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    Kismet: I agree. You have inadvertently paraphrased my posts on this.

    PopeOfEruke: I agree.

    hillary_step wrote (emphasis mine):

    .. the most important issue, which both supporters and non-supporters of Bill seem to have a problem grasping. Bill seems to me to be a decent man who thinks with his heart and not his head, I suspect that is why he has been able to achieve so much more than many others in the past in bringing the problem of the abused children within the JW religion to a wider audience.
    Bill is a boiler-room man

    Well, hillary, I didn't have any problem grasping this, and my post earlier in this thread says all of this. And perhaps I was a step ahead of you when, ten weeks ago, I penned in :

    Of course Bill is often pushy and has a bandwagon to induce people to jump on to.
    Of course Bill is now a showman.
    Of course Bill now is melodramatic.
    He needs to be.
    He has to be.
    He MUST be.
    He has activated the press and international media like no one else before him.
    Without being a melodramatic, aggressive showman, he would not have got their attention.
    Yep. The name "Silentlambs" helped.
    Bill has damaged the Watchtower more than Franz ever did. Whatever either of their intentions may have been.
    Explains some things? Perhaps, perhaps not.
    And this is despite the fact that Ray Franz, quite evidently, is more articulate and "studied" than Bill. And probably more intelligent (which is not in any way to suggest that Bill is unintelligent)
    But the key is: Is Bill basically speaking the truth?
    That is the question.
    I hold that Bill is.
    [Ray] is IMO:
    (a) more learned
    (b) more authoritative
    (c) more restrained and much less melodramatic
    (d) much, much less of a showman
    (e) a better writer
    (f) better presented
    (g) more effective, in his gentle works of text, with wavering dubs
    (h) old; much older (and so finding it more difficult to adjust his thinking on a major issue now, perhaps?), with such respect that this must here command,
    (i) probably more kind
    (j) possibly more humble
    than Bill

    And at I wrote :

    Bill and Ray are very different persona. One is a crusader and showman, the other reflects and chooses his words with enormous care. One is a man of physical action and energy, the other (even when much younger) one of mental agility and calm, armchair rebuttals - a man of words. One values tact, form and discretion, and one believes they have their place.
    If Bill was not Bill, he would not have got the media rolling as he did. He gave them the soundbites, not essays as Ray, or I (and I dare say you) might have. He K.I.S.S.'d it for them, as they needed it.
    Bill sometimes chooses the wrong words (possibly trying to oversimplify or to dispense with "formalities"). Had he used "expositor" instead of "author", what would you now say, Carl? Perhaps to Bill there was but a small difference therebetween. To men who set store in their precision of expression - men such as Ray, and some others, including (blush) perfectionists such as myself - there is, of course, a whole world of difference.

    And I too have described Bill as a simple "heart" person. This is no criticism of Bill. It is what helped him achieve what he did. As I believe you, hillary_step, fully realize.

    Depersonalization of Silentlambs is hard for Bill. It is Bill's baby. But it must happen, and the sooner the better.

    Trauma: I understand you have just revealed on a public board your interpretation of part of the contents of a private email Bill sent to you. Am I correct in understanding this?

    RevMalk: While I realize that you are hurt, I counsel you also to sit on your hands for a while rather than post on about this tonight or in the morning, and write things you might later regret. Emotions are evidently and understandably running high.

    (Peace A Chance? Class)

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  • Dia

    This letter should be shortened and tidied up and sent to major newspapers around the country as an open letter to the WTS or to the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Very nice. Way to go!

  • RevMalk


    I've been sitting on my hands for weeks. I think most will agree that I have shown professionalism in these regards. There just comes a time when enough is enough. While I understand and agree with your comments, I'd also like to note that this hasn't happened to you, so it's real easy for you to say that. What I mean by that is I've been put in this position of not really knowing when to speak or whether I should speak about this. On one hand one could say that my silence is hurting me, and others might say the opposite. Believe me, I receive several contrary opinions in my email box daily.

    The point still remains, for a person who is supposedly working for abuse survivors, are these things ethical? Are they helping or hurting?

    Is silentlambs going in the right direction? I think it's gotten a bit off course, but not so far that it can't be corrected. But who's going to correct it? And what happens if no-one does? I'm merely asking questions and giving my opinion because I care. I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't.

  • hillary_step


    Well, hillary, I didn't have any problem grasping this, and my post earlier in this thread says all of this. And perhaps I was a step ahead of you when, ten weeks ago,

    As some readers of this Board may be aware I have been singing the same song for a lot longer than ten weeks!

    I am not terribly interested in the Bowen / Franz affair, Bill has the right to free speech and can criticize whom he so wishes, as long as he is understandable of the fact that not all may agree with him. Likewise his targets have every right to respond as they see fit. Like yourself however, I fear that a fragile gem might be swept down the gutter of time by a wave of rancour if SL fails to act in a professional and dignified manner.

