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  • Simon

    I think we need to consider how organisations work:

    Yes, individual people do things within the organisation, some big, some small, but it is the organisation that is responsible for what it does and what it's employees do in it's employ.

    Do we think that the laws in our country are the responsibility of the individual who types them out or drafted them? No - they are the responsibility of the government who instructed someone to draft them and then ok'd them.

    I've heard about this Board of Directors of SL that sometimes things are discussed with but othertimes seem to be ignored or forgotten. I think more openess would be better and am surprised that details are not more forthcoming.

  • IslandWoman


    I know you didn't say you agreed with it, that's why I did not address the post to you directly but I tried to address the sentiment.

    As for "gods" I think both of the so called sides of this issue can be accused of idolatry but in reality it's not men any of us follow but causes or views!



    Your hot air is beginning to stink. Put a cork in it.

  • waiting

    Actually, I think Focus is making great comments about Bowen. And you have no idea how much it pains me to type that.

    A little harsh on IW, however.


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  • Kismet

    Interjecting a moment here...

    First, Bill has a laudable objective, that of changing Society policy. His methods are bullish (as in china shop). He has taken the most expedient path and has primarily focussed on those Lambs who will roar and can advance his media and legal objectives. Those lambs that must remain silent or who just cannot roar at this time are pushed aside. This same bullish path has led him to make some regrettable statements that have hurt the Silent Lambs cause but most importantly has hurt individual lambs as a result.

    Does this make him evil? No. He is a simple man from Kentucky, not a Wall Street spin-doctor. He has done remarkably well despite his lack of training as an activist. But he needs to be made aware that he has hurt some lambs in the process. That knowledge will hopefully cause him to think before making further poorly worded or ill-prepared press releases.

    To pick him apart also falls into the category of poor judgement or poorly thought out speech. Very little is accomplished by ripping apart the man. Correcting him or pointing out errors however is important, It is the constant nattering at such errors is inappropriate IMO.

    That said, I think Bill did err in both his press release and newsletter. Please view this as it is intended as constructive advice not as trying to attack Bill.

    The information Bill mentioned in his newsletter regarding the Canadian show was not to be released at this point in time.

    The 'Dateline fiasco' was not limited to JWD and one would have thought Bill would have learned from that lesson. The producers have asked all involved that not even the name of the show be publicized at this point or at least until a firm airdate has been made. I am very disappointed that the producers requests were ignored, not exactly conducive to future relations.

    Bill is doing some good work, but it should be clear to survivors of abuse that unless they are willing to speak up and be heard, they do not fall into Bills primary agenda.

    It is my NSH opinion, that survivors do not need to feel added pressure for them to speak up, but that such roaring should only be done when the survivor is ready and if it is conducive to their own well being. Survivors of abuse usually have to cope with enough wrongly placed feelings of guilt without guilt-trips being put on them for not speaking up.

    Those lambs who are just finding their voice or who cannot speak up or chose not to, are better to find outside sources of support such as are available through RAINN and not through a group whos primary goal is trying to change a Cult/religion/sects policies. (See info on RAINN below)

    I wish Bill all success in his objective to change the policy of the Borg. I hope it works, I really do. It may just protect potential future victims if he succeeds and the publicity being made thusfar has warned not just a few people of the potential danger within the 'spiritual paradise'. For that a deserved well done to Bill is in order.

    1-800-HOPE RAINN operates the nation's only toll-free hotline for survivors of sexual assault. The hotline is operated 24 hours a day, and routes each call instantaneously to the rape crisis center nearest the caller by reading the area code and prefix of the caller's telephone number. All centers on the network provide counselling and support, and each call is confidential. RAINN's office is located at 252 Tenth Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002. Business Phone: (202) 544-1034. FAX: (202) 544-1401 Other numbers of interest: NATIONAL VICTIM CENTER703-276-2880 NATIONAL WOMEN'S LAW CENTER202-328-5160 WOMEN'S BUREAU1-800-827-5335
    Many of the state agencies have counselling services, provide legal referrals and advocacy, operate community education programs and offer support groups. For more information, contact RAINN's office or their national hotline.

