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  • chris_mj_gum18

    very true, mr. knight, i agree with you. i made the same mistake of putting those in privileged positions [elders, ms, rps, etc.] on high pedestals. got letdown too because of it. however there are things to keep in mind. if they are doing things that doesn't seem right, be assured that it is noted of by Jah himself. it was He who appoints them to those positions, a privilege, & it is also Him who has the right to take it away if He wishes. with privilege granted there is also responsibility or accountability to Jah. as for being a part of an organization, this is not something new in Jehovah's dealings with men. He always has an organization or a channel of communication ever since man was created. adam was his first human spokesman, Noah, going on til Jesus' time, his greatest spokesman, going on til our time; to name just a few. fellow believers of Jehovah are gathered together for encouragement not just by learning more about the Bible & having it explained as to application in one's life. but getting to know the rest of the brothers & sisters in the congregation who had the same trials one might be going thru. it would be encouraging to know how they coped succesfully and perhaps learn to do the same in one's own trial.

  • larc


    A question: Who was God's spokesman from Adam to Noah? How about from Noah to Abraham? From the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC until Christ. From the death of the early Christians until Charles Taze Russell?

  • chris_mj_gum18

    good perspective, mr. knight. one's relationship with Jehovah is the primary thing. letdowns from high pedestals is not new either. it even happened in Jesus' times, in the midst of his own apostles. recall on how they were arguing many times on who is the greatest among them? Jesus did not abandon them. how about the betrayal of peter when Jesus was being tried? its possible effect on the rest of the apostles & other disciples? Jehovah sees things as it happens & will correct them in his due time. take comfort, mr. knight, that whatever our service is to Jah, no matter how small we may feel it is compared to previous efforts, are always appreciated by Him. remember the illustration of the widow's small coins dropped at the temple? Jesus was watching & commended her for it. its monetary value is minimal but she gave it her best, that was her best, her whole means of living. Jehovah only asks of us our best. whether great or small, Jehovah appreciates our efforts in serving Him.

  • waiting

    hey knight,

    Just stopped by to say hello - leave the discussion to others more alert tonight.

    Glad you came by - hope you stay. I've seen your posts before.



  • crossroads

    Chris, I agree with Larc on this, Hi larc hows it going.
    One of the two stooges who came over to get me to
    say the wrong thing[if they were just honest about things
    I would tell them what they want to hear but hey if they
    want to dance we'll dance] asked me that same ? about
    didn't God always have an organization. I said I don't
    believe HE did please show me. Sorry Chris they changed
    the subject that ? does not fall in there 6% of bibiical knowledge
    Peace and Love-Mark

  • willy_think

    hi knight,

    this is a cool place, welcome

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • larc

    Hi Crossroads,

    I'm doing right fine. You know, I think Bob Dylan was writing about the WT Society when he wrote "Maggie's Farm". What do you think?

  • Prisca


    I just want to say I am sorry that the elders were so harsh on you when you stopped pioneering. You did what was best for you and your circumstances. Jehovah knows that. The elders had no right to judge you.

    If they raise the issue ever again, ask them "where in the Bible does it say that pioneering is better than regular witnessing? Where does it say I will earn my salvation by putting in 70 hours per month?"

    More importantly, Chris, what are your answers to these questions?

  • chris_mj_gum18

    just to let you know that i don't claim to be very good with Bible chronology or lineage, but i'll try to answer your questions as best as possible. here goes: From Adam to Noah-Abel, Seth, Enosh,...Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech & Noah. Noah had 3 sons, one of which is Shem..the list goes on to Nahor,Terah then to Abraham. When Jerusalem was destroyed, there was a remnant of the Jews that survived. Among these were the prophets i.e. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Ezra, etc. The prophets guided the nation til Christ. Before the death of the last apostle, it was made clear that Christianity would be facing tough times ahead. Apostasy set in for a long time. But champions of Bible truth are still there, those who are willing to stake their own lives for the Bible. Efforts were made to silence the Bible but failed because of God's backing. This brings us to our modern time when CT Russell initiated a serious step back to Christianity as taught by Jesus himself.

  • chris_mj_gum18

    I'm not sure what you meant. Are you pertaining to a particular time period?

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