Nearly Killing My Mother Wasn't Enough !

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  • cookiemaster
    As some of you might have read last week, my mother had extremely low hemoglobin and without it, she would have died. I have somehow managed to bring her to reason and accept the transfusion. It saved her life. Just a week before she was in the ICU and now she's at home, living a normal life, her condition being easily treatable.

    Of course, she's still weakened and needs time to recover. But how did the bloody elders respond to this situation? Without any regard or consideration, they called her the day after she got out of the hospital and absolutely insisted to meet her. She said she still feels bad and needs some time to recover. But no, they absolutely insisted that they will come on Saturday to talk to her. Without showing any consideration for her health, these bastards told her directly that by receiving a blood transfusion she disassociated from the borg and that they will announce at the KH at the next meeting at she's no longer a JW.

    This is just after she measured her BP in front of them and it was 180/90. The miserable bastards could have killed her. Of course, she was upset and cried for a few minutes. But, later in the day she seemed to not be that upset anymore. I think she's just happy to be alive. The elders said they wanted to talk to me too, as they believe I was the one to convince my mother to receive a transfusion. I refused to talk to them because honestly it would make me so mad that I would probably just yell and curse at the bastards and I'd get disfellowshipped too, which would only upset my mother even more. I'd like to avoid that, considering her current state. The last thing she needs is more sorrow.

    The funny thing is, they didn't give a shit about her after they initially bullied her into signing the papers refusing blood. They just went on with their lives, not caring that she was about to die. They refused to help us raise money to buy her the expensive alternative treatments, saying it's the family responsibility. Honestly, I can't even begin to express how perversely they behaved. They pressured her into choosing death, and when that didn't work they were dissapointed and came to punish her. What a morally filthy death cult.

    After the elders left, I read to both my parents all the reasons why the JW blood doctrine is illogical and false from JW Facts. They both admitted to have never understood the reasoning behind it, saying that "the brothers who came up with this doctrine probably have good intentions but it doesn't make sense that God would punish you for saving your life. The verses talking about blood clearly didn't refer to transfusions".

    With my mother being effectively excommunicated, I don't know if it's a good thing or not. I've always dreamed of getting my parents out of this cult. But I hate how much pain it causes to my mother and I'm afraid that in a few months/years she'll be back in. I was thinking of calling the elders and threatening them with suing them if they announce that my mother is no longer a JW. I thought about creating a media campaign against JWs. I don't want to see my mother following their orders. Why follow their terms. But doing any of these things would probably just upset my mother, and she doesn't need that in her state. So, I don't know what to do for now. But I surely despise this death cult like never before.
  • ToesUp
    It really is incredible how quickly they want to take care of the situation. They just can not wait to make that announcement. I would let them know that they need to put it in writing why she is being DF'd and they need to copy or send a certified letter to your families attorney. See if they have the ba**s to move forward with their bullying. I wouldn't stand for it. If they know they can bully you, they will. Push back. Your poor Mom has been through enough. Her health is the MOST important thing right now. Keep us posted.
  • scary21

    I have followed your story about your mom. My heart goes out to you both. Kicked out of the kingdom for not saving your life, how sick is that ? I am so mad right now. They treated my elderly mom like crap too.


  • SecretSlaveClass
    I feel bad for what the two of you have had to endure at the hands of these oxygen theives. Violence aside, IMO they are as bad as ISIS in the context of causing loss of life and keeping people in check with fear. THEY'RE NOTHING MORE THAN OXYGEN THIEVES!
  • fleshyheadedmutant

    How is your dad in all of this? I hope he is fed up with the JWs and ready to back your mom and get out.

    It would be nice if you could just all get together and have a wonderful celebrate mom day, and at the first opportunity that she feels up to it, take a nice trip or outing, and all of you agree to never mention the WT Society again.

  • purrpurr
    I would make sure everyone in her hall knows what has happened and how she was treated and why she is being DF'd. It might stop some of them from shunning and may get some of them thinking...
  • kaik
    I am not sure if you can file with local police first for endangerment of elderly. It could be criminal what they been doing, and it will give a space for you and your mom for them to back off until she recovers.
  • DarioKehl
    How did they find out again? Medical treatments are confidential.
  • notoneoftheboys
    It has been documented on many sites that the org will not help out financially in a crisis. The billions in assets are not used for this purpose. New drugs are available on the market, but are costly but the org will pass the buck and say the family has this responsibility. When I served on the HLC families of long serving pioneers and others who left entire estates to the org in their will were denied medical treatment because the org refused. They turn a deaf ear when asked for financial help, but can have a JC formed in minutes if someone accepts blood. I used to despair when families asked because the answer was no. Hypocrisy.
  • Ding
    The borg turns human beings into automatons.

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