  • Trauma_Hound

    The problem being, Bill has, had people telling him he's messing up. Let's just say I have more experience running a non-profit org, then he has. Years at a PBS station, being on the BOD of a 501 (3) (c) for a few years. He doesn't have any grant writers, that I know of (This can be potentially a good source of income for the org). He doesn't seem to listen to people that have the experience in this kind of thing, and that's what's really frustrating me.

  • Mulan

    Good grief, here we go again.

    I wish Bill would get over it, already!!!!

  • RevMalk
    Trauma: His last response to me in e-mail was telling me to investigate Matt aka Revmalk, even though I didn't mention him, because he's now accusing Matt of being a criminal, with a record. What does that have to do with anything, I wasn't talking about Matt at all.

    This is really starting to upset me. Day in and day out I have these same reports, and for the sake of the cause I have been trying my hardest to keep my mouth shut. I've had it with Mr. Bowen. When I discussed this with my personal attorney, he said to go after the guy. I said no, it's not good for the cause. But Bill is backing me into a corner, and if I hear one stinking more report of this kind I WILL come out swinging, so if anyone cares to let Mr. Bowen know this in advance, I'd suggest getting ahold of him ASAP. He's slandered, libeled and defamed my name, and I will stand for it no longer.

    I also invite anyone who wishes to investigate me in whatever way you wish, to do so. Hell, email me and I'll give you whatever information you'd like to get you started. I am NOT a criminal, I DO NOT HAVE A RECORD, and I certainly don't appreciate the accusations day by day. Bill is a hurtful man, he's lost his sanity, and he is no good for this cause, point blank. Any man who publicly defames the name of anyone, let alone an Abuse Survivor is just as bad as the Watchtower, maybe worse. I might get slammed plenty for this, but you people have to know that I have been very reserved over this issue under the circumstances, and I'm at the end of my rope. How can any one of you stand by and allow this to happen to one person after another? Some of you say "Well, we can overlook it because he's done so much good..". Let me tell you something, no good comes from this, no good can grow out of a foundation of deceit and lies. You can all mark my words, he WILL destroy this cause. Not just silentlambs, but the entire cause. Realize that he is paving the way in the public eye, so what are you going to do, sit by and watch him destroy everything we've worked so hard for? Are you going to allow him to destroy the years of work that others have done way before he came into this picture? If he's allowed to continue this way, he will ruin everything, and there will be no cause. No-one will take anyone serious that comes behind him.......all will be lost. At the expense of being unpopular, this needed to be said. You people that eat this up are going to be just as guilty as he is. Take control of this situation, and do it now, before it's too late.

    By the way, for anyone who still speaks to the guy, can someone ask him why he'd send me a certified letter that contains nothing? Meaning an empty certified envelope.

  • plmkrzy

    edited because






    what's the point

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  • Englishman

    I don't think that I am the only one who is starting to feel concerned over Bills state of mind.


  • hillary_step


    The problem being, Bill has, had people telling him he's messing up. Let's just say I have more experience running a non-profit org, then he has. Years at a PBS station, being on the BOD of a 501 (3) (c) for a few years. He doesn't have any grant writers, that I know of (This can be potentially a good source of income for the org). He doesn't seem to listen to people that have the experience in this kind of thing, and that's what's really frustrating me.

    Thank you for mentioning the most important issue, which both supporters and non-supporters of Bill seem to have a problem grasping. Bill seems to me to be a decent man who thinks with his heart and not his head, I suspect that is why he has been able to achieve so much more than many others in the past in bringing the problem of the abused children within the JW religion to a wider audience.

    Bill is a boiler-room man and has worked himself to the bone getting the engine of a huge ship pulsing and working, but he needs a professional crew to steer the boat lest it runs aground. Silentlambs needs to be depersonalized and structured along the lines of any other legal, not-for-profit entity. I fear for its future if it does not.


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