Spirit in my house?

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  • Sirona


    Just thought I'd share with you some wierd happenings in my house....

    I woke up one morning to see the figure of a young boy standing looking at me. He was there for a split second then vanished. I wasn't afraid - it was just sort of wierd. He was standing as though his feet were on the floor but I couldn't see his legs because he stood where the bed was, to the side of me (sort of I could see his torso coming through the bedsheets, LOL). I went back to sleep. Although a ghostly encounter would frighten me normally, I've had many wierd interactions with ghosts and on this occasion things seemed ok.

    Then my TV keeps switching off on its own. Wierd. I got Sky - maybe its the sky box...but it switches off entirely so I have to get up and press the on/off button. Anyone else had this problem with sky?

    Yesterday sitting in the lounge I hear a crash in the kitchen. I'd left the ironing board up and it was knocked right over. This has never happened before.

    Then my boyfriend was sitting in the lounge and suddenly jumped up, saying "someone touched my leg". he looked under the seat for one of my cats but they were not there.

    So OK, here's the thing. The day after that I heard that the old man next door had died.

    This is all just silly stuff that could be explained away by many explanations, and honestly I'm not sure what to think of it myself. Somehow I don't think it would be the old man from next door.

    Any ideas? Do you believe?


  • Robdar

    Interesting story, Sirona. Sounds like typical poltergeist activity to me. Are there any teenagers in the house?

    Of course, the ironing board getting knocked over was probably the cats. Mine do it all the time.

    Let us know if anything else comes up.

    Robyn, of the I used to not believe and now I do class.

  • shera

    I'm a believer! I have had many experinces all my life.Even if I didn't want to believe,I have no choice but to.

  • nativenyr23

    Cool Sirona!!! Keep us advised if the activity increases any!!! i'm so interested in this type of thing. Wonder who the boy was?? might ask neighbors about previous residents. I would.

    Did u just move there? or have you lived there a while and it just started up?

  • nightwarrior

    Anything is possible,

    cant give any explanations as to why or how you saw it but,your boyfriend felt it ,

    were you dreaming when you suddenly woke up ,or do you have a fancy for a young choir boy singing you awake,standing at the middle of your bed ( as in alarm ), funny though women allways see men & men always see women

    do recolect that spirits are allways conected to televisions ,seems to be something you will have to live with if you try really hard next time fix an image in your mind & insted of a young boy,ELVIS might rock your house,or ottiss redding,


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  • ISP

    I've had a lot of spirits in my house recently........haha...there were all in bottles.

    Seriously though, I don't believe in this sort of stuff.....surprise surprise......I've had no encounters!!!!!!!!

    Best wishes for the New Year Sirona!!!


  • rem

    Nah, spirits and ghosts are too plausible and boring... why not space aliens? Maybe and adolecent Bigfoot got trapped in your house somehow and it's beeing a little pest? Hmm... maybe that's too wacky.

    I love how people always take perfectly explainable things and then come up with the wildest, most unlikely explanations.


  • freedom96

    I had a ghost in my house growing up, so I know they exist. It never harmed me, nor did anything around the house, except float around, go through walls, and sometimes look at us.

    It is weird, but I will not disbelieve.

    Remember to yell out Jehovah's name, and they will all go away!

  • unclebruce

    Well Sirona,

    I'd say you have some homework to do. I was a total sceptic till things started going bump in the night (and bump during the day and things disappearing and reappearing and visitors being freaked by stuff even though i hadn't said a word about what happens in my patch of ancient forest. Are my neighbours and my visitors and me crazy? Well maybe, but that's beside the point. What could i tell my Elder father in law when he saw and heard evidence of ghosts at my place? Tell him "oh don't worry Alan, it's just the local demons"? (everything unexplainable must be them bad tricky demons ya know lol) Was it right of me to convince him he was imagining things even though I knew he wasn't? lol

    This is a very big field Sirona and one often mocked by peasants and ignorant sophisticates alike. (same low wattage types that derided phenonema such as 'auras' till kirlian photography proved the witches right and the 'low men of science'* wrong

    Yep, homework that's what you need to do. In England the scientific study of psycic phenonoma has been underway for well over 100 years so you won't have too much trouble learning about all the various ways ghosts (for want of a less loaded term) manifest themselves.

    happy hunting Sirona, uncle who believes weird stuff happens (sheesh, i just cleared my head of all that JW demon crap and these happy pilfering ghosts start mucking me arround. lol)

    ps: nothing that happened to me on my own convinced me that ghosts exist (i'd just have easily concluded i was going mad) no, i have witnessed a lot of stuff in the company of others.. i've seen big tough men frozen stiff with fear and had all sorts of strange experiences .. and i've never been within cooeee of a ouiji board (though i've been tempted to buy one and have some fun stirring up 'the other side' )

    Maybe some one here has a ouiji board? Is there anybody out there? Maybe there's a way to play internet ouiji? Hey Simon, mind if we play ouiji JWD? OK let's start ... holding my finger over the keyboard to .. satan dark satan freak use my finger make it speak ....

    nup, sorry didn't work .. must be his night off or something .. lol (unc playing with myself again)

    *note: a distinction between the 'low men of science' and the truly 'high men of science' who were open to the existence of the twilight zone. ( Nicoli Tesler, Albert Einstein etc..)


    Hey rem

    me too, but I also like the way people who've never had any experience of the super natural presume it's all bullshit. lol (ignorance is not a pretty sight from either end .. or a closed mind for that matter :)

    come stay at my place some time


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  • onthego

    It's been discussed before that you should also consider that some Watchtower elders and their allies especially in halls where they hide pedophilia and the like use micro-electronic transmitter devices to project sounds and voices. They also tap into your conversations and prayers.

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