Nearly Killing My Mother Wasn't Enough !

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  • cantleave
    Sorry to hear the way she has been crapped on by the Borg. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for her.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions


    They can all go to hell.

  • ShirleyW

    I guess it's your mom's house not yours, so that's why they were allowed to come in.

    Makes my blood boil that she had to take her BP in front of them to show how sick she is! They should've been booted straight out on their ass and cursed out.

  • WingCommander

    Know what you should have done with your mom? Deny everything. Demand "two witnesses" to the supposed "transfusions." After all, that's the requirements. Tell them they are slandering your mother AND you.

    Basically, Theocratic Warfare, except in reverse. If they ask how your mother was able to recover so quickly, tell them, "Jehovah provides! It's a miracle!!!!!" Watch their jaws drop open. Put them on the spot, and don't let up. Deny EVERYTHING. It is up to THEM to bring forth the burden of evidence. They have ZERO, merely their own "speculations" as to what "might" have transpired. Hopefully you and your mother haven't already admitted to the transfusions at their "meeting", which I would have canceled before it ever happened. Who the hell do they think they are to demand such anyway? Freakin' basturds!

  • Vidiot

    Dario's right; how'd they find out?


    (On a related note, it's quite the feeling when you get to the point in your fade where you realize that the private details of your life are none of the elders' goddamn business.)

  • flipper

    I believe the best course is to threaten to sue the elders personally if they df you or your mom, or if they continue to harass your mom. It's about the only thing that will get these reptiles' attention.

    It worked for Flipper when they incessantly hassled him some years back.

    When Flip gets home I'll ask him to look at this thread. Maybe he can help with that.

    Wishing you the best - you and your parents deserve some peace.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • cookiemaster
    Thank you everyone for your kind words and for the advice. It was indeed my mother's house and she didn't want to kick them out. I wasn't there anyway, on purpose, because I knew I'd get to angry with them, I'd just kick them out. If it were up to me, I would have denied everything. After all, they don't have access to medical records. Sadly, my mother confessed right from the day she got the transfusion. She's still under the cult's mind spell and thought she was doing the right thing by admitting it. I will most definitely seek to take legal action. I will also take all legal measures possible against this cult. Including bad publicity on the media. Using social media. Posters informing people of the dangers they pose. I will make sure everyone in this area finds out my mother's story and how they almost made her die for their stupid little beliefs. By the time I'm done with them, no sane person will even want to carry a conversation with the members of this cult.
  • flipper

    O.K. Cookiemaster Mr. Flipper here I think I found the Docbob letter on his site I hope this copies and pastes to here : .

    This is the legal letter format I used to overturn my possible disfellowshipping in 2006 . It threatens the local elders with a lawsuit as well as the WT Society from your attorney if they announce that you or your mom are DFed and that you will sue them for slander and defamation of character if they proceed. It's a long read but bottom line is it looks official, gives you clout as from your attorney and you just fill in your names and give it to the elders. Usually they WILL back off, or will be instructed to back off from WT legal. WT legal has enough child abuse lawsuits to shake a fist at - so they probably will drop your mom's case because they don't want to deal with a " tiger by the tail " syndrome. It did work for me- I had my " dfing " overturned and won my appeal.

    Important points to note if you use this letter though are these points that several posters already made here :

    Wing Commander stated " deny, deny, deny. " That is true, your mom can say the doctors forced it on her, or she can just say she was drugged, semi conscious, didn't know it was happening - or just deny it happened. And make the ELDERS supply proof that it happened. Don't admit to anything. Better yet- if you think the elders even HAVE proof- find out where they got their " evidence " . They MAY be bluffing that they know just on the fact that your mom's doing better and just ASSUMING she went ahead and got the blood transfusion. So the doctors may NOT have told them anything. Do your homework. Doc Bob's letter covers the " slander & defamation of character " issue.

    Kaik's suggestion on " reporting it to authorities " is a good piece of advice. I would go steps further than just reporting it to police- I'd report it to an Ombudsman who advocates for fair treatment for older people in your community and then get the Ombudsman working in harmony with the Social Services department in your community banging the drum loudly about these WT elders abusive treatment of your mom. WT Society doesn't like bad PR, so it may make them back off if WT legal finds out.

    Toes Up's suggestion to " put it in writing WHY she's being DFed and send a copy to your familie's attorney " is a VERY important suggestion. Similar advice in Doc Bob's letter - but do this as a preemptive strike before the elders try to meet with your mom. And tell your mom to REFUSE to meet with them at all until you get your legal ducks in a row. And don't meet with the 3 elders in her congregation AT ALL , not until down the road you appeal the decision and are forced to meet with the appeal committee because THOSE elders would be selected from neutral congregations with less prejudice towards your mom. Just some advice. That worked well for me.

    Vidiot's statement that, " it's true that our " private details " aren't the elders business " - Vidiot is correct, it is not the elders business- however- they will continue to MAKE our private lives their business unless we fight fire with fire.

    So these are just some things I wanted to mention having stared down the belly of the WT Society and elders two headed monster before. If you want to chat or talk some more- please feel free to PM me, O.K. bud ? Give our love to your mom my friend, she needs all of true love she can get right now

  • Diogenesister

    I urge you to write to the hospital authority, your MP (or congressman in the US)and your local paper. The more people that know about this sick behaviour the more pressure is brought to bare on the org.

    That is the reason that things like the Royal Commission in OZ happened & the investigation by the charity commission in the UK, the word is out the wtbts is a CULT

  • Sabin

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