As a Matter of Conscience, I Am Resigning from the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Worldling9

    Attempts to derail this thread did not succeed. Sail Away, I cannot adequately describe how proud I am of you. Your letter is excellent and I hope you will give permission for others to use it. There should be a form letter for those who want to leave without submitting to the JW BS...I wish I had known this was possible many years ago. Thank you so much for your courage and sharing. Btw, I will be celebrating my 58th birthday this year as well.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Jookbeard and Worldling, thank you for your kind words of support. I'm five years out now, and life is so much better than I ever imagined it could be without the Fear, Obligation and Guilt imposed by the GB and those under their destructive mind control. Walking away from the organization was truly a life and death matter for me.

    Worldlilng, I do hope others will find my letter and experience of help and would absolutely feel honored if someone chose to use my letter as a starting place for their journey toward freedom. I relied on those who went before me, their research and the good advice of the posters on this forum in planning my exit strategy and composing this letter. Sharing it is my way of paying it forward.

    Of course, every situation is different, so we all have to make our own way. Hard decisions have to be made. When I was ready to write this letter, I had already lost all the the WTB$ had to take from me, and I wanted a clean break. We all have to weigh the potential losses and gains before severing ties in such a final way.

    Sadly, for as long as my in-laws are alive and still shunning my husband, our children and their grandson, the reminders and ties will still be there. They still don't know that I am out as they live over 500 miles away, and Mr. Flipper helped FOG them regarding my "spirituality". For now, they still think I am in good standing in the congregation.

    My husband was raised in since he was five years old. He was never supposed to grow old. He is 65 now and is dealing with the health problems that come with age. His parents converted when they were in their late twenties, and they are now in their nineties. It seems they are willing to continue shunning and die alone without family, loyal to this organization and its morally bankrupt leaders.

    At least our children and grandson are now free, and they are all loved fully for who they are without condition or judgement. The WTB$ did not win out in the end.


  • Darkknight757

    Thank you for the info you have provided. I'm going to use this as a basis for discussing why the wife and I no longer support and JW activities.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    DarkKnight, please let us know how that conversation goes.

    Wishing you freedom,


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