    Best - HS

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  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Hi everyone,

    Trauma Hound said:

    Here's a fact, I asked Bill, for information about the bylaws and the BOD of silentlambs, he's danced around the subject, for the last couple of weeks, still hasn't told me, and silentlambs isn't a registered charity with the State of Kentucky, I checked they're website. The Kentucky Attourney General suggests not doing work with a charity, that won't give you this kind of info, including finacial statements. The questions I asked were legitimate questions to ask to a charity, before donating whatever to them.

    I wanted to make sure that the charity is legit, before continuing any more work.

    Bill Bowen asked me to post the following information in reply to questions about the's Non-Profit Status:

    2420 HWY 68 W
    BENTON, KY 42025

    Program / Activities: Child Abuse, Prevention of

    Financial Info

    This organization files an IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ.

    EIN: 61-1391127

    Ruling Year: 2001

    As a condition of using this site, you agree to follow GuideStar's policies, including the policy that any resale of this information or use for commercial gain is prohibited, except in accordance with a GuideStar licensing agreement.

    Click the link below for the internet listing.

  • reubenfine

    Damn, that's one helluva an internet link! It must be 6 times longer than any link I've ever seen!

    For what it's worth, my opinion is that BB suffers from dementia. Who in their right mind would continue sending these kinds of letters to the GB? The first letter to the GB was ok, but to continue writing to the GB isn't worth the electrons needed for it to show it up on the monitor let alone print it out at this point. It gets him attention is all I can figure. Continuing to drag Ray Franz into it is ridiculous and only further alienates many here who would support him. Is BB helping abuse victims by writing letters to the GB? Obviously not. Is continuing to drag Ray Franz into it helping abuse victims? Obviously not. So WHY IS HE DOING IT? Dementia is the only logical conclusion for me.

    Time to go pop some corn.

  • ozziepost

    Why does so much happen while I'm away from my desk?? So now old Ozzie has to read four pages. Oh well, the reisling helps on a hot day!

    I read through the initial post from Undisfellowshiped with the report on SL News Release and the letter to the Governing Body and have to say, well it's right, but ain't it a tad too long! When you read the letter to the GB, well, I don't think thier attention span would be up to it.

    At one time I taught communications at college and if there's one thing I used to emphasise it was "Keep it simple, keep it short".

    The tome should simply identify what the writer wants, and how. Yeah, I know, it does, but couldn't less words have been used?

    As to whether it will have any effect on the Borg, I have my doubts. This is not the way to deal with them, even if we think we can 'reform' them.

    I don't wish to comment on the contentious issue raised here. I do have an opinion though and, of course, my friends know what it is. However I don't want to "fan the flames"; it will serve no purpose, it helps no-one.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • NewLight2


    That information that BB had you post is just another way of "dancing the two-step".

    Why does BB refuse to DELGATE the control of SL Org. to a Board of Directors?

    Why must BB be the ONLY BIG CHEESE in the factory?

    Why does BB NEED TO CONTROL every aspect of the SL Org?

    These are the questions that BB needs to answer publicly. No one is implying that BB is making money from the SL Org. But that is what the information you just posted seems to be trying to refute.


  • jst2laws

    Man I hate to see these things. Seems like the rare times I speak up on this subject I suggest we move on and focus on helping the survivors. I am glad to see a lot of people saying the same thing this time.


    I appreciate your thoughts and would have a difficult time finding anything of which I could disagree. Please email me.


    I feel hope for the future when I see you come back with your balanced and wisdom.


    You know I understand your frustration. Overall your patience will has been for the good of all.


    Good to hear from you. We need to make that phone call some day.

    We do have a sad and potentially harmful situation if it is approach in a wrong manner. I hope we can stay focused on the right issues. Is there not some way the great minds on this board could work together in behalf of the survivors of abused?


  • UnDisfellowshipped

    NewLight2 said:


    That information that BB had you post is just another way of "dancing the two-step".

    I really don't have any idea about what has been said recently about the's Charity or Non-Profit Status -- I simply posted it because Bill asked me if I didn't mind, he would like me to post it on here for him.

    Why does BB refuse to DELGATE the control of SL Org. to a Board of Directors?

    Why must BB be the ONLY BIG CHEESE in the factory?

    Why does BB NEED TO CONTROL every aspect of the SL Org?

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but I read in a few different Newspaper Articles that Barbara Anderson is a Co-Founder of and Partner of Bill Bowen.

    Also, Bill has stated that he has "advisors" who have "been with him since the beginning".

    So, I don't think he is controlling everything all by himself.

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