Ray Franz was an Idiot

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  • Viviane
    No I'm not. And you are not reading my post in the spirit in which it was intended.
    Your intentions have nothing to do with your lack of information or misplaced certainty.
  • vinman

    I have many friends at work that are not JW's and are not ex-Jw's . What I have seen here is that ex-Jw's are the most screwed up people I have ever met. I include myself. That cult is sick! Critical thinking, critical thinking, critical thinking. I need to use critical thinking to study your critical thinking. My critical thinking is higher than your critical thinking because you believe in God, thus no critical thinking. But you are an atheist thus no critical thinking. Crap! I just don't experience this at work. Common sense rules. Not a fanatical study of critical thinking. Wow!! Yes, I am convinced that the "condition has become worse than the first". Of course, the Watchtower knew that because they are a cult. Signing out everybody. I know, no great loss.

  • Viviane
    The cult is the opposite of critical thinking. I've no idea what your problem is with learning how to think or improving yourself, but you should try it sometime instead of Internet ranting or misusing the word "fanatic".
  • steve2

    Vinman, I feel for the level of criticism your views have received from us since you started this thread. Having not only your views but also your strategy (e.g., sarcasm) criticized is even tougher to endure. So I can understand your need to hit back by making global negative statements about ex-JWs who post here.

    Keep in mind that only a fraction of exJWs who post on this forum have responded to your views in this thread. Critical thinking entails the ability to see how you may have contributed to the outcome and you may be able to learn from this experience without the need to generalize from your thread to how you think all ex-JWs on this forum think. Best!

  • Bonsai
    I didn't know Ray Franz, so I'm not in a position to say he was an idiot or a genius. All I know is he wrote in a humble way and he revealed many many things about the organization that can and were later verified to be true. He helped to pull the curtain on the old man in the wizard of oz - for that we should all be thankful.
  • apostrate

    "Your intentions have nothing to do with your lack of information or misplaced certainty."


    I am a tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant.

    You are an adhesive substance used for sticking objects or materials together.

    What you say rebounds off of me and adheres to you.

    Hey Viv! You and I should team up! We could be the next Sonny & Cher! I do play a little guitar.

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