News from Bill Bowen!

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  • hamptonite21

    Very Well said, thank you Simon!

  • hamptonite21


    Once again I appeal to you and ask, what are you doing to help abuse victims?


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  • MegaDude


    There wasn't one single intelligent or thoughtful reason to put Ray Franz's name in that letter.

  • Trauma_Hound

    I don't really see why ray was put in there either.

  • Prisca

    Bill Bowen's mention of Ray Franz was unnecessary. The books Ray Franz wrote, or oversaw the writing of, were not written specifically with child abuse in mind. Ray has stated before that he was writing in view of what the Scriptures said, and their interpretation of them.

    To me, it looks like Bill Bowen is bringing in Ray's name as a cheap shot.

    This should be about the silent lambs, not silentlambs aka Bill Bowen.

  • Mary

    I don't think Ray actually meant to say he thinks Ray Franz is the apostate that the Society makes him out to be, but rather, I think the comment was made with tongue-in-cheek. After all, we all know full well that we're all "apostates" for visiting this board, right? I think the statement was made to show what a bunch of hypocrites they all are. After all, if they're going to follow the advice of an "apostate" like Ray Franz, then I guess Ray Franz wasn't really an apostate after all right?

    While I think Bill's letter was well written, I don't think it's going to have the slightest effect on the Governing Body. They know exactly what they're doing, they know full well that Bill and many others are not lying about sexual abuse and cover-up within the Borg, but they simply don't give a damn. Appearance and money mean far more to them than the suffering of innocent children or faithful Witnesses who have been guillotined by the same blade...........

    The only thing that will force change is the continual exposure and continual lawsuits against these pricks. Eventually, if they don't change their policies, they'll either have to start selling off some property (LOL!) to pay the lawsuits, or face continual harassment from both former Witnesses and people at the doors.

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  • hamptonite21

    I have to agree with you guys on bringing in rays name, but at the same time his is doing something no one else is, and doing it with effectiveness. For that he deserves a clap

    Of the-doing something for the abuse victims-class

  • Simon

    True hamptonite21

    It's easy to find odd things we disagree with but the fact is he's out there, "making it happen" ... well worth remembering.

    Still, I think peer review is useful and if done correctly can help.

  • Trauma_Hound

    Here's a fact, I asked Bill, for information about the bylaws and the BOD of silentlambs, he's danced around the subject, for the last couple of weeks, still hasn't told me, and silentlambs isn't a registered charity with the State of Kentucky, I checked they're website. The Kentucky Attourney General suggests not doing work with a charity, that won't give you this kind of info, including finacial statements. The questions I asked were legitimate questions to ask to a charity, before donating whatever to them.

  • waiting

    Focus actually makes a Fine Insight. cough. cough.

    Bill has repeatedly said that getting the Watchtower to CHANGE ITS POLICY ON REPORTING AND DEALING WITH CHILD SEXUAL-ABUSE within the Borg is what Silentlambs wants. Not the destruction of the WTS, the victory of "apostates", etc. ...

    But the Silentlambs goal is to remove the additional barrier that the WTS places on child victims of sexual abuse...

    And if the Watchtower makes this change, does it matter if "they" jump up and down and clap and say "We won!"? -focus

    Interestingly enough - Bowen has offered the WTBTS the possibility of an Easy Out, but which still would help the JW children, which would be the point?

    "We didn't write it - that apostate Franz wrote it! Since we just realized that - we're going to change our way of doing things to help our children who we've always loved. We weren't wrong."

    "I never had sex with Monica." Clinton (paraphrasing)

    lol, politicians and preachers.

    Now, as for Franz? Nobody who likes/cares/near idolizes him will buy it. The man's just good, imho. I respect him. *Worldly* people never heard of him - never will & don't care. I doubt if he can be legally touched because he was just a writer & a part of an organization which dumped him. Besides, he never really had anything specifically to do with child abuse issues - never even heard of all his decades of WatchtowerWorld.

    Before I get jumped hard..........don't necessarily agree, but it's nonetheless interesting.


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