Spirit in my house?

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  • Gizmo

    It's ok nickey it stops...LOL

    one time bikerchic scared the crapola outa me...with this ghost thing she posted did you see it?

    Sixth sense is a brilliant movie...usually I work out the plots long before the end...this one I didn't expect. Which I really liked.

  • Nickey

    Yeah, I saw that ghost thing. (if you're talking about the one where you have to stare for 30 seconds)Someone sent it to my email and me and my aunt almost had a heart attack!

  • Gizmo

    Yep that was the one Nickey....I'm gonna get her back one of these days....she won't when...she won't know how...but i am gonna get her good

    just you wait biker chic...your ass is mine.

  • Sirona

    Wow what a response! Thanks for the comments.

    Someone asked had I lived there long - answer is no, just about 2 months. When I first moved in the spare room light seemed to always be on but I convinced myself that I'd simply forgotten to switch it off.

    Its true, these things can be explained away as natural occurances and perhaps the boy was an hallucination while I was still in a sleep state. However, since I've had other ghostly encounters I think that it *could* be something spooky.

    I think I posted this before - as a child I had a recurring nightmare about a man standing in my doorway with red eyes. I convinced myself it was just a dream. Then years later when talking to my sister who shared a room with me she said she saw him too!!! (we both freaked out!). Is that a shared dream? Or was he there? We had a freaky babysitter who used to do ouija boards while we were in bed.


  • Gizmo

    We had a freaky babysitter who used to do ouija boards while we were in bed.

    That explains a lot to me, I really don't believe in ghosts, but I must say that I do believe in Satan and the Demons, as much as I believe in Angels....I also believe I can flyyyyyy I believe I can touch the skyyyyyy.

  • ashitaka

    Wow. That's a really cute .gif of the Head of the Governing Body, there..........

  • Shakita

    Gee Sirona:

    ...as a child I had a recurring nightmare about a man standing in my doorway with red eyes. I convinced myself it was just a dream. Then years later when talking to my sister who shared a room with me she said she saw him too!!! (we both freaked out!).

    If you keep posting this stuff, I might become a believer yet! Really freaky! Maybe you are like that "Sixth Sense" kid, and you SEE DEAD PEOPLE! YIKESSSS!

    Hey Ashi.....give me a call later!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • rem

    My brother an I also agreed that we saw little shadow ghosts walking along the hallway in the dark when we were kids. It used to scare the crap out of us! How did we both see the same thing? We talked about it, even though it seemed like we didn't. Now I know that those little shadow demons were just our overactive imaginations feeding each other. Memory is a strange thing. When you study the constructive nature of memory and various memory illusions that are quite common, these types of phenomenon start to look pretty ordinary.


  • unclebruce

    LOL rem,

    as a kid i shared a bedroom with one of my younger sisters. i had her convinced that a little man visited us from somewhere above the wardrobe. poor kid had a lot of "demon trouble" a few years later. I wonder if it had anything to do with me?

    I enjoyed your post earlier today about occhams razor and reality vs our imaginations getting the better of us. (just couldn't reply cos of the ten a day limit)

    Help! the ghosts have nicked occhams razor!

    Until I bought an isolated country property i'd never experienced anything i'd call supernatural. But at this old gold mine/ old aboriginal initiation site so much weirdness happens, and not just to me but neighbours for miles arround, I was propelled into finding out as much as i could by studiously reading up on everything from the way natural electical currents flow and the intereactions between earth trees and sky to ufo's (and the associated aviation and meteological sciences essential to understanding the subject) witchcraft, (black white and topaz - from Moses to Alister Crowley

    Most of the things i've seen can and will one day be explained in scientifically acceptable ways. It must be so. Objects disaapear into thin air, objects appear out of the blue of that we are certain but why and how is something of a mystery. These things happen in such a way that they are clearly connected to the emotions and thinking of people. For example when i first camped thier I'd decided i was now an atheist. So, for a joke i'd raise my hands to the sky Moses style and ask for stuff to happen. Simple things at first "OK God how about sending some rain tonight the rainwater tank is empty and i want a shower in the morning." Well, that night it rains - big deal proves nothing, means nothing. Next night i go "OK God tonight i want to see some falling stars" That night i witness a great meteor shower over the ocean. I muck about telling the wife "see God gives me one wish a night"

    .. then a strange thing happens .. from down the valley a light appears and floats fairly quickly up just above tree height (about 100ft) and over our heads. It was like a fiery brick tumbling through the air. We could see green and yellow flames flaring off it as it tumbled overhead and disappeared into the forrest behind us. I was shouting "look at that, just look at that" but Susan was frozen in her chair and couldn't turn arround. (she knew about weird stuff happening already but didn't tell me till i'd seen plenty myself, funny woman) Calculating it's likely landing in a heavily wooded part of the forrest i worried that we'd have a fire on our hands (nothing burns like a eucalypt forrest

    So what was that thing? That was only the begining and my atheism soon became agnosticism as i let go of my answers and began collecting and enjoying questions. This land has large quartz seams and i've seen strange electrical effects i think are related to that but even the magical quartz doesn't make things levitate or pass through solid walls does it? When people arround here tell me they've seen the ghost of an old gold miner and all give me the same description what am i to think? (esspecially when my first comment to the wife when examining the old mines for the first time was that i could have sworn i'd seen a short old bloke with a big beard, rope belt etc... smiling at me .. do atheists see ghosts too? maybe i did maybe i didn't but so many visitors have told me they've see that same image it's uncanny. - Witnesses even - and they aren't supposed to see cheerful ghosts just demons! lol)

    I've seen and experienced so much and always tried to adopt a scientific approach. I learnt a lot from studing witchcraft so, perhaps neively, fear no dark thing. (in theory at least) The phenonema (i don't know what else to call it) definitly intereacts with people. It is boosted by positive emotions (like on ghost busters lol) When we're having a party and laughing and carrying on is when things start disappearing etc.. Some things i can't prove. Like when I was testing a new bow and arrows and fired one at a tree just 50ft away. The arrow dissappeared mid flight and has never been found. I've dropped things off my work bench and had them disappear before hitting the ground (very frustrating. i have very quick reactions but the ghosts or whatever catch things quicker than i can .. little bastards.

    I've read about people with ghosts they call "the borrowers" and i guess that's one of the things i'm blessed with lol. The wife and daughter sometimes loose jewellry, shoes and even dresses (usually thier best) Once the wifes rings dissapeared from camp and reappeared on the daughters dresser in Sydney (450 kms north) One the badgammon 'doubling dice' disappeared from camp and dropped in front of the wife as she exited her shower in Sydney. Once i joked that i'd put an extra saucage on the bbq for Jack (the old minor ghost) as sooon as i dropped the snag on the hot plate it levitated into the air and before i could catch it it disappeared. The next day i found it in the bottom of the Hibashi (lebanese bbq) so you recon a saucage can pass through cast iron? geez, i know it was made in taiwan but give me a break .. that was the end of atheism for me ... the truth is out there i tell ya!

    enough for now

    unclebruce who plays with he knows not what.

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