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  • Giordano

    It was easier for us because my wife and I left together (blood issue and Armageddon) then we had our only child. We raised him without religion especially the JW religion, no Wt publications no home bible study (I did introduce him to the Rolling Stones though Symphony for the Devil was a favorite).

    Told him he would get to choose to participate in a religion or not when he turned 18 until then he could read the bible on his own. Never a WT publication. No sleep over's at my Uber JW mothers or my sisters. Never attend a KH unless it was for a funeral or wedding of a JW family member.

    If your locked into a study because of your wife then you will need to counter the propaganda. Encourage school activities and school sports, clubs............ anything that is character building and offer's good clean fun. Take him to the movies, museum, planetarium etc.

    Go fishing or boating. Have him Invite his non JW friends over too.

    No baptisum until he is at least 18 years old. If you get DFed or DA make sure he knows as a baptized JW not living under the same roof he would be required to shun you.

    Push college.

    Definitely cancel out that bible study if you can or at least replace the nut case Daddy brother.

    Ask for a sister to conduct the study he'll be amused by the hanky on her head when she opens with prayer.

  • clarity

    CrazyGuy.....You sound like you are in a bit of a panic...and I don't blame you one bit. Panic just scatters your thoughts though so try to calm down. Your kids need you to take a stand from a strong position. The only way to do that is make sure of what you are talking about by researching. Lots of good ideas shared over the years here on jwn a goggle search. Just pick a few problem areas and work on your critical thinking...once you've got it, memorize those key points to explain those things to the kids.

    Don't give honest with them but don't always just tell them show them.............Museums etc are excellent ideas! Kids just love fun so be a fun Dad, you don't have to use a heavy hand with them ...joke around, laugh at your self ...ask them how they REALLY feel about all this stuff and be nice about it. You are smart Guy so I am sure this will turn out just fine in the end.

  • Oubliette

    Searcher: Don't compete to control their thinking - just get them to reason for themselves.

    This is great advice!

  • GodZoo
    One of the worst things that can ever happen to a child is to have an absent father. Or even one that is not present enough.
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    Why are you allowing your kids to "study" with anyone at all? To keep the peace? Fuck that, you are handing your kids over to be indoctrinated right under your nose. I think you have seen the light now, but you have got to man up and stop it asap yes even if feelings get hurt, that is only temporary.
  • TakeOffTheCrown
    Anyway I'm about to go postal and aggressively start teaching my kids that the bible is crap and showing them all the mistakes miss-teachings and all the evil that's in the book but I'm not sure if this is the right move. Attacking the fundamental basics of god and all that they have been taught about the idea of a god and his son etc. maybe to much and It may back fire and I may loose them altogether. But not doing anything which is what I have mostly done except with one child is just giving the cult more unabated access to my children's brains and I have to do something but I'm not sure anymore?


    (The above is a partial quote from Crazyguy, please read his entire post)

    You need to seek professional help. What's next? Going postal? Are you going to start killing people too? Like some ex-witnesses (or those raised as witnesses) have done?

    LISTEN, all of you, do not encourage this type of behavior. Otherwise, you may have to suffer the lost of some of your own family members.

  • dissonance_resolved

    I was able to get both of my kids out, despite my husband being all in and continuing to take them to meetings and trying to indoctrinate them. It took two years and constant effort, as in every single day.

    What worked for me was to find out what "their" issues or pet peeves were and then validate those feelings over and over. Trying to prove evolution or things like that was just over their heads and didn't matter to them, so that approach didn't work.

    With my daughter, she thought that the meetings were boring, so even though she had to go with her dad, I validated her feelings. If she came home, I'd ask what the most boring part was and how many times she fell asleep. If they didn't go for some reason, we'd do a little victory dance and then go do something fun instead. She gradually would look for reasons not to go. She's also very social and wanted to keep her friends at school despite being told constantly that they were bad association. So I tried to find ways for her to do fun things with her friends and then we'd talk about whether her JW friends were really "better" than her school friends. I also pointed out what happened to my JW friends when I stopped going to meetings (never heard from them again) and how her school friends would never do that kind of thing just because she had different beliefs. Validating her in these ways led her to be able to trust her other feelings about what she was being taught and she came to her own decision at age 11 that she never wanted to be a JW.

    My son had different issues- he really wanted to celebrate holidays and birthdays and didn't understand or "buy" the JW explanation. Of course, we couldn't openly celebrate anything because his dad wouldn't allow it in the home, but I would talk to him about what it would be like if we could, I.e. What would he want to do for his birthday party and who would he invite? How would we decorate our first Christmas tree? What would he dress up as for Halloween? We joked about which one of his friends we'd have to behead at his birthday party because that's what the bible says happens. It took much longer with him- about two years- before he finally opened up and said that he had never wanted to be a JW and that he wanted me to help him find a way out.

    Unfortunately, the only way out was for my husband and I to separate, which has been difficult for all of us, but the kids are now able to focus on making their dreams a reality and we're going to have really wonderful year of "firsts," including my son's first birthday party at which he recently had a blast with his friends.

    So, I guess I'm recommending meeting them on their level, letting them go at their own pace and constantly validating their feelings so that they know they can come to you without judgment. It was worth the long battle!

  • TakeOffTheCrown


    We joked about which one of his friends we'd have to behead at his birthday party because that's what the bible says happens.
    This is sick! There is no wonder that we see ex-witnesses or those Raised as witnesses committing such atrocities.

    We may be anonymous on-line and able to say whatever we want. But, this kind of speech can cause a lot of harm. It needs to STOP!

  • cantleave
    As "head of the house" exercise your right to study with your own kids. Teach them to think critically and to challenge everything they are taught. Point out some of the fallacies that present themselves in the publications. Ask questions that get them thinking. Have fun!
  • Oubliette

    TOTC: This is sick!

    You're right, it is sick. But it is also what the Bible says and what the WTBTS teaches.

    What you don't seem to get is THE FACT that at millions of birthday parties held around the world every single day, no one gets beheaded.

    This crazy, sick idea comes only from the Bible. Even then, very few--if any--religions other than JWs promote this sick interpretation of Birthdays and the Bible. Come to think of it, I can't name a single other religion that has this sick idea about birthday parties.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

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