Nearly Killing My Mother Wasn't Enough !

by cookiemaster 27 Replies latest jw experiences

  • nugget

    So sorry for your mum.. She needs love and support and a chance to fully recover. Elders are so confident of their own authority that their zeal will overcome their common decency. This seems to fit more with the pharisees than the example of Jesus they are constantly stating they follow.

    Jesus didn't punish the woman with the flow of blood who touched him even though she was unclean, he healed her. What your mum required was compassion and if they felt blood was so important then forgiveness and a chance to express repentance if they felt that was required. When faced with a life or death decision how can anyone judge another for the choice they make to live. Your mother deserved a chance to live and be happy, to be cared for when she was sick and to be treated with the kindness her age and frail condition deserve. Men who cannot see that are not motivated by a higher power but by their own Huberis.

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw

    If you reside in the US look into HIPAA (the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and PHI (protected heath information). There may be an angle you can look into here. US healthcare institutions take this stuff super seriously. If they have some sort of lapse they can be fined or lose credentials.

    If those Bastards came into the hospital and coerced or threatened your mom, in her patient room, to explain her PHI, you may have a real case on your hands.

    If they did the same thing at your mom's house, I would at least contact someone associated with HIPAA and start asking some questions.

  • steve2
    It is none of the elders' business. Who informed them your mother had a transfusion? Unless it was your mother, their finding out is a breach of patient confidentiality.
  • Bonsai

    This is the kind of creepshow shit (the elders' conduct) that I want the outside world to see and hear. It's time for this cult to take some responsibility and accountability for its abusive, bullying nature.

    Please send your mother our love and give her a big hug from all of us. She is a living celebration of life!

  • sparrowdown
    Yes, inform your local tv station. It may be of interest to a current affairs program.
  • millie210

    Hi cookiemaster,

    First, Im glad your mom is feeling better! You remain an awesome son in my book and most definitely in hers...

    As for the D.A. Just to get technical for a minute. The latest Elders secret book contains a different way for it to be handled than the book before,

    If the person capitulated in a moment of weakness or is sorry they are NOT to be dealt with judicially.

    Given that, plus the rough way they handled the whole thing, I think you have a really good basis for a law suit if they press ahead.

    You wont actually have to go through with it because once the elders call the Org for direction they will be told to drop it.

    That way it can be up to your mom if she wants to continue her relationship with this organization or not.

    Her choice. As it should be.

  • Daniel1555

    It is sad and a scandal how those elders and this organisation treats your mum and you. But that's their procedure.

    I told them openly that i would accept blood for myself and my son and also the reason why i don't agree with their view of blood. They couldn't df / da me because I did not take blood, just hypothetically told them i would.

    Your experience shows that they have no heart and care only for their bloody rules.

    But why not look at it from a different view:

    You and your mum could take this whole sad experience as a trigger to really leave. In all of this maybe your mum realizes that there is no real love in the org and that their rules are killing people. Show her that she should not feel sorry for surviving. Try to show her that a loving god (not the monster from the bible) would be rather happy that she survived as should all her friends in the congregation.

    Don't fight the disassociation by action. Take it as an opportunity to leave and an example of their disgusting rules.

  • Vidiot

    Authoritarians never want dissenters to just leave...

    ...they also want to be able to kick 'em in the ass on their way out.

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