Spirit in my house?

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  • Been there
    Been there

    Growing up I was terrified of demons. Not so much anymore...I don't think. The only strange thing I have seen was about 17 years ago while living in Maryland, I hear a big crash. I went into the dining room/livingroom area to see my bird cage thrown on the floor. Not just fallen over but about 10 feet from the table it was on. Poor birds were freaking out. My ex father in law told us once how he was in bed. He felt the cat jump on the bed, and walk around, but the cat wasn't there. Nothing was. This is from my husband just a couple weeks ago...he is not one to spook easy at all but this had him shook up. He was driving home when something pulled up on his coat shoulder really hard. He said he jurked around real fast because he thought someone was in the back seat. Weird.

  • Kenneson

    It seems to me that one could make a case that Jesus' disciples believed in ghosts. See John 14:26. Luke 24:39 has Jesus saying that a spirit (ghost) doesn't have flesh and bones as he does, so he can't be a spirt or ghost. Notice, that these passages say nothing about demons.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I have seen a number of investigative reports of the supernatural and none of them has convinced me of their claims. I have found that there is always a logical explanation to everything. For instance these pictures that people have taken and there appears a ghost image on the photo. They show how you can duplicate the effect by a finger or camera strap accidentally in front of the camera when taking a picture. This is just one case in point how sometimes we see what we want to see without being objective and scientific about a subject.


  • rem
    me too, but I also like the way people who've never had any experience of the super natural presume it's all bullshit. lol (ignorance is not a pretty sight from either end .. or a closed mind for that matter :)

    I wouldn't say it's ignorance so much (well, maybe some ignorance... I have done a lot of research on the supernatural that many haven't), but maybe some people are a little light on Occham's razor, mate. I have experienced things that I have interpreted as supernatural at the time, but after thinking about them I've realized that there were prosaic explanations. Nothing posted by Sirona was extraordinary. There wasn't anything there that couldn't have a perfectly boring explanation. Until there is something truly 'unexplainable' there is no reason to jump to irrational conclusions. Even then, it's not really justified.

    There will always be some 'unexplained' events, just as there will always be 'unexplained' crimes. The reason for this is lack of information, not because natural laws were broken. We don't automatically ascribe supernatural explanations to unsolved crimes, do we?


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  • Nickey

    Well, I don't think anybody can say whether it is or isn't. Some people have truly experienced things. Just because it can't be explained by the human perception, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Or even that it has a "logical" explanation by human standards.

  • 144thousand_and_one

    Somehow, those ghosts, demons, and spirits never materialized around me, despite constant parental and Dubddom claims that they did indeed exist. Maybe I was so bad that they deemed overt action unnecessary? I can't rule them out just because I've never experienced their presence, but I also can't rule out UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, or Big Foot (notwithstanding recent reports that the purported inventor of the "Big Foot" hoax recently passed away).

    I remember JW tales of field service experiences where hands came out of tvs, books floated, etc., yet no one at the doors wanted to show me the fun stuff they showed the other brothers. I guess their psychic abilities enabled them to determine that I was not baptized yet nor likely to ever be baptized, so there was no need to expose me to such things.

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  • rem

    Some people have truly experienced things. Just because it can't be explained by the human perception, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Or even that it has a "logical" explanation by human standards

    The problem is that many people don't care to know whether there really is a 'logical' explanation. When a perfectly plausible explanation is provided it's pooh poohed away as if having a prosaic explanation invalidates their perception. They'd just rather live in a fantasy land where science has no place.


  • Nickey

    Well, I'm a realist myself always looking for facts. But I've learned that there are alot of things that humans have yet to know and understand. We try to explain things, but only to the best of "our" abilities. We do have our limits. Otherwise, we'd try to say we were Gods who know the full operartion of the universe and everything in it... when we still haven't fully discovered everything there is to know on the very planet we live on.

    Alot of visionaries and inventors got hounded on for thinking outside of the boxed mentality of logic. Back then, it wasn't "logical" to fly. Any object heavier than air would surely fall, therefore flying was a myth to many. But many had to actually "see" it to believe it.

    I do agree, there is an explanation to the experiences that some people have had. But it may not be acceptable to the general population. Some people are indeed "crazy" and see hallucinations. Drugs can even have the same effects. But on the other hand, it still doesn't discredit other situations.

    Example being, just because 2+2=4. doesn't mean it discounts 3+1, 1+3, 5-1, 6-2...etc. Too many possiblities and answers that would all be correct in their own way and circumstances.

    I'll be honest though, I'd probably be a skeptic myself had I not seen certain things... I'm usually a harsh critic.

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