The Org is terrified of apostates

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  • LisaRose
    Do you really think that the wts is concerned about anything at all? I doubt it. First of all the wts believes that God is leading them and backing them up.

    If they are not concerned with apostates, why do they call them "mentally diseased? And why did they warn the congregations that they will soon hear things in the media that are "apostate lies"? And if the reports in the media are apostate lies, then was there no Royal commission in Australia? Was that not pope Jackson who testified? Do you honestly think they don't care that they have the worst retention rate of any religion? If they aren't worried they are completely incompetent.

    When things are good and there is growth, it means the work is is being blessed.

    Growth is at a standstill, no more than population growth. I guess Jehovah's is not blessing them right now, how sad. Maybe he heard about the child abuse lawsuits.

    When there is persecution or apostasy, it means that Satan is busy and the end is getting closer.

    How close? The Watchtower has been whining about persecution for 100 years, so what makes things any different now? I wasn't supposed to have time for a career in this system of things, that was 45 years ago, I'm retired, but the end is still sooooo close? How can you be that gullible? The Watchtower hasn't been right on any prediction so far, how could you possibly still believe them?

    But whatever the case, the wts believes that God is handling it. So, they are not concerned at all; they do what they can and leave in God's hands.

    If they are not worried, why the sudden sell off of property? Why the cash grab from the congregations? Why are they slashing expenses and getting rid of people? Do you honestly think they are not worried about the numerous child sex abuse lawsuits they have lost or that are in the works?

    . The new generation gb (not charismatic) is challenging for some JW. --Nevertheless all JW believe that God is leading the org.

    Challenging? They are all narcissists that believe they speak for God except Lett, who is just a big fat embarrassment.


    you People..


    There is no "Us" when I post.....Just Me.....OUTLAW

    Thank you for clarifying this point. I guess every time you POST a comment and get a response from your comment by some else, it’s only you. I guess you’ve been making this argument by yourself.....SimonSays

    I`ve never gotten a response "FROM" my Comment,by someone else..

    I`ve gotten a response "TO" my comment by someone else..

    I have no influence over the content of anyone's replies to my posts..

    Anything they say is entirely their own thoughts..


    Unlike a JW Kingdom Hall where every Question and Answer is Provided for You..

    No one varys from the WatchTower Script..There is No Honest Discussion..

    Just Mindless Repetition of Things you`ve Heard a Thousand Times Before..




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  • Phizzy

    The GB and JW Org leaders who pull the strings of the G.B are very concerned about the effect that true knowledge will have on the R&F whose donations pay the bills for their lifestyle.

    An easy way to learn The Truth about the "truth" is to go on Sites like this and elsewhere on the Internet.

    So we see the engendering of fear by using the label "Apostate" for anything negative about the Org.

    This fear is so strong in JW's that they will not discuss any differing point of view, and if they happen to arrive at somewhere like this estimable Site, they are pooping their pants.

    To orchestrate this constantly on-going intense propaganda and mind-control campaign, the Org truly is "terrified of Apostates".

  • Heaven

    Fisherman said: Do you really think that the wts is concerned about anything at all?

    Have you seen their latest videos?

    They know people are going to leave over the pedophilia issue. They also need money because redress is coming... big time.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The only reason the Org would want to stop its members from exposing themselves to any ideas contradicting their policies/doctrine would be to prevent questions being asked. Warning of liars simply doesn't cut it because much of what is out there are NOT lies. If they merely discouraged members from outside research I wouldn't necessarily be lconvinced they were fearful of growing scutiny and exposure but there is ALWAYS a threat of apostasy involved where outside questioning is involved. As far as keeping people away from enemy propaganda goes, the threat of treason is the oldest tactic in the book and you're either blind, stupid, deaf or a child with your fingers jammed into your ears stomping your feet while yelling at the top of the lungs "Not true! Not true! Not true!" if you don't get that. Then again, it's more likely you're just ignoring the obvious because without holding onto the Disneyland dream your life has zero meaning or purpose, in which case I don't feel sorry for you, only embarrassed you're a member of my species.
  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress
    I doubt it. First of all the wts believes that God is leading them and backing them up.

    I'll have to admit, I'm in agreement with Fisherdude on that specific point, that they (WTS) leave it 'in Jah's hands.' I'm thinking that this belief prevails, from the average publisher, all the way up to the GB. That might explain, to some extent, the lack of preparation demonstrated by the various elders and branch personnel who testified at the Australian RC. Having said all that, there must be someone embedded in the Org, perhaps a group of legal advisors, or one of the more educated GB members, who realize that some 'damage control' is needed. Hence, they pull the strings and crank out the anti-apostate literature & broadcasts. That's just my theory, based partly on similar examples throughout history: other religions, totalitarian governments, ect.

  • westiebilly11
    total compliance ..anything else is seen as defiance...
  • steve2

    The thread title is OTT, and, with a few well-reasoned exceptions, most of the posts that have filled up 5 pages have been silly tit-for-tat exchanges. Well, I suppose the thread title pushes people in one direction or the other.

    JW organization "terrified" of apostasy? Concerned maybe, terrified, hardly.

    The biggest threat JW organization faces is membership apathy. It cannot be stated often enough:

    Think of any congregation you have been affiliated with: Conspicuously few leave due to questioning the organization's claims.

    Far, far more people fall away from JW organization due to mind-numbing boredom than to active-brain apostasy.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The biggest threat JW organization faces is membership apathy. It cannot be stated often enough

    I think you're right, Steve!

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  • Vidiot

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi.


    We've come a long way from sandwich-board protests outside Assembly Halls.

    Pretty sure they aren't laughing at us anymore, and you rarely fight someone if, on some level, you're not scared of them.

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