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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    If you didn't hold a title of reg pioneer/ms/ elder than basically you are nothing and that type of thinking never sat well with me.

    x 100!

    Welcome to the forum !

  • Lostwun

    truthlover good suggestions. A few individuals in the hall know that last month was a very rough month for me. I had a death in the family so that's been helping keep some at bay for awhile. It is interesting though, how only one couple has come to visit since then. Whenever my husband returns from the meeting he tells me how all the "friends" say they miss me and hope i feel better. And i say to him "oh yeah, well they all have my number if they miss me so much why don't they call my phone?" He just rolls his eyes. lol

    Also whenever one of the elders or someone in the congregation calls, they never call my phone for info they always call him and tell him to tell me that they said hello.

    yeah concerned (pssh).... more like looking for info... my husband may be naive but i sure ain't.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    had doubts about the organization for awhile but those doubts really came to a head last year when i saw..the constant stress of gaining titles within the organization and reporting time. If you didn't hold a title of reg pioneer/ms/ elder than basically you are nothing and that type of thinking never sat well with me.

    I hear ya. This really got on my nerves at the time as well.

    Don't give up on your husband, you love him and he may wake up one day.

    It took Jgnat 12 years until her husband left the 'truth', but she managed to help him find his true self..

  • Bangalore

    Welcome to JWN.


  • DJS


    Welcome to the forum! The collective wisdom on this site about how to handle exiting the cult is outstanding. You are in good hands. Good luck on your exit and I hope your mate opens his eyes.

  • ToesUp


    We have learned over time not to let the JW's get to you. You are in control! If you bump into JW's in public and they start questioning you, just respond, "I don't feel or want to discuss that with you at this time." What are they going to say to that? Not a damn thing. An Elder may ask (we have been asked), "we would like to make a shepherding call on you." Our response, "we appreciate that but we will call you if we decide that is necessary. We are doing fine." What can they say? Nothing

    Give them NOTHING! They don't deserve it. They are only looking to nose around in your business. If you spill any info they will tell you to go to the meetings, go out in service. Do more, do more, do more! Then they will spread anything you say all around the circuit.

    I always remember a quote from the movie Dolores Claiborne, " Sometimes Dolores...sometimes, you have to be a high riding bitch to survive. Sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto."

    That is one of my favorite quotes from a movie. I have become that bitch, at times. It feels good to be in control!

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