News from Bill Bowen!

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  • onthego

    Again, thanks, Bill and Friends!

    The divide-and-conquer, laugh it away ploys are Watchtower "Theocratic Warfare" tactics that won't work here.

    You're going down, Watchtower fanatics, fast....! As JW rank-and-file become more aware, more will quit your pedophile paradise. Besides, you secretly being a Non-Government Organization in the U.N. for ten years was also hypocrisy.

  • Simon

    It is a shame that the Ray Franz stuff has been dragged up again and included. I think it is unnecessary and detracts from the message as well as giving the WTS a huge 'get of of jail free card':

    If I were the WTS, I would be jumping up and down clapping and phoning Bill up to say "yes, yes ... we'll blame it all on Apostate Ray !!". Look - they get rid of silentlambs and apostates in one fell swoop !

    I think this is an ill-thought-out brainchild of someone who has convinced Bill that it's a good idea but I don't think it really helps Silentlambs.

  • Focus

    wasasister and MegaDude:

    Ray Franz

    While I would not have brought Ray's name into the communication, here are some thoughts:

    (a) IMO, BB is writing for and to the world at large, NOT to the "in" community. The world at large, which is being warned about the nature of the Watchtower Cult, has pretty much never heard of Ray Franz. CoC/ISOCF are not best-sellers, You Know...

    (b) Please read the use of Ray's name IN THE CONTEXT EMPLOYED. BB is not attacking Ray: he is attacking the WTS. By mentioning that Ray is their most famous "apostate", quite OTOH Bill's words suggest to the general reader that Ray (long ago a proponent, though not the originator, of the policy whose absurd application has caused so much grief) NO LONGER supports the said policy (when rigidly applied even in such cases). Therefore this is not some fresh attack on Ray.

    (c) As is clear from the tone and content of the communication, Bill does not think much at all of the Borg. This is apparent to virtually every reader. Therefore referring to someone as an "apostate" from it in the same material is a compliment to that person.

    Please read in context!

    This said, I strongly counsel Bill to refrain from bringing Ray's name into this issue any more. He is an old man; he has stood a lot, and he did finally respond to that inner voice, forsaking pretty much everything in a material sense. Ray deserves a lot of respect. Rightly or wrongly, Bill, your words are being used to portray you as someone either jealous of Ray, or resentful of Ray, or contemptuous of Ray, or who wishes to cajole or coerce Ray into a course of action which, however desirable, he is unwilling to take. For this reason, you should stop doing this.

    And I would dearly wish to see a new edition of CoC with an additional chapter entitled "Interpreting rules with mercy and common sense" or the like...

    (Anti-"Heroes" Class)

  • Simon

    onthego: You sound very much like nancee park. I hope you are not going to start spamming or making repeating accusations as though they are proven facts. Yes, we want to hold the WTS to account for what they do and make them change how they treat people but this is not some 'jihad' that we're on.

  • Michael3000

    Poor Bill Bowen. It's a shame that someone who has the drive to start something with a good cause such as Silent Lambs has all the skill, tact and thinking of the Watchtower's worst presidents in time past. His stupid blunderings will come back and hurt not only Bowen's effectiveness, but the cause of those molested victims. I wonder when Bill will wake up and realize it's about the silent lambs, not about his ego.

    And comments like this are supposed to help the situation, Megadouche Megadude?

  • waiting

    Hello Onthego,.

    Bill asks why the Gov Body doesn't correct its policy. The answer appears to be that some of them themselves have been sexual predators. Pat Garza has said Ted Jarasz of the Gov Body molested her and others while a District Overseer in Los Angeles .

    Now if I could stop the damned red! Nancee Park, eh? Btw, changed all the bold to regular. Too much bold is just hard on the eyes, ya know?

    There are several reasons why the GB "doesn't correct it's policy."

    • It would cost the WTBTS millions upon millions to just correct it publicly. The victims/survivors & families would start to come forth much more so than now. They are Legion.
    • To *correct* or have New Light about a way of handling their own molesters would suggest that there was an *incorrect* way of handling in the past. Again, money talks.
    • The more the world watches.............the more the WTBTS will clamp down, at least publicly. If the WTBTS loses enough millions, they just might do some *correcting* - just like the Catholic Church has done.

    red waiting

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  • hamptonite21


    Why are you so angry? Are you doing anything to fight for abuse victims?

