what the Bible says and what the WTBTS teaches.

    ...This crazy, sick idea comes only from the Bible...

    To joke about which of one their friends they would like to behead - this is what is sick. Not that it is mentioned in the Bible.

  • sparrowdown
    The crazy sick birthdays = beheading thing is a JW thing. The Bible doesn't say that celebrating b/days will result in a beheading. JW twisted extrapolation.

    The crazy sick birthdays = beheading thing is a JW thing.....Sparrowdown

    The Real Story:

    King Herod divorced his wife and married his 1/2 Brothers Wife..

    John the Baptist condemned the arrangement and wouldn`t shut up about it..

    It was contrary to Jewish law and considered incestuous..

    So John the Baptist was arrested.....And..

    The new Mrs.Herod used her husbands birthday to permanently silence John the Baptist..


    The Birthday Party is "INCIDENTAL"..

    The new Mrs Herod was going to kill "Mr.Can`t Shut the F**K Up" no matter what..

  • sparrowdown

    Outlaw - thankyou, exactly, just don't request some dude's head on a plate for your b/day and everything will be fine.

    Having a head shaped cake would be much tastier.

  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress
    I'm not sure what to do anymore, do I go back and play nice with these idiots all the while trying to plant seeds with my kids?

    Crazyguy, I'm a non-JW (never was one), but I have a JW wife, and kids that she'd love to turn into little JWs. I'd did the 'play nice' bit for the longest time. It probably helped early on, because they saw me as a potential recruit. They would be quick to reassure me that I was 'head of household,' while at the same time, teaching my wife and kids to avoid 'bad associations,' and 'worldly people.'

    Earlier this year, I began showing my 11 year old son, who is pretty internet savvy, some of the news reports about child abuse among JWs. I also showed him the Silentlambs website, with their long list of predators, and their photos. I've also made him aware of the events in Australia. Now, everytime I see him, he asks me if I've got any updates on these events. I've also got him to think critically about the shunning & disfellowshipping. He's stopped by the Disciples of Christ church with me, during the weekdays, when I drop by to say "hi" to Chris, the pastor. My son knows that THEY don't shun & DF, in fact they do the opposite, by going out into the community and helping out. He sees this, and knows that something's up with the JWs. One more thing, there's a nice little Youtube video of a man, possibly a church pastor, standing in front of a JW convention, and calmly asking attendees if they "imitate Jesus." Almost everyone ignores the guy, and walks right by him. My son sees the irony of this too.

    The old saying is, "the best defense is a good offense." I'm not suggesting you go off and join another church, but it'd be good to perhaps introduce yourself to a pastor of one of the more 'mainline' churches (not the fire & brimstone evangelical type). Those guys love to chat about what-would-Jesus-do type stuff, over donuts & coffee, and it would give your kid/s a chance to compare & contrast. One thing my son said right away was, "wow, he's a real nice guy!" His surprise might've stemmed from the fact that, during most of his childhood, he'd been taught that other churches (Christiandom) were bad. Again...I don't PUSH him in my direction, nor am I an active member of that church (Disciples). But after a few friendly visits for coffee with the rev & some of the other members, he can sense the difference ON HIS OWN.

    Another thing that has helped, is having sort of a fraternal band of buddies. If you don't already have a 'crew' outside of J-dub land, then I suggest you get cracking. I know some groups, like the Elks, Moose Lodge, Oddfellows, and especially the Freemasons will f-ing HAVE YOUR BACK. Especially, with this sh1t of an elder trying to be your kid's SURROGATE DAD!!

    That guy needs to be cornered by you and your crew, and told to BACK the F&CK OFF. Catch him on his way out of the supermarket...or the KH, if he's one of the last to leave. No need to get violent, but just you, with a few of your boys there for effect, should have him shaking for a few weeks.

    By the way, I recently told one of the elders, that I knew all about the child abuse problems going on, and that if I found out that MY kids were going out in field service with ANYONE besides their mom, that there'd be serious f&cking consequences.

    So, I'd definitely start to go on the offensive, especially if one of your kids starts to see the light, just a little. That's the time to pounce. It's worked for me so far, and has been alot more effective than playing Mr. Nice Guy.

    Oh...speaking of. That's a good book: "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Dr. Glover. It fits right in with what I've posted here. Even deals with the difficult spouse issue--JW or not. My 2 cents.


    Outlaw -thankyou, exactly, just don't request some dude's head on a plate for your b/day and everything will be fine......sparrowdown

    ..........DON`T "PISS OFF" THE QUEEN..


  • Daniel1555

    Read the book "Raising Freethinkers - A guide to parenting beyond belief."

    It's not easy but you got to teach them to critically think for themselves. You can't do that by aggressively showing them the bible is crap.

    They need to be able to question things, even your own views. When they ask questions, you can help them to find answers with reason outside of jw thinking. But don't be dogmatic too. Make sure that they know that you support them even if they change their beliefs a thousand times. Give them a lot of love. It is a good sign, that your youngest one asks you questions.

    When talking about darwin, you could show them the last sentence of his work "On the origin of species", which shows that his work is not against a belief in god.

    I also have to counteract on the indoctrination my little boy gets from the cult and his mum (we are separated and soon divorced).

    The above mentioned book helps me a lot ESPECIALLY CHAPTER 3. I am sure it will help you too.

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