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  • knight

    i have read the various posts here an i have my own story to tell i amstill a witness not as active as i used to be but stillfaithful i think the main problem that jws have is that they put c.o's m.s's elders and the like on pedestals and when you do that you set yourself up for a letdown and when that person does something you dont think is right you are letdown but one should not let this block his/her relationship with jehovah.

  • Francois

    As noted elsewhere, if you have a personal relationship with Jehovah, for what do you need an organization?

    "For all who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God..." Romans.

    You actually think God would require approach to him by his chidren to be through an organization of men? Men like Fred Hall? Come on.


  • knight

    true no one should go through mere man but one is made stronger with encouragement through those with a similiar love for jehovah and thats what jehovahs organization is about

  • crossroads

    What encouragement? Do you mean reading the gospel
    according to the wbts and obeying its every word. Although
    following it may cost a loved ones life.[flip-flop] on transplants.
    Or do you mean there accurate dates of bible prophecy
    1877-79,1914-15-19-25; I also believe there was a date
    in the thirties and of course 1975. My family and I still vomit
    every once in a while over that one. Sometimes it takes a long time to get a good meal out of your system.[family sold house,
    no college for me] Yes a very good meal it was. We all partook
    it was very encouraging. You must mean the governing body
    stepping down at least now we have real business men tyring
    to make money for this non-profit organization. I know its the
    love that is shown, I mean my Dearest Brother went to the
    hall not to long ago and the only one that said hello was the
    speaker and he was from another congragation. Well i've been
    talking to him about where I go. So he went to one in his state
    Didn't know anyone HE got smiles and hello's even the
    minister introduced himself to him because there was a
    new face, I guess this elder knows his flock,. AT the hall I was part of the watchtower elder didn't even know 15% of the flocks name that he is suppose to be in charge of. He could not believe the warmth that was shown to
    him. Amazing thing HE felt like JESUS was there I must say
    that sounds encouraging to me. So again I ask what encourgement?

  • Prisca

    Welcome to the DB knight.

    I have to disagree about your comment about encouragement coming from associating with the Organisation. I found it consistantly discouraging as time went on. The more I tried to improve my relationship with God, the more I realised the lesser of a need to meet with people who arrogantly calls themselves "God's chosen people". I have been a Witness all my life and I have seen things on many levels. It got to the stage where my conscience wouldn't let me support the non-Biblical doctrines and the unChristian attitudes, even of my own family, helped me realised that this wasn't "God's" religion afterall.

  • Prisca


    I have been able to cultivate a better relationship with my Creator since I left. There are no rules to worship Him, unlike the man-made rules that the JWs make up. I have freedom of worship, freedom of thought, and the freedom to really be happy. You don't need an organisation to serve Him. It has to come from the heart and mind.

  • logical

    Hello new

  • outnfree

    Hello, knight.
    It is true that many tend to see the MS, elders, etc. AS the Organization. They are not. But neither is the Organization God.
    This is a very important mantra to learn for most Witnesses and ex-Witnesses alike: "'The Society' does NOT equal Jehovah. To know Jehovah one does not have to know the Society." Of course, it's not the mantra the Society preaches.
    My best advice to you, still faithful Knight, is to sit and read your Bible daily -- WITHOUT study aids nearby -- and develop a relationship with your Creator as Prisca has. It's very freeing. Also, don't neglect Jesus. Jehovah God himself exalted Jesus and we on in heaven, on earth and under the earth are encouraged to bend our knees to him (Php 2:9-11). Crossroads had a point.

    I wish you well and hope this board helps you on your journey.


  • chris_mj_gum18

    i agree. often those in privileged positions in the congregation are put on high places, i.e. elders, ms, rps, etc. some of them are truly commendable for their hard work in behalf of the congregation. but we do have to remember, none of them is perfect. but still, Jehovah sees it fit to use them for his purposes. i know the difference in treatment that one can experience within the congregation because of 'status'. i was serving in the full time ministry for a couple of years but had to stepped down to care for family obligations. i am the only Witness in a divided household. when stepping down, 2 older brothers talked to me to see why. the meeting was disheartening for me because instead of being understood for the scriptural reason of my stepping down from pioneering, i got what seems a 'judgment' from one of the elders. to quote what he said "If you stepped down from pioneering this time, you are in effect being unfaithful to Jehovah. If you do not meet this trial successfully, you will most likely be unfaithful too in the next trials to come". it seems to me for stepping down, i was judged unfaithful already. you can imagine how discouraging this is. and yes, i've shed many tears. but with Jehovah's help, though difficult, i kept on. Jehovah is the one who grants eternal life & Jehovah's view of you is what matters most. this is just one of the many painful experiences i am going thru. i'm sure Jehovah is aware of all of them & will act in his due time.

  • Francois

    If you have a personal relationship with God, what possible "encouragement" could you derive from an organization, any organization, much less a divisive, destructive religious cult that flatly says a personal relationship with God - absent their intervention - is impossible? That's encouragement?

    Besides, if you have that personal relationship with God, what could an organization add that God can't provide if you need it?

    Do you need some outside organization to enhance the relationship between you and your children? I suspect not.


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