    I'm not saying I agree with the style of BB communication, It is sometimes down right harsh, Altough I am thankful that someone has stepped up to the plate to support this cause. You are very critical, I was wondering with you library of opinions on how this issue should be handled- when are you exactly starting an org. to help abuse victims. If you are not, try keeping your trap shut, You look like a pschyo stalker- looking for opportunity to dig at bill any chance you get.

    As for him putting himself in place Of Jah, that one is a little far fetched. I hope your new year brings you less anger.

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  • Focus

    Simon wrote:

    If I were the WTS, I would be jumping up and down clapping and phoning Bill up to say "yes, yes ... we'll blame it all on Apostate Ray !!". Look - they get rid of silentlambs and apostates in one fell swoop !


    Bill has repeatedly said that getting the Watchtower to CHANGE ITS POLICY ON REPORTING AND DEALING WITH CHILD SEXUAL-ABUSE within the Borg is what Silentlambs wants. Not the destruction of the WTS, the victory of "apostates", etc.

    And I think this is right.

    He may have personal goals that are in addition to the above. But the Silentlambs goal is to remove the additional barrier that the WTS places on child victims of sexual abuse (additional, that is, to all the barriers in place outside, which themselves permit many active pedophiles to continue their nefarious activities undetected), period.

    And if the Watchtower makes this change, does it matter if "they" jump up and down and clap and say "We won!"?

    Bill is simply being consistent with the Silentlambs causa. Victims, and prevention of there being avoidable future victims, first.

    He has to walk a tightrope. He can be more easily discounted by the WTS as being "yet another disgruntled apostate".

    Cut him some slack, please.

    I am truly tired of the in-fighting on this matter. The hours of Dateline and Panorama has hit the WTS harder, in percentage terms, than anything since W.F. Salter - and that was an awfully long time ago. But that is not my beef.

    Bill is a showman, may be somewhat prideful at times, absolutely lacks tact and diplomacy, IMO impetuously acts without thinking things through fully (but has many loads to bear, so I shall not cast stones), and does not have Ray's way with words - or Ray's accurate and delectable choice thereof. BIG DEAL! Some of these "qualities" are exactly those which permitted Bill to break through into the media, against the predictions of many of the Jonah Class here and elsewhere. As far as I am concerned, Bill's heart is in the right place - as is Ray's - and that is of paramount importance. Which is more than I can say for a few other "true apostates".

    And he doesn't lack guts either.

    (Silentlambs Class)

  • Simon

    I just don't like seeing blame laid at people's door who I don't think deserve it.

    I still think it is a bogus claim and ill thought out and at best 'irrelevant'. What does it matter who penned it ... it was created for them, by them, and followed by them. Why the need to try and lay it at Ray Franz's door?

  • IslandWoman

    Focus you wrote:

    What nature of infernal creature is it that we are dealing with?

    And: Why does Bill's work SCARE you so much, IslandWoman?

    Did you burn when the Dateline and Panorama shows were aired?

    What is it with you? I disagree with you so now I am no good? Ted Jaracz is that you?

    You act like a paranoid individual and I feel sorry for you.

    You act like a cat that needs stroking otherwise it scratches out eyes and I continue to feel sorry for you.

    Yes, I disagree with you Focus. It is likely I will continue to disagree but I do not view you as someone who would align themselves with anyone who supports the pedophile policy simply because we disagree, as you just did with me. You are acting like a child and as long as you do I will treat you as one.

    I will continue to post what I feel is true as long as Simon allows me to and as long as my husband allows. What you think is immaterial and will never influence me one way or the other.


    Edited to add a reply to Hamptonite because I fear I am running out of available posts:

    Hamptonite you wrote:


    Why are you so angry?

    I am not angry. You mistake disagreement for anger. What I have written on this thread has nothing whatsoever to do with any emotion, only opinion. Furthermore, I am not the only one on this thread that has stated some disagreement or disappointment in the latest letter from Bill Bowen yet you single me out.

    Please, spare this privilege!



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