Revelation 8:8 Is a comet / asteroid heading here soon?

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  • SecretSlaveClass
    Wow how did I miss this thread? I love this guy! He reminds me of an old (probably only 25 yrs old, but cause and effect, ya know?) homless guy who used to drink "homemade" booze by filtering benzine through a loaf of bread jammed into the top of a 2 liter coke bottle. He used to babble constantly about how there was a giant mechanical lion ant following him under ground waiting for him to step off the cement onto dirt so it could ambush him and eat him. Guy used to avoid grass and soil at all costs, no BS! If that homeless guy is still alive these two would would be soulmates!
  • kaik
    Asteroid/comet impacts are going to happen. They will be bad for survival of species. Ozone layer will be blown off, tsunami will sweep continents, and post-impact winter will decimate food supplies. Species will be affected by UV radiation and new generation of mutated flowers and animals will appear. Small size impact happens once every couple thousand years. If we counting mysterious tungsten explosion; were rather lucky, because medium-size impact do happens at least once during life of Humans. Asteroids like the one from 35 millions years ago in Chesapeake bay changed the climate and blown off a ozone layer which affected the spices survival success.
  • prologos

    Asteroid/Comet? that is nothing. On August 21 2017 at ~9.47 am, people in the US will realize that the Earth has fallen, in unstoppable free-fall*- into a black hole. no kidding.

    a long, spiral-shaped black hole, devoid of sunlight. --aka:

    the shadow of the moon, always pointing away from the sun.

    *freefalling in orbit all the time around the sun.

    trust my sources, they are not religious.

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