The Org is terrified of apostates

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  • HeyThere

    Looks like 2004 on my phone. Do you have a link to that? Then u can actually see where it's from.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "...since the Pontiff Francis is making the pitch, I guess you would need to email him to let him know that we live in the 21 century."

    I know that you know the significance of what I said. Your quote from Pope Francis has an uncanny resemblance to what I heard in the 1970s.

  • HeyThere
  • SimonSays

    I know that you know the significance of what I said. Your quote from Pope Francis has an uncanny resemblance to what I heard in the 1970s.Village Idiot

    Well I wouldn’t know what to tell you about the Popes busy schedule, and what his intents are with his comments. I know that in 2013 the Conference of Catholic Bishops urged the Pope to allow married Bishops in South America the full rights of Bishop since there was a big shortage, and I believe that was resolved in late 2014. So when he started talking about the witnesses, I don’t know if it was a scheduled event or an urgent meeting.

    Pray Tell: has tracked the story of Bishop Erwin Kräutler’s meeting with Pope Francis about the severe priesthood shortage and mandatory celibacy in Brazil, and Francis’ suggestion that the bishops of Brazil set up commission to make suggestions to Rome for a solution. This has now happened.

    Either way, all religion will be attacked. You know very well. So who has what percent is meaningless. it's about good verses evil. Will see who was right at the end. As you said in a different thread. Something to look forward to in my death bed, right!

  • SimonSays

    Looks like 2004 on my phone. Do you have a link to that? Then u can actually see where it's from. HeyThere

    Here's the link for you verification:

  • berrygerry

    The Org is terrified of apostates

    Am I the only thinking that this is one messed up thread?

    IOW, SimonSays- start your own thread.

  • Oogie
    Wait until they find out that Christianity is nothing more than a fantastical Caesar cult...
  • SG098
    Too cool! One question: did they call you in for not turning in your hours or did you call a meeting with them to let them know?Nice to know you're pursuing a real education and having a great time doing it! Any reason you bothered attending the memorial?

    So, the elders pulled me into the back room on a Tuesday night after the meeting. When the one elder said that, "he will be calling me to record my time." He texted me 2 days later (on Thursday) and asked if I'm ready to turn my time in. I texted back that after much thought, I'm sticking by my original concerns and therefore I will not be turning in my time. He replied back with something but I can't remember what he said.

    As far as why I went to the memorial is because my wife is still a JW. I went to the memorial to make her happy. I'm now an atheist. She knows of my lack of belief and surprisingly our marriage is still good; we just don't talk about religion.

    The elders have met with me at my house a couple months ago trying to get me to comeback to the meetings and they tried to "persuade" me that Jehovah is real (they also know I'm an atheist). God may be real, but as Matt Dillahunty says, God is playing the longest game of hide-and-go seek.

    I did a write up about when the elders met with me a few months ago. You can find it at JW Recovery which is here:

  • HeyThere


    Hats off to you. I think you handled this very well. Definitely showing those who leave wtbts are not "foaming at the mouth" and for one of the elders to bring up Beth sarim...well, wow.

    When I had my last "study" with the sisters I was studying with, one of the past wt teachings I mentioned that did not sit well with me was how black people would turn to white people when they were "perfected" in the "new system." I read to them the actual quote. A bit later, the sister leading the study excused herself to go to the bathroom, and the other one told me, in nearly a whisper, "I would like to read that and see what that was all about!" We started to discuss a bit further when the bathroom door opened and she quickly changed the subject. Clearly, she didn't want to share her interest in finding out more about my research while lead sister was in the room.

    Such an atmosphere of fear.

  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress

    Simon, what seems to elude you is the big picture, which is: that one of your holy, Jehovah-channeling governing body 'popes' was summoned by the Australian government. He appeared before thousands in a live broadcast, squirming, blithering, glancing at his watch, licking his lips (dry mouth is a physical sign of lying), and overall trying to defend the indefensible. He tells justice McClellan that he is there "to assist the Royal Commission." Bu11shite!! He was SUMMONED.

    Pope Francis, on the other hand, was at least smart enough to admit, soon after his appointment, that he had a problem on his hands. He is now willingly cooperating with authorities to hold the abusing priests accountable, and to enact preventive reforms to keep these sickos away from kids.

    I'm neither a Catholic nor a Jehovah's witness, though if I had to choose one over the other, as an outsider, it wouldn't be a hard choice